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Green Unicorn Farms CBD flower and pre-rolls
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Compared to other CBD brands, Green Unicorn Farms has a classic, cannabis aesthetic. It doesn’t try to cut itself off from the plant’s rich history and culture just because CBD is the hottest new wellness supplement, and for that, I appreciate it immensely.

For my Green Unicorn review, I had the opportunity to try their Sour Space Candy flower, Lifter flower, and six-pack Pre-Roll Bundle. At first glance, all the products looked high-quality, so I was excited to find that the experience proved to live up to the hype.

CBD products by Green Unicorn Farms

Price-wise, Green Unicorn Farms flower may appear expensive at first glance, but in the world of CBD flower, you get what you pay for. For $10 more than what you might spend on a 12-pack of sub-par hemp pre-rolls, you get something you’ll actually want to smoke.

Green Unicorn claims its flower is terpene-rich, and I believe it. Upon opening a bag of Sour Space Candy flower and smelling a dense puff of planty goodness, it’s clear they have their grow methods down. While I did find a seed in one of the pouches of flower, the buds themselves were large, expertly trimmed, and dense. Based on the smell alone, I could see their flower competing with the high-THC stuff in dispensaries. The use of the terms “indica” and “sativa” are a little suspect because decades of selective breeding have muddled those distinctions; those terms really only apply to plant shape anyway. That said, they’re tough to quit when everyone else is using them, and Green Unicorn does a good job of providing plenty of other details to give you an accurate picture of what you can expect. And what you can expect from this brand is premium, grade-A hemp flower.
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Large variety of strains
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Not organically-grown
Green Unicorn Farms

Technical Details

CBD Strength:500-3000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Cannabinoids:CBD, CBG
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Oils, Gummies
Grow Environment:Indoor, Outdoor
Hemp Origin:Oregon
Promo (20% Off):ORACLE20
Featured in:Best CBG Flower
Similar Brands:Plain Jane, Cheef Botanicals, Five CBD

Editor’s Pick

  • Green Unicorn’s Hawaiian Haze Pre-Roll. This pre-roll was exactly what I needed after an unexpectedly stressful morning. Once I finally had a moment to myself after dealing with the morning’s surprises, I stepped outside and lit up one of these. Within minutes, I was feeling far more balanced, and all of my rough edges miraculously smoothed out. The smoke was so smooth, I ripped through the whole joint without even realizing it. While all of the pre-rolls I tried were great, the Hawaiian Haze strain struck the perfect balance between clarifying invigoration and head-to-toe relaxation. If you’re looking to cleanse a bad day, push through an afternoon slump, or end the night on a barely-there-high note, smoke one of these.

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Flower: Lifter

Green Unicorn Farms Lifter strain

In the parlance of traditional stoner culture, this flower is loud. I was absolutely delighted to open my pouch of Green Unicorn Lifter flower and get a powerful whiff of skunk and diesel.

Each nug was huge and hand-trimmed to perfection—all indicators this stuff is the real deal. I rolled some up into a joint and in the process found the texture to be perfectly cured even after being transported all the way to me and sitting on my porch for a day. Upon smoking my joint one afternoon, I found that it’s got the pep of a strong iced tea without the wired-ness of coffee and a wash of mellowness without being overly relaxing. It hit all the right notes for me just when I needed it.

At 17.8% CBD, this strain is the most potent of the bunch and it shows. All it takes is a few puffs to feel straightened out, though you could totally smoke a whole joint and feel like a brand new person. All of these factors added up make $40 for 7g a total steal.

Green Unicorn Farms CBD flower trimmed


I live in a desert where temperatures climb up to 120 by early June. Even with the modern conveniences of AC and iced coffee, it can be hard sometimes to snap out of a heat-induced malaise and get anything done after one in the afternoon. I could see myself saving this flower for the most oppressive of desert afternoons and call upon it only when nothing else will drag me out of sluggishness. If you want to test-drive high-quality CBD flower, without exposing yourself to THC, try this hemp flower.


  • Flavor
  • Smokability
  • Aroma
  • Quality


  • None
Extract Type:Whole Flower
Price: $24.99 for 3.5g ($7.10/gram)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Errands, administrative work, afternoon pick-me-up
Effects:Calm energy

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Flower: Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy CBD flower strain

I find that strain names often exaggerate what you can expect to smell or taste, but in this case, I totally picked up aromas of sweet and sour candy. My nose practically did a double-take when I opened the pouch. I can only imagine what this flower must have smelled like when it was growing and still attached to the plant, and I’m super envious of all the humans who got to be there.

After rolling some up in a joint and smoking it, I found the flavors continued to shine through in the smoke. It was at once right and light and totally smooth. While Green Unicorn Farms describes it as an uplifting sativa-style strain, I found it to be more relaxing than anything. Such is typically the case with high-CBD hemp flower, but it wasn’t so mellow that it put me to sleep either.

While it might’ve tilted more in the direction of a lounge in the sun than a game of beach volleyball for me, Green Unicorn’s Sour Space Candy could definitely be more invigorating depending on the context.

Sour Space Candy CBD flower by Green Unicorn Farms


Much like the Lifter strain, I’d recommend this flower to anyone looking to test-drive cannabis flower without fear of getting out-of-your-mind high—or high at all. I will say that these CBD percentages are fairly high for flower products, so don’t be surprised if you suck down a whole joint and feel noticeably lighter and gigglier. This strain may not facilitate a multi-hour TV binge or deep questions about the universe, but it’ll certainly take you to a more pleasant stratosphere. Its ability to mimic the light, optimistic inklings of a real high make it perfect for canna-curious folks and stoners alike.

Strain:Sour Space Candy
Extract Type:Whole Flower
Price: $24.99 for 3.5g ($7.10/gram)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Everyday life, nighttime
Effects:Calm, relaxed

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Pre-Rolls

Variety of Green Unicorn Farms CBD prerolls

This bundle pack of pre-rolls features six joints for the price of five. I love a deal, so the fact that you can buy them all for a discounted price was appealing to me. Then add the fact that these pre-rolls are perfectly uniform, fragrant, and distinct in flavor and you have an unbelievable deal.

Green Unicorn also offers flights (five-packs featuring one strain), but I think the bundle is the way to go for first-time shoppers. This way, you can try them all and pick your favorite.

While there is quite a bit of packaging involved in the bundle, I love the fact that the joint containers are glass. They’re much easier to recycle than plastic and because they’re thick, high-quality glass, you could actually reuse them to store little things like vitamins, Advil, or, heck, tiny seashells.

I wish I had some words of caution or caveats to consider, but aside from the obvious smoke-in-your-lungs factor, I can’t think of a single downside to trying these pre-rolls.

Hemp CBD pre-rolls
Green Unicorn Farms CBD flower pre-rolls. Photo: Kate Ryan/CBD Oracle


Hawaiian Haze: At first smell, this strain has a lovely base of fresh earth followed by notes of pineapple, hops, and a lingering nuttiness. Lighting one up allowed the nuttiness to shine through and a wash of calm clarity came over me. Highly recommend. 

Lifter: Finally, a skunky diesel strain! This was my thought when I opened the jar containing this pre-roll. Just like the loose flower version, it was brilliantly fresh yet intoxicatingly funky. The effects were similarly complex—or as complex as you can get for a non-intoxicating hemp pre-roll. Five stars.

Sour Space Candy: Just like the whole flower, this strain smelled shockingly of sweet and sour candy mixed with ripe tropical fruit and warm spices. If the best parts of summer married the best parts of the holidays and had a pre-roll for a baby, this pre-roll would be it.

Elektra: I have a soft spot for this strain because it shares its name with my favorite character from Pose, but I tried not to let that sway my opinion. Luckily, it smelled like a heavenly Northern California forest and smoking one transported me there.

Bubba Kush: Bold, piney, and pungent, this strain pulled no punches. This was probably my least favorite of the bunch due to a slight acidity in the aftertaste, but it’s still a high-quality smoke that I can’t imagine anyone would be disappointed by. 

Special Sauce: Deliciously peppery and full-bodied, this strain passed the smell test with flying colors. The smoke was smooth and rich like all the others, but it provided an extra dose of relaxation that I appreciated after a long day of replying to emails.

Extract Type:Whole Flower
Size:1 gram
Price: $14.99/pre-roll