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Arete Hemp CBD products reviewed
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Arete Hemp is a family-owned and operated business that places extreme importance on health and wellness through both CBD and superfoods.

The idea of the brand was born after its founder was diagnosed with Lupus and realized he needed serious lifestyle changes. Now, many years after beating the disease, Arete’s founder is here to spread the word. The brand donates a portion of their sales to charity, and their products are reasonably priced, too. In general, you’ve got to give them credit for their home-grown, charitable feel.

This brand offers a unique line of products, with some options you’ve never heard of; and yet, they’re lacking some of the most popular products like topicals. Arete Hemp is transparent with their quality information and extraction techniques, which is always reassuring.

Their products certainly weren’t the best option I’ve had, but they got the job done. Overall, I enjoyed Arete Hemp and their values, but I wouldn’t stick to using their products every single day.

Arete Hemp’s packaging ranges just as much as their products. This brand offers a very unique product line — like hash rosin oil and delta-8 THC — and at an affordable price, too. The effects of most of the products were nice, though some left me wanting a bit more. I also found that some products weren’t incredibly clear with how much CBD was inside. But, I did enjoy buying the products knowing some of my money was going to charity.
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What's Good
Unique product selection
Offers CBD as well as Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 options for more potent effects
Gives portion of sales to charity
Family-owned and operated
Organically-grown hemp
Offers 30 day money back guarantee
What's Bad
Mild CBD effects
Many products are only tested for potency, not pesticides and metals
Some lab results are outdated
Arete Hemp

Technical Details

CBD Strength:300-3100mg
THC Content:0% to 0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Cannabinoid Types:CBD, CBG, CBDV, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, THCa,
Product Types:Oils, Edibles, Vapes, Flower, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates
Hemp Origin:Colorado
Founder:Todd Campanella
Guarantee:30 Day Money Back
Similar Brands:Industrial Hemp Farms, 3Chi, Secret Nature

Editor’s Pick

  • I can never resist a hand-baked edible. At Arete Hemp, they offer their Blissful Delight Cannacookie, which is a double-chocolate chip brownie infused with about 60 mg of CBD. For only $10, I was quite a happy camper. The effects of the cookie were a bit mild, but I loved the way it tasted and how quickly the subtle effects kicked in. After only an hour, my muscles felt less tense and I was more relaxed overall.

Arete Hemp Hash Rosin Oil Tincture

Hash rosin oil tincture

Arete Hemp’s Hash Rosin CBG/CBD tincture is something I’ve never tried before. At 2,400 mg, I was prepared for an incredibly potent experience. However, I found that the effects were still somewhat mild compared to what I’m used to with a full-spectrum tincture at nearly 2,500 mg.

The website calls this product a “miracle oil,” which I don’t quite agree with; however, I was still happy with the clear relaxation and internal support I felt after consumption. Within just a few minutes, my mind and body relaxed and I slept much better once my head hit the pillow.

Arete Hemp hash resin oil extract


At nearly 2,500 mg, this tincture is only best for experienced consumers. However, the effects I personally felt were milder than I would’ve expected. The packaging of this tincture is a bit silly but it gives you all the information you need. The flavor of the tincture is incredibly strong, but the effects kick in within minutes.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Relaxation, sleepiness, pain relief, stress relief
  • Good For: Experienced consumers, pain relief, relaxation, sleep support
  • Not Good For: Beginners

Arete Hemp Limitless Delta-8 Full Spectrum Tincture

Arete Hemp delta-8 tincture with CBD

The Limitless Delta-8 tincture is a perfect example of one of Arete Hemp’s unique products. This raw hemp tincture contains various cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and more. All of these cannabinoids help to strongly promote the entourage effect, providing a strong, full-bodied experience.

Unfortunately, the raw tincture itself didn’t taste too great and the texture was unpleasant if it got on the tongue. So, I’d highly suggest adding it to your cannabutter or oil. But, it was worthwhile when the effects started rolling in quickly. The tincture helped with various complications, from providing me with serious pain relief to lifting my mood and helping me fully enjoy my evening.

Full spectrum delta-8 THC tincture


Potent, full-bodied, and beneficial, the Limitless Delta-8 Full Spectrum tincture is a great option for experienced consumers looking for serious relief. The flavor is very strong and the effects were even stronger. I felt relaxed from head to toe, and noticed strong waves of bliss and weightlessness alongside it all. If you’re looking for a more potent delta-8 THC tincture, there are better options out there.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Relaxed, blissful, happy, weightless
  • Good For: Experienced consumers, full-body relief
  • Not Good For: Beginners

Arete Hemp Limitless Delta-8 CBC Vape Cartridge

Arete Hemp delta-8 THC vape cartridge

If you’re interested in a vape that’s a bit more potent than your traditional CBD cartridge, Arete Hemp offers their Limitless Blue Dream vape cartridge. This cartridge contains 67.8% delta-8 THC and 4.4% CBD to give you a nice blend of potency and therapeutic support. The flavors don’t come out very strong in this vape, so I couldn’t really pick up on the Blue Dream strain.

However, overall, I felt a nice supported, giggly feeling after about three hits, and my mind was stress-free for about an hour. However, compared to other cartridges and products from this brand, the Blue Dream Delta 8 vape is a bit more expensive.

Delta-8 THC cartridge with CBC and CBD


Arete Hemp’s Blue Dream Limitless delta-8 vape cartridge is great for helping you feel more level-headed and happy immediately. While there wasn’t any obvious terpene profile, I was still pleased with the results. About three hits proved ideal for helping my mind and body decompress after a stressful workday.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Blissed out, relaxed, content
  • Good For: Full-body relaxation, stress relief, boost in mood
  • Not Good For: Beginners, those not wanting to get high

Arete Hemp Maui Wowie Hydroponic Hemp Flower

Arete Hemp CBD flower with no THC

As one of my favorite classic strains, I was excited to try out Arete Hemp’s Maui Wowie hybrid CBD flower. At first glance, I was impressed by the quality of the bud, as well as its terpene profile. Unfortunately, like most hemp flower, it burned a bit harshly and wasn’t all that pleasant in my throat.

However, the medicinal effects of Maui Wowie weren’t lost on me: I felt incredible after smoking a bowl. At 17% CBDa and 3% THCA, my body was much more comfortable and I noticed my mindset was in a better, more uplifted place.

Maui Wowie hybrid CBD flower


The Maui Wowie hemp flower from Arete Hemp looks extremely high-quality, but doesn’t really smoke as such. The bud tastes and smells nice, but it burns harshly in the throat. At $30 for 3.5 grams, the flower is affordable, especially for its quality, and I did find immediate benefits — both physical and emotional. While I couldn’t smoke a joint of this flower, a bowl or two was quite lovely.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Calm, comfortable, happy
  • Good For: Relaxation, internal support, smokers of all experience levels
  • Not Good For: Those with lung complications

Arete Hemp White Widow Hydroponic Hemp Flower

Arete Hemp CBD flower jar of White Widow strain

At 22% CBDa and 25% total cannabinoids, Arete Hemp’s White Widow flower was both potent and uplifting. The buds looked and smelled nice, and they smoked a bit better than some of the other hemp strains I tried. This strain is a sativa, so I noticed that my body felt more awake and stimulated than usual.

However, I did get a bit of anxiety right off the bat, so it may not be a good fit for those with high anxiety levels. But, after a few minutes, this worry faded off and I noticed some nice pain relief and blissful thoughts. At $6/gram, I would suggest this strain to beginners who are looking to feel more positive and motivated.

Woman holding a CBD flower bud from Arete Hemp


Arete Hemp’s White Widow sativa strain is bright, tasty, and smokes well. The sativa properties induced a bit of anxiety in me, but this is common for me with sativa strains. The White Widow flower is both affordable and offers bright effects upon inhalation; but, those who are predisposed to anxiety and paranoia should smoke with caution (or not smoke it at all).

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Anxious, uplifted, stimulated
  • Good For: Those with depression, boosting mood
  • Not Good For: Those with anxiety, those with lung complications

Arete Hemp Dream Gummies 

Arete Hemp CBD gummies for sleep

Arete Hemp’s Dream CBD + CBN gummies are some of the strongest sleep gummies I’ve had in a while. Not only do these gummies contain 50 mg of CBD each, but they have 20 mg of CBN and 3 mg of melatonin (in their extra-strength option, that is). Together, it’s nearly impossible not to feel sleepy after consuming.

These gummies come in a unique Starberry flavor, which tasted just like generic red berry fruits. The texture of the gummies is fine, so I can’t complain too much. Compared to other sleep gummies, I could feel the effects of the Dream gummies hit hard, and my mind and body felt exhausted about 45 minutes after consumption. I slept all through the night, but the potency of the gummies did have me feeling a bit groggy the next morning.

CBD gummies with CBN and melatonin for sleep


Arete Hemp has created the ultimate sleep gummies. The Dream Starberry CBD and CBN gummies have an extremely potent blend of sleep-inducing ingredients to help provide a long night of rest. I experienced effects after about 45 minutes, and I even slept all through the night. But, do be mindful that I felt somewhat groggy the next morning. Beginners should only consume half a gummy to see how the body reacts.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Sleepy, relaxed, pain relief
  • Good For: Sleep support, experienced consumers
  • Not Good For: Beginners, morning consumption

Arete Hemp Limitless Delta 8, 9 and 10 THC Gummies (Tropical Fusion)

Arete Hemp Delta-8, 9, 10 THC gummies

Along with CBD, Arete Hemp also offers unique delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 gummies. These gummies contain all three THC variations in a Tropical Fusion flavor. Every gummy has 20 mg of Delta-8, 7.7 mg of Delta-9, and 1.5 mg of Delta-10. Together, you’ve got a recipe for an extremely potent gummy.

After a few hours, the effects of these THC gummies were obvious, and they felt ten times stronger than many Delta-9 gummies I’ve tried. With the potency, though, you wouldn’t want to consume these as a beginner. These THC edibles are best for experienced consumers who know a thing or two about the effects of THC.

THC gummies in Tropical Fusion flavor


The Limitless Tropical Fusion gummies have more than just delta 9 THC — they also have delta 8 and delta 10. Immediately, I knew these gummies would be strong, and they were. The flavor was palatable but nothing special; however, the effects were potent and kicked in about 90 minutes after consumption. I was quite high, feeling positive, giggly, pain, and stress-free. Just one of these gummies was more than enough for my experienced self.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Happy, giggly, relaxed, pain and stress-free
  • Good For: Experienced consumers, boost in mood, promoting happiness
  • Not Good For: Beginners, those who don’t want to get high

Arete Hemp Limitless Delta 8, 9 and 10 THC Gummies (Berry Blast)

Arete Hemp Delta-10 THC gummies

If you don’t like the tropical flavor of Arete Hemp’s other THC gummies, you can try their Berry Blast option, instead. These gummies boast more of a blueberry, strawberry blend that I definitely preferred to their Tropical Fusion option.

These gummies also contain about 30 mg of cannabinoids per gummy, with most of it being delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 THC. Once again, gummies of this strength aren’t ideal for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to feel intoxicated because, trust me, you will.

Berry flavored THC gummies


Made well and packaged adequately, the Limitless Berry Blast gummies are just as potent as the others. These gummies taste a bit more appealing with natural berry flavors, but the texture could be a bit better. The effects took about an hour and a half to fully kick in, but they lasted for hours. Thanks to Arete Hemp’s gummies, I was able to spend the rest of my day with a smile on my face.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Blissful, relaxed, pain-free
  • Good For: Promoting bliss, uplifting mood, those with depression
  • Not Good For: Beginners, those who want to avoid intoxication
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