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Industrial Hemp Farms product review
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Industrial Hemp Farms is known by various brands for its high-quality, unique line of CBD and other cannabinoid-based products. They’ve been endorsed by some of the biggest lifestyle and health and wellness brands, with big names backing their products left and right.

At first glance, Industrial Hemp Farms’ product variety is quite impressive: they offer CBD flower, delta-8 THC vapes, concentrates, and so much more. Plus, these products are surprisingly affordable, too! So, what’s the catch?

One of the biggest — most glaring — negatives about Industrial Hemp Farms is the lack of third-party lab-test results. While some of their products have COAs in their descriptions, others lack them entirely, leaving you to guess as to how much THC, CBD, or even CBG is inside.

Along with this, there was no mention of the extraction techniques they utilized. All of this took me off guard and made me wary about the products. Overall, they did work well, but I wasn’t sure their potency was worth the uncertainty.

Industrial Hemp Farms product line is packaged well with each product made of quality, premium materials. The flavors within the products are alright, some tasting better than others, but always with a noticeable hemp taste. These products are fine when it comes to potency: nothing too strong but not too mild either. I couldn’t complain with mild effects like reduced muscle tension and mood support, but I also wasn’t getting what I needed as an experienced consumer. (Plus, the lack of third-party lab-test results just made me feel uneasy.)
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What's Good
Unique product line
Myriad cannabinoids to choose from
Bulk options available
What's Bad
Strong hemp flavor
No third-party lab-test results for some products
Unknown extraction methods
Industrial Hemp Farms

Technical Details

CBD Strength:500-10,000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Product Types:Oils, Edibles, Vapes, Flower, Capsules, Dabs, Pet CBD
Cannabinoids:CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, Delta-8, THC-O
Hemp Origin:Colorado
Similar Brands:Plain Jane, Cheef Botanicals

Editor’s Pick

  • Shatter is easily one of my favorite forms of concentrates. So, when I saw a delta-8 THC shatter on Industrial Hemp Farms’ website, I knew I had to try it. As expected, the dab was harsh. The hit ended up burning my throat and lungs for quite some time, but I hardly cared: the subtle psychoactivity and strong supportive effects of the dab had me in awe. If you’re experienced with both delta-8 THC and concentrates, this is the perfect product for you.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Gummies

To help you get a tasty, potent dose of CBD, Industrial Hemp Farms has crafted their CBD Gummies. A combination of CBD, MCT oil, and natural flavors, these sugar-dusted gummies make an excellent option for those who need a dose of relaxation and support throughout the day. You have a choice between 10mg and 25mg gummies depending on how strong of a dose you need, as well as four different flavors.

The flavors of these gummies are strong but palatable. As an experienced CBD consumer, I found that I needed two 25mg to feel the relaxing effects I was meant to. Overall, though, I’m sure these gummies work wonderfully for those newer to the world of CBD.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD gummies


Industrial Hemp Farms’ CBD Gummies are made well, packaged well, and are good for CBD beginners. The gummies have a nice chewy texture but quite an obvious hemp aftertaste. After two 25mg gummies, I felt my mind and body start to decompress, but I didn’t experience much else. However, newer consumers may enjoy the subtleness.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD:CBG Oil

The CBD:CBG isolate oil from Industrial Hemp Farms is appealing — but only to cannabinoid connoisseurs. On the website, the brand offers no information on how to consume the tincture, nor do they let customers know what CBG is or what it does. This lack of general information is disappointing, as a product like this is quite unique.

Nevertheless, I was happy with the powerful results I felt from this oil (even despite the intense hemp flavor). After two drops, I was able to focus better and power through the rest of my day. This oil starts at 1000mg, making it best for more experienced consumers.


Packaged just like your typical oil, Industrial Hemp Farms CBD:CBG oil works reasonably well. The formula blends well and gets to work quickly; however, the flavor is incredibly robust. I found that the extract was strong enough for my experienced self but might prove too overwhelming for some newer customers.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Flower

This indica-dominant strain is best for helping you relax, decompress, and feel at ease. The buds themselves may have a bit of an orange note, but don’t let this fool you: Sovereign Bubba CBD hemp flower is all about nighttime. Once again, Industrial Hemp Farms doesn’t mention anything about the strain, leaving it all up to the consumers. However, they do offer the flower in grams all the way up to ounces depending on how much you need.

In general, the strain smokes well, but it does leave a slight harsh feeling in the throat. However, the classic peppery scent was still there and kicking, helping send me into a sea of relaxation.


The Sovereign Bubba CBD hemp flower from Industrial Hemp Farms was surprisingly pleasant. The buds looked beautiful and covered in crystals, and the flower smoked well besides a bit of a burnt flavor. Of course, the effects kicked in nearly immediately, and I noticed the strain’s relaxing effects were front and center.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBG/Delta 8 Hemp Flower

You may have tried CBD flower, but what about CBG/Delta 8 flower? The Fortified White Whale strain is the first one I’ve seen with this cannabinoid profile, piquing my interest immediately. At first glance, I wasn’t overly impressed by the quality of the buds.

However, upon smoking, I was happy with the flavor profile and noticeable effects. I didn’t get too stoned, but I was extremely relaxed and in a total land of bliss. I found that this strain wasn’t as harsh as some of Industrial Hemp Farms’ other options, making me opt for this bud.


Great for any time of the day, Industrial Hemp Farms’ Fortified White Whale CBG and Delta 8 THC strain is one that any consumer will love. The subtle psychoactive effects make it great for beginners, but the strong medicinal value is sure to impress even the most experienced users. The strain has a pleasant herbal, pine-like flavor profile that makes each hit more enjoyable than the next.

Industrial Hemp Farms Delta-8 Gel Capsules

Gel capsules are always a great way to get an easy, potent dose of CBD. But at Industrial Hemp Farms, the brand packs theirs with delta-8 THC. These capsules look just like your everyday softgels, and they don’t smell like hemp, either — something I always consider a plus.

Unfortunately, these products are pretty popular for the company, and they’re frequently out of stock. So, if you rely on these for consistent consumption, you better keep an eye on the website!  Each capsule comes with 25mg of delta-8 THC, which is a good dose for many. I felt slight feelings of euphoria and pain relief but didn’t get the properties I was hoping for until after two doses.

Delta-8 THC gel capsules


Free of taste and smell, the delta-8 THC gel capsules are easy to use — if you can get your hands on them. I found that their current dosage wasn’t strong enough for an experienced consumer like me, but I did feel pain relief and bliss after two doses and two hours. The packaging is about as simple as it gets, though, and these products are frequently totally out of stock.

Industrial Hemp Farms Delta-8 Cartridge

The Delta-8 Premium Ceramic Vape Cartridge wasn’t anything to write home about. The vape itself is made well, but it gets hot incredibly quickly and isn’t pleasant to hold onto. The flavors within the vape itself were fine, but there wasn’t anything unique or tasty about it.

After a few puffs, I noticed slight relaxation; however, compared to their flower, the effects just didn’t do it for me. These vapes are somewhat new to Industrial Hemp Farms, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they’re still perfecting their blend — but it has a long way to go considering they don’t even lay out how many milligrams are inside.

Industrial Hemp Farms delta-8 vape cartridge


Despite having “premium” in its name, the Delta-8 Vape cartridge didn’t live up to its legacy. This vape wasn’t nearly as effective as some of the brand’s other products, and the flavor didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. Also, this is one of the products that doesn’t have third-party lab-test results, so I felt like I didn’t know what I was actually puffing on.