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CBD cigarettes by Sugar Cali
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CRÈME by Sugar, a Los Angeles based CBD cigarette brand, boldly claims on their website, “Finally, hemp cigarettes that don’t taste like sh*t,” read further and you’ll see this company truly believes they’re the best at what they do. After testing them, it’d be hard for me to argue against their claims.

CRÈME is the ideal brand for cigarette smokers looking to kick their habit in style, yet delivers a product so flavorful and effective it can join the repertoire of any CBD fan. The style of each carton borders on basic but comes through as provocative. It’s subtle and bears only the necessities, but the design grabs the eyes and assures you this is a company that knows what it’s doing.

Smoking hemp cigarettes by Sugar

The smokes themselves, perfectly designed with colored tips to replicate an actual cigarette, smoke as beautifully as they look. The patented sweet tip technology assures a harsh-free smoke and helps deliver a taste that is actually enjoyable.

Each flavor is distinct and brings something unique to the table. What they all share is potent effects; just one of these cigarettes will bring you a noticeable and quick uptick in energy and clarity. It’s the perfect, “get me through the day, all day,” type smoke.

CRÈME’s founders, a group of CBD consumers themselves, started the company after realizing the majority of hemp cigarettes on the market were harsh and bitter. They understood the potential of hemp cigarettes for smokers looking to quit, but felt the experience could be improved upon. And improvement is just what they did.

Sugar Cali flavored hemp cigarettes

The original variation has a sweetened tip that mixes well with the smokey cinnamon flavors of the hemp, the vanilla pack hits like a french vanilla creamer in a warm coffee on a cold winter morning and their mint flavor, possibly the best one, will curb the cravings of anyone missing their menthol cigs.

CRÈME looks sleeker, tastes better, and at $11.50 a pack is even more affordable than most of their rivals. If a hemp cigarette is what you’re looking for, I’m happy to tell you the search can end here.

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CRÈME not only replicates the looks, process, and feeling of smoking a cigarette, but they also do it with more style, flavor, and effectiveness than their competitors.
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What's Good
The flavor is great, not just good
Lavish design and packaging
Very affordable
Reputable lab results
Least harsh hemp I’ve reviewed
What's Bad
Genuinely have no qualms with this company or its products

Technical Details

CBD Strength:1000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:Whole Plant
Product Types:CBD Cigarettes
Hemp Origin:California
Similar Brands:Oklahoma Smokes, Plain Jane, Toast

Editor’s Pick

  • As of now, hemp cigarettes are the only product being sold by CRÈME. They come in three flavors; original, vanilla and mint. Each is equally delicious, effective and aesthetically pleasing. You can’t go wrong with any flavor.

CRÈME by Sugar CBD Cigarettes

Vanilla flavored CBD cigarette

Hemp cigarettes are a great way for smokers to quit smoking, it can mimic the ritual and feeling of having a cigarette without the deadly side effects. But CRÈME by Sugar does so much more than exist as a placebo. CRÈME has crafted a line of CBD cigarettes that stand out in style and flavor, each of their three variations excel in the taste test and all deliver the same mellow vibe one can expect with quality hemp.

The relaxation these smokes give off make them a perfect candidate for consumption at any time of the day. You won’t feel any crashing, no harshness from the smoke will linger in your throat, these are just a clean and uplifting experience. 

For folks looking to quit cigarettes, these are the ideal option. For people who just want good CBD at an affordable price, these are also the ideal option. Each pack of 20 costs just $11.50, in comparison Oklahoma Smokes is $16. CRÈME is easy on the wallet, easy on the lungs, and bold on the flavor.

Whether it’s original, mint or vanilla, you’ll walk away equally impressed. Maybe even smoke a vanilla and then a mint, make yourself a little mint chip ice cream concoction. The founders of CRÈME set out to make the best hemp cigarette and, for the time being, I’d like to say they did.

Tobacco-free CBD cigarette by Sugar Cali


From packaging to consumption, CRÈME functions just like a cigarette. The pack is an identical twin to all the big tobacco companies; the design is sleek and modern, comes with the silver paper on top, and has colored tips that makes you feel like you’re holding a cigarette again. If someone was to pass you on the street while smoking one of these, chances are they’d think you’re just a plain old smoker.

When smoked, these hemp rolls burn slowly, smoothly and with absolutely no bitter taste. The sweet tip masks any lingering harsh flavors and presents a hemp flavor that’s hard to match elsewhere. The original flavor has an earthy flavor with hints of cinnamon, the vanilla is smooth like slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream, and the mint is like an adult girl scout cookie for the lungs. It’s hard to recommend a single flavor, with the quality of each smoke and the low price, I lean towards telling you to try them all.

After smoking this product, I felt an immediate sense of calmness and clarity. It’s not an overpowering effect but it’s strong enough to be noticeable to a regular cannabis consumer. CRÈME checks every box.


  • Effects felt: Clarity, calmness, clear-headed, energetic
  • Good for: All day use, outdoor activities, anxiety relief
  • Not good for: Bedtime aid, higher tolerance users


  • CBD: 1000mg per pack
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $11.50
  • Lab report: COA