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Oklahoma Smokes tobacco-free cigarettes
Advertisement for THCA flower

Oklahoma Smokes, oddly based in New York City, is a tobacco-free hemp cigarette brand that’s helping people combat the cravings and hardships associated with quitting smoking. Their social media aims a lot of focus on encouraging smokers to quit and their product backs up the message with an interestingly crafted cigarette replica. 

Hemp flower cigarettes by Oklahoma Smokes
Oklahoma Smokes makes tobacco-free and nicotine-free cigarettes made from rich hemp CBD flower.

Though their efforts are well-intentioned and admirable in thought, their execution falls a little flat in both flavor and affordability.

These smokes can most definitely be an incredible placebo by mimicking the ritual of smoking, but other companies exist that do it at a cheaper cost with a tastier outcome. Creme by Sugar is an alternative that comes to mind; not only is the flavor a notch above Oklahoma Smokes, but it costs almost $5 less a pack.

Burning a hemp cigarette that looks like tobacco cigarettes
Oklahoma Smokes CBD cigarettes smoke and burn just like tobacco cigarettes.

But, if you’re looking to bypass taste and just need a quick fix to help get you over the cigarette cravings, Oklahoma Smokes is a fine product to explore. The accompanying matchbooks, the cylinder shape resting comfortably on your lips, and the smell of burning paper will be more than enough to send you home happy and satisfied, feeling like you just enjoyed that cigarette you so dearly missed.

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Oklahoma Smokes excels in the replicating of the cigarette smoking process, but that’s about it. Their carton makes you feel like you’re cracking open a fresh pack, the smell of the burning paper mimics the aromas of a nice Marlboro, and the feeling you get holding their product matches that of the real thing. The actual flavor of Oklahoma Smokes is average at best. Slightly harsh, it tastes like your basic hemp product and burns rather quickly when compared to other hemp cigarettes. A slight buzz is the most you can expect with these smokes and at $16 a pack, you’re left yearning for something a little more strong.
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What's Good
Replicates cigarette smoking, important for those trying to quit
Aesthetically pleasing packaging and artsy matchbooks
Quality, easy-to-find lab results and testing
What's Bad
Flavor is relatively common and harsh
Cigarettes burn quickly
Price point is higher than almost every competitor
Advertises brown filter tips, like a cigarette, but comes in all-white
Minimal to moderate effects
Oklahoma Smokes

Technical Details

Availability:Nationwide (except IA)
CBD Strength:Mild
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:Whole Plant
Product Types:CBD Cigarettes
Hemp Origin:California
Grow Environment:Indoor
Similar Brands:Toast, Sugar, American Shaman, Redwood Reserves, Wild Hemp

Editor’s Pick

  • Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes: Currently this is the only product I can recommend from Oklahoma Smokes because it’s the only product they sell outside of merch and matches. And though I’m critical on both price and flavor, these are a healthy and helpful alternative to cigarette smoking.

Oklahoma Smokes CBD Cigarettes

Oklahoma Smokes tobacco-free hemp cigarettes

Oklahoma Smoke’s Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes are the one item, that’s not clothing, currently being sold by Oklahoma Smokes, so naturally it’s the one product we sampled for this review. Anyone fixing for a cigarette will be giddy with excitement when they get their hands on this carton of 20 cigarette-style hemp rolls.

The relation to cigarettes is this product’s biggest asset. I’m a former smoker who hasn’t had a puff in over three years and Oklahoma Smokes immediately brought me back to the days of Marlboro Lights and American Spirits. Its minimal effects are ideal for those looking for an all-day smoke but its harsh taste and high price of $16 a box may have consumers turning elsewhere.

While the replication of the pack of cigarettes is a good way to gauge interest, Oklahoma Smokes fails to rise above average in terms of a complete product.


A dark green carton reminiscent of an organic cigarette brand houses these 20, all-white, hemp smokes. Complete with matches on the side and the silver foil akin to that which rests atop your favorite cigarette brands, it’s easy to relive your smoking days with this product.

They function just like cigarettes too, light it up and puff away. They burn faster than most hemp products and have an average hemp taste that occasionally crosses over into harsh. But the burning smell of paper makes the mind peacefully fade back to memories of cold nights and countless cigarettes.

A minor buzz is the best way to describe the feeling one can attain with these smokes. They’re ideal for all day use which is perfect for that person trying to quit the cigs.


  • Effects felt: Chill, Calm, Lighter
  • Good for: All day consumption, outdoor activities, replicating cigarette smoking
  • Not good for: Those with sensitive lungs, higher tolerance users


  • CBD: 50mg per cigarette
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Price: $15.99
  • Lab report: COA