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Stone Road cannabis products reviewed
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Stone Road is a CA cannabis brand unlike any other. From the moment you enter their website, it’s clear that the brand places an extreme importance on purity, quality, and all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Stone Road has their own farm in California where they grow and produce at least 30% of what they sell — though they strive to be 100% self-sufficient soon.

The brand is extremely transparent about their quality control measures, ingredients, and practices, giving you an inside look into every move they make. 

Premium cannabis flower by Stone Road

Though their product line is a bit limited, it’s clear that they make all of their products with love and care. Currently, this company offers a nice selection of cannabis flower, from pre-rolls to eighths and even concentrates.

Stone Road is a cannabis brand that every consumer should try, as they are the perfect example of home-grown and high-quality. The biggest downfall here is that they don’t actively offer their products’ third-party lab-test results — you’ll have to ask.

If Stone Road had their third-party lab-test results available, this brand would be the perfect cannabis company. They’re transparent about their processes and utilize everything their farm has to offer to create home-grown products like flower and hash. You’ll have to be a CA (or OK) resident to get these products, but they’re more than worth it. From their packaging to their processes, Stone Road is extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly, too. And, on top of it all, you’re going to get quite stoned — and fast — from their tasty, frosty flower.
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What's Good
High-quality flower
Potent buds
Home-grown products
Sustainable, ethical business practices
What's Bad
Third-party lab-test results not available
Must be a CA, MA or OK resident to purchase
Stone Road

Brand Details

Availability:CA, OK, MA
Where to Buy:Sava, Eaze, Bud
Product Types:Flower, Prerolls, Concentrates
Featured Strains:Watermelon Zkittlez, Jack Herer, G Scout Cookies, Chemdawg, Fruit Punch
Cannabis Origin:California
Grow Environment:Covered, Outdoor
Organically Grown:Yes
Similar Brands:Humboldt Farms, Old Pal, Mirayo

Editor’s Pick

  • Stone Road offers a high-quality gram of cured sauce that’s hard to turn down. The texture of this concentrate goes beautifully in both traditional rigs and electronic ones like Puffco. As soon as you open the lid, you’ll pick up on the sauce’s strong terpene profile — but smoking it is even better. I had some of the tastiest dabs in a while with this potent concentrate. Plus, it had me stoned and ready to decompress. It was perfect for the end of my work day.

Stone Road Chemdawg Pre-Rolls

Chemdawg tends to be a strain I stay away from, simply because of its reputation of spiking my anxiety. However, I didn’t find that to be the case with Stone Road’s pre-rolls. These Chemdawg joints were potent and stimulating, yet they weren’t too overwhelming, either. They smoked wonderfully and I didn’t have to worry about running. The smell of the joint was quite basic, but I did pick up on individual scents and flavors as I was smoking. Overall, this was a pre-roll pack I’d love to go back to again and again.

Cannabis pre-rolls by Stone Road


Stone Road packages all of their products beautifully and sustainably. They’re famous for their 99% plastic-free, full recyclable packaging, and the pre-rolls are no exceptions. The joints themselves smoke wonderfully and have a nice flavor profile that I enjoyed. Immediately, I noticed that I felt more stimulated and attentive, but it wasn’t overwhelming; instead, it was ideal for helping me feel motivated and ready for my tasks at hand — but without getting nervous.


  • Effects Felt: Uplifted, blissful, motivated, stimulated
  • Good For: Stimulation, motivation, boosting mood
  • Not Good For: Sleepiness, bedtime


  • Strain: Chemdawg
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Price: Varies by location

Stone Road Cannabis Concentrate

Stone Road offers two incredibly high-quality cannabis concentrates: one sugar and one sauce. Both of these concentrates have one gram of pure, unfiltered cannabis. The only difference between the two is the textures. As somezone with an e-rig, I found that the sauce concentrate was the perfect texture and malleability; it was easy to handle and even easier to dab. Unfortunately, the wax itself didn’t have a whole lot of flavor. Thankfully, it did have a lot of potency, and I found that just one dab was more than enough to get me feeling like my best, giggly self.

Cannabis concentrate sauce by Stone Road


Once again, Stone Road’s cannabis concentrates are packaged beautifully, and they craft them sustainably, too. Though these concentrates don’t pack a huge punch in terms of flavor and scent, they do when it comes to potency. As soon as I had a dab, I felt waves of relaxation rush over me, helping me feel calm, cool, collected, and oh-so-high. That being said, if you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates, you’ll want to start with a very small dab of this powerful extract.


  • Effects Felt: Calm, sleepy, relaxed, giggly
  • Good For: Experienced consumers, promoting relaxation
  • Not Good For: Beginners, morning consumption


  • Strain: Fruit Punch
  • Type: Sativa
  • Price: Varies by location

Stone Road Hash Pre-Roll

Stone Road calls the Strawnana and Wedding Cake Hash pre-roll the “spicy” version of their traditional pre-roll — and I’d have to agree. This pre-roll is infused with solventless hash oil to enhance the potency and benefits of this powerful pre-roll. The Strawnana and Wedding Cake blend makes for quite a tasty joint, and you’ll be able to pick up on the dessert-like scents right away. Like their other pre-rolls, the hash joints burn well and didn’t run too much. As an extremely experienced consumer, I was surprised by how potent these hash pre-rolls were — and I didn’t want to stop smoking.

Cannabis hash prerolls


The brand uses their 99% plastic-free, recyclable packaging for their hash pre-rolls as well. This strain smelled much brighter and tastier than the other strains I had, and I fell in love with the sweet flavors it produced. The joint burned well and was rolled tightly; the hash didn’t make the paper burn poorly, either. After just a few hits, it became clear that this joint wasn’t for the faint of heart: these hash-infused pre-rolls are powerful from top to bottom. I felt happy, relaxed, creative, and pain-free all in one.


  • Effects Felt: Happy, pain relief, stress relief, creative
  • Good For: Those with high tolerances, experienced consumers, pain and stress relief
  • Not Good For: Beginners


  • Strain: Strawnana
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Price: Varies by location