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Humboldt Farms cannabis products
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One of the most common brands to be sold in California dispensaries, and definitely one of the most cost-efficient cannabis brands Humboldt Farms has a lot of great things going. It has a large variety of products and is best known for its Gio pen (which we did not review here). But the flower itself has some inconsistencies like one eighth was very dry while the other was really good. Plus I had an issue with one of the prerolls in my preroll pack, but overall, enjoyed the value the brand offers.

It’s not perfect, but what it lacks it makes up in variety, and dependability as you can find many of their products readily available. The highs experienced really depended on the quality of flower in the product, so some inconsistency is a drawback but not unforgivable.

By far the best aspect of Humboldt Farms is how budget-friendly they are and what they offer at those low price points. They believe in variety and you can find an array of products for almost any price you are looking to spend. Potency in their weed is prominent, but the issue is in the buds themselves at times - too dry, too harsh, and too inconsistent in the overall feeling. But they offer everything from cartridges to premium flowers to infused joints, which is great for the modern cannabis consumer.
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What's Good
Widely available
Variety of strains in several sizes
Budget friendly
What's Bad
Very dry nugs
Inconsistent quality
Harsh inhale
Humboldt Farms


Availability:CA, NV
Where to Buy:Jane, Amuse, Emjay, Eaze, Vana, Grassdoor
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Brands:Pure Beauty, Old Pal, GKUA

Editor’s Pick

  • Humboldt Farms Live Rosin Infused Hybrid Pre-roll 4pk is by far the best out of the selections we reviewed. It’s tasty, and its potent euphoria had me feeling like I was on a cloud for the whole day. It’s a must buy to have around for any day you might need a little buzzy, pick me up!

Humboldt Farms Premium Flower Review

The Premium label from Humboldt Farms is a beauty of a nug to look at. Lush with tiny and sprawling red hairs, it makes its declaration of a quality bud that promises a smooth, and strong euphoric high. The nuggs varied in consistency from just right to dry, but the inhale was balanced and had a sweet and fruity aroma and after taste which highlighted the positive high and the delightful euphoria that the weed provided. Very affordable, but there are much better buds from other competitors with better consistency. But if your wallet needs some tightening but you don’t want to lose your high, Humboldt Farms might be just the answer.


Humboldt Farms Premium Mimosa flower is a tasty choice when seeking a budget strain and brand. But the taste is a bit rough as the dry buds make the inhale a bit harsher on the throat. The looks of the buds is pretty, nothing extraordinary but also capable of a good high. This wouldn’t be my go-to premium eighth, but it’s a good option because it’s in most stores, so they are dependable.


  • Effects felt: Relaxed, Happy, Talkative
  • Good for: Socializing, Networking, Stress
  • Not good for: Sleep, Pain, Anxiety


  • Strain: Mimosa
  • Type: Sativa
  • CBD: 0%
  • THC: 22.4%
  • Price: $35/3.5g

Humboldt Farms Mini Flower Review

Wow, am I disappointed with this flower! Maybe it was this batch but these tiny nugs were dry, and completely fell apart when I tried to pull them apart to roll into a joint. Once I did grind some down, I barely felt any high, and was so very disappointed with this budget find. The cost is economical but the quality is just so low. I didn’t get high, nor did I enjoy smoking this one. The inhale was dry too and the dry bud made the joint burn fast and furious, going through an eighth very quickly in the process. Mini nugs have a reputation for being fickle but I did expect somewhat better quality and was let down by the inconsistency.


No highlights here. I went through this eighth with barely a high and felt like I had been sold oregano in a pretty jar. The smell of the Mimosa wasn’t even there, so I wonder if I got an old batch? Either way, based on my experience with this lot, I won’t be purchasing this again. What a waste!


  • Effects felt: Didn’t really feel any, light sleepiness
  • Good for: If you’re really broke, and have no other option
  • Not good for: Smoking


  • Strain: Mimosa
  • Type: Hybrid
  • CBD: 0.06%
  • THC: 18.9%
  • Price: $25/3.5g

Humboldt Farms Live Rosin Infused Prerolls Review

Despite getting one pre-roll that was bent inside the tin, the Humboldt Farms Live Rosin infused pre-roll is tasty, potent, and long lasting. You can actually see where the joint is infused, and let me tell you, that live rosin brings the party to this smoke session. The pre-roll burns evenly and at a nice pace, so you get your money’s worth. Though it takes a few hits before you start to enjoy the benefits, once you get to your high, the pre-roll delivers waves of euphoria, relaxation, and a dream-like giddyness that will make you want to sway to your favorite Fleetwood Mac while dressed in the flowiest of outfits. Yup – it’s just that kind of high.


The Mac Crasher x Ice Cream Cake combo just cannot be beat here. At just over 24% THC, each joint holds almost a full gram of cannabis. Each tin contains 4 pre-rolls, and the tins are designed to be eye-catching. But they can be a little hard to open, and mine came with a bent joint – so exercise some caution when opening your container. It’s a tasty smoke, and the price, just $40 for a 4 pack, is good enough to share the joy with others.


  • Effects felt: Happy, Relaxed, Hungry
  • Good for: Afternoon pick me up, Nausea, Binge watching
  • Not good for: Work, working out, errands


  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • CBD: 0%
  • THC: 24.6%
  • Price: $40 ($10/preroll)