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Old Pal cannabis products review
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I first encountered Old Pal when I was on a super tight budget and wanted a no-fuss, will do the trick, cannabis item, and my budtender introduced me to their ready-to-roll packets. What a lifesaver that was! I was happy to discover that Old Pal is more than just pre-ground packets, and each product is made with the same motto – accessible, affordable, and meant to be shared.

The brand also offers a variety of potencies, anywhere from the low tens, to the upper twenty percent. While the flower itself isn’t the smoothest, and you will definitely cough after a joint or two, Old Pal has a great variety of products, for great prices, that will keep you floating on that cannabis cloud without breaking the bank.

Old Pal has a little bit of everything for the cannabis smoker. Whether you prefer flower, prerolls, or vapes, they make sure to have a little of everything. Extremely budget-friendly, you can grab an eighth for about $25 in most places, with their premium being about $35. The potency can vary, but even at 19% for their prerolls, the herb packs a punch that is both uplifting and euphoric.
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What's Good
Budget friendly
Widely available
Big variety of products/potency
What's Bad
Flower can be dry
Not the smoothest inhale
Very hit or miss
Old Pal

Technical Details

Availability:CA, NV
Where to Buy:Amuse, Emjay, Eaze
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vapes
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Brands:Mirayo by Santana, Marley Natural

Editor’s Pick

  • I love a good pre-roll pack, and Old Pal Palitos pre-roll 10 pack has now entered my rotation. Extremely budget-friendly, and extremely effective despite being only 19%. One ‘palito’ kept a smile on my face for about two hours and had me quickly reaching for another.

Old Pal Special Blue Bearded Zen Flower

A strain so nice, there’s even a Spotify playlist created for it. Old Pal’s Special Blue flower is the perfect hybrid to enjoy music to on a relaxed, fall day. An easy on-the-wallet premium flower, it gets the job done when it comes to unwinding and uplifting. Great for that much needed break, just after enjoying a good meal (or during!), to converse with friends and listen to that eclectic jam band album.

Old Pal Bearded Zen cannabis flower


An oddly matched balance of a sweet but earthy essence, and just a kick of gassy, the balance is not only felt but tasted. And the spider-web like fuzziness that sits on the beauty of a nug, makes this easily one of the prettiest and potent, budget-friendly cannabis flowers out there.


  • Effects felt: Relaxed, Uplifted
  • Good for: Listening to music with friends, after dinner, concerts, relaxing, dinner parties
  • Not good for: Focus, productivity, work settings


  • Strain: Bearded Zen
  • Type: Hybrid
  • CBD: 0%
  • THC: 25.53%
  • Price: $30 for 3.5g

Old Pal Clementine Oil Cartridge

An easy, middle of the day, pick me up in a budget-friendly 1G cartridge. Old Pal’s Clementine 1g cannabis oil cartridge was tasty, very orange-like, but the inhale landed a bit harsh. The oil is on the darker side, and I know it shouldn’t matter much but I do wonder if that might have made the smoke feel harder on my throat. However, for the price and the potency, it’s worth it for the delightful buzz Clementine produces. I grabbed it for a walk around the neighborhood with my dog during a nice, brisk day. Honestly, felt like just the mood boost I needed but the coughing wasn’t fun.

Old Pal cannabis oil cartridge Clementine strain


The Clementine cannabis oil cartridge is very sweet tasting – a very orange flavor, with some light value undertones – yet also delivers a heavy burn on the throat, so new smokers beware for a coughing fit. The price point can’t be beaten however and is great for those little energy bursts of creativity at any point of the day.


  • Effects felt: Relaxed, Euphoric, Social
  • Good for: Hanging out with friends, outdoors, errands
  • Not good for: Insomnia, pain, anxiety


  • Strain: Clementine
  • Type: Sativa
  • CBD: 0.03% (0.02mg/pull)
  • THC: 68.9% (3.4mg/pull)
  • Price: $28 for 1g

Old Pal Palitos Blue Dream Pre-Roll

This 10 pack not only fits anyone’s budget but each pre-roll packs a delightful, uplifting high. The flower can vary and can lean on dry but that doesn’t change the effect of the pre-roll. At only 19%, the high is immediate and the uplifting feeling is like washing the noise of the world just slip away. One of the few bad things is the high dissolves very quickly, at times not even lasting a full hour. But oh, such a great, albeit short, boost.

Old Pal Blue Dream cannabis preroll


The Blue Dream strain delivered in its promise to uplift and get the energy going. The taste is not my favorite, as the flower could vary, so sometimes the smoke was a little harsh. But the euphoria was solid and I am definitely happy about the price. 10 pre-rolls for $30? Not many better deals than that!


  • Effects felt: Euphoric, Creative, Focused
  • Good for: Working, Outdoors, Stress, Creativity
  • Not good for: Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety


  • Strain: Blue Dream
  • Type: Sativa-Hybrid
  • CBD: 0.106%
  • THC: 19.15%
  • Price: $30 ($3/preroll)

Old Pal Wedding Cake Hybrid Pre-Roll

This easy-to-carry 2 pack is meant to be shared with a friend, and I shared mine with my partner on an evening we both just wanted to sit, smoke, and forget every responsibility we had in the world. A balanced, but leaning slightly more indica pre-roll, I laid back and nearly drifted off into a midday nap. Instead, I cuddled my dog and just let the light euphoria wash over me. Well worth the under $4 per pre-roll!

Old Pal cannabis pre-roll wedding cake strain


The idea of the two pack is great – and it’s a very cost-efficient way to either get a great deal on two pre-rolls that each produce a balanced and relaxing high. Or to share with someone and enjoy a floaty hybrid. The flower is not premium but it’s not terrible, and it looks earthy and breezy.


  • Effects felt: Euphoric, Relaxing, Bliss
  • Good for: Reading, Binge watching, one on one conversations
  • Not good for: Socializing, Working


  • Strain: Wedding Cake
  • Type: Hybrid
  • CBD: 0.15%
  • THC: 24.88%
  • Price: $7 ($2.50/preroll)
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