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CBD American Shaman products review
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CBD American Shaman is one of those brands you can trust — plain and simple. Many CBD brands claim to care about their customers, but very few provide the resources to back that up. This isn’t the case with CBD American Shaman.

The company goes to incredible lengths to explain their extraction processes, how their products work in the body, and even how to determine which strength and product type are right for you. All of their brand information is clearly laid out, and you’re not left with any questions while browsing products. 

CBD American Shaman offers both full-spectrum and THC-free blends depending on what you prefer. But, what appealed to me most was how they used unique nanotechnology to enhance bioavailability and create a better product.

Overall, CBD American Shaman has a huge product selection that’s not only easy to navigate but is high-quality. You can learn all you need to know about CBD and other cannabinoids, and the brand will help you out if you can’t afford the products you need. With a brand like this one, it’s hard to find anything to complain about — other than the slightly high price points on a few products.

CBD American Shaman provides honesty, authenticity, and quality to their customers. While some brands keep crucial information hidden, CBD American Shaman is proud of every step they take as a brand. Their prices are somewhat affordable, their products are high-quality, and you have so much to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something to help with sleep, ease pain, or boost motivation, CBD American Shaman has the product for you — and they’ll help you find it, too. The only complaint I have is that with a brand this impressive, their packaging could be a bit better.
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What's Good
Incredible product selection
Full-spectrum and THC-free blends
Nanotechnology for enhanced bioavailability
Great for all customers
US Hemp Authority Certified
What's Bad
Low-quality packaging and labels
High-priced products
CBD American Shaman

Technical Details

CBD Strength:150-900mg
THC Content:<0.3%, 0%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum, Broad, Isolate
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Edibles, Flower, Capsules, Drinkables, Topicals, Skincare, Pet CBD
Cannabinoids:CBD, CBG, CBN
Hemp Origin:USA
US Hemp Authority Certified:Yes
Similar Brands:Cheef Botanicals, R+R Medicinals

Editor’s Pick

  • In my experience, CBD-infused beverages are hard to get right. However, CBD American Shaman has figured it out. They’ve crafted a line of CBD-infused sparkling teas that not only taste amazing but actually work, too. These teas don’t taste at all like CBD, but you experience the effects of the cannabinoids within minutes because of the nanotechnology they use. Effects hit quickly and were quite strong, providing full-body relief for about an hour.

CBD American Shaman Water-Soluble CBD Oil

If you’re looking to experience a potent, fast-acting dose of CBD, then American Shaman’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is the way to go. This natural flavored CBD oil is 100% water-soluble. This means that the cannabinoids are small enough to break down in water — and not just in fat. Thus, the oil gets to work quickly, targeting areas your body needs help with.

These CBD oils have 300mg per bottle which, normally, wouldn’t be strong enough for more experienced consumers. However, the bioavailability gives the oil the extra dose of potency that consumers like me need.


These CBD oils are nothing special design-wise, but once you try them, you’ll be blown away by their efficacy. The natural flavor of this CBD oil is manageable and doesn’t linger too long. The effects get to work nearly immediately, and I experienced pain relief, stress relief, and a dose of happiness because of it all.


  • Effects felt: Relaxed, comfortable, happy, stress-free
  • Good for: Full-body relief, daytime or nighttime use, stress relief
  • Not good for: People on a budget


  • CBD: 300mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $59.99 ($0.20/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

CBD American Shaman CBD Face Cream

CBD American Shaman’s Replenishing Face Cream is designed to give you a youthful glow and help provide some TLC to your skin. This face cream has a refreshing scent and goes on nice and light on the skin. However, it does leave a bit of oily residue that my skin wasn’t a huge fan of. However, after leaving it on until it absorbed, I noticed that my skin was visibly softer and brighter.

Unlike most CBD brands, American Shaman also uses their nano-technology for their face cream, so it’s no wonder it works beautifully for only having 60mg of CBD.


The CBD American Shaman Replenishing Face Cream did just that: replenish. At just 60mg, I was doubtful it would do anything for my dry skin. However, the nano-technology proved me wrong, and I noticed softer, more hydrated skin after just one use. I did have to put up with some oily textures that I wouldn’t want to subject my skin to often, but I was pleased with the results of an occasional application.


  • Effects felt: Hydrated, moisturized, rejuvenated
  • Good for: Dry and damaged skin, preventing wrinkles, nighttime application
  • Not good for: Oily skin


  • CBD: 60mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $30 ($0.50/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

CBD American Shaman Concentrated Hemp Oil Capsules

Hemp oil capsules are always an easy way to consume CBD, and American Shaman’s are no exception. The packaging of these capsules reminded me of a few other CBD brands I’ve tried, and at 15mg, the strength was good for beginners.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find too much benefit from just one capsule and ended up taking two. After about 30 minutes, I noticed that they helped with my anxiety and stress levels. Ideal for relaxation, these Hemp Oil Capsules are likely best for those still getting into the world of CBD.


CBD American Shaman’s Hemp Oil Capsules have simplistic packaging and come in a somewhat cheap bottle. At 15mg each, they are great for people with lower tolerances looking to experience CBD. However, they may not be strong enough for more experienced consumers. After two doses, I noticed more relaxing effects than stimulating ones, making me think these capsules are best for nighttime consumption.


  • Effects felt: Calm, relaxed, sleepy
  • Good for: Stress relief, anxiety relief, nighttime consumption, beginners
  • Not good for: Experienced consumers, daytime use, pain relief


  • CBD: 450mg
  • THC: <0.3%, 0%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum, Broad
  • Price: $59.99 ($0.13/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

CBD American Shaman Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture

CBD American Shaman is all about embracing holistic health through terpenes. In their Terpene-Rich CBD Oil Tincture, they include high levels of all-natural terpenes to enhance your CBD experience and provide an even better flavor profile. The brand offers these oils in four options: natural flavored, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Moon, and Grape.

The rich terpene blends allow for a stronger, more all-encompassing CBD result that beginners and experienced consumers alike will enjoy. At 300mg, you can easily adjust your dose to fit what works best. I recommend the Blueberry Moon flavor to those looking for something to totally disguise the taste of hemp.


The Terpene-Rich CBD Oil Tinctures are some of the tastiest tinctures I’ve tried yet. The strong terpene profile gives the blend an obvious natural note, but it works beautifully with the blend. I noticed full-body results hitting me about 15 minutes after consumption; I experienced pain relief and stress relief. I was happy about the holistic benefits of this tincture, and couldn’t help but thank the strong terpene blend.


  • Effects felt: Happy, calm, motivated, balanced
  • Good for: Full-body relief, disguising the taste of hemp, all-day consumption
  • Not good for: Sleep


  • CBD: 300mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $59.99 ($0.20/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

CBD American Shaman Nano CBD Gummies

If you’re tired of waiting forever for the effects of your CBD gummies to kick in, CBD American Shaman has remedied that problem. With their Nano CBD Gummies, they use nano-technology to shrink cannabinoids and create products that are easier to break down in the body.

These gummies get to work much quicker than your typical edible, and the results are even more potent, too. I was super happy with the strong potency of these edibles, despite them only having 10mg each. But, that goes to show how high-quality and effective nano CBD can be! These gummies come in different flavors, too. I tried the Watermelon which was pleasant and sweet, but didn’t taste too much like watermelon. Overall, though, I was so happy with the experience.


CBD American Shaman’s Nano CBD Gummies get to work quickly. The nano-technology works to quickly break down the cannabinoids and give you potent results. I noticed pain relief in my sore muscles first, and then I realized my excess stress and anxiety had quieted down. Once the gummies fully hit, I was totally decompressed and satisfied with my day. The quick effects were great for boosting mood, promoting comfort, and providing a sense of balance.


  • Effects felt: Happy, balanced, comfortable, satisfied
  • Good for: Decompressing, after work consumption, relieving stress and pain
  • Not good for: Morning use


  • CBD: 150mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $34.99 ($0.23/mg)
  • Lab report: COA