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Located in Canada’s greenhouse capital and “Sun Parlour” in Leamington Ontario, Solei, by Aphria Inc., takes pride in their sustainable and eco-friendly production processes by capturing natural sunlight and integrating it with their energy efficient systems. This incorporates state-of-the art technology that harnesses the sun’s energy, conserves and recycles water, and composts any excess plant material back to the earth.

It’s nifty to see a cannabis brand not only dedicated to growing viable and high quality cannabis, but also considering the carbon footprint that’s left behind and what that means for future generations to come. 

Solei is also committed to helping consumers discover their right “moments” when using cannabis by providing a bountiful line of different product types like flower, pre-rolls, topicals, oils, soft gels, cartridges, and even oral spray.

These specially curated products allow users to enrich their cannabis journey and have more control over the type of experience they are looking for and have a better understanding of how cannabis fits into their everyday life.

Solei does a solid job by dividing their products into six different “moments” – Renew, Unplug, Balance, Free, Sense, and Gather. Each moment has cannabis products that are tailored for every occasion, whether it’s nights out, nights in, or anywhere in between.

Experiencing Solei’s products in different formats, potencies, and cannabinoid levels, I was able to easily engage in many of my own “moments” at any time of the day. If I needed something for day or night, it was quick and easy to spark up a joint. If I was in search of something a little bit more relaxing and subtle, then the balanced cartridge was just a few convenient puffs away. The only downfall to Solei’s reputation would probably be their lack of earth-conscious packaging and lack of natural ingredients in their topicals.
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What's Good
Environmentally Sustainable Processes
Various Product Types
CBD and THC Options
What's Bad
No COA for any products

Technical Details

Availability:Canada: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, N.W.T, NS, Nvt., ON, P.E.I, QC, SK, YT
Where to Buy:Solei
CBD:THC Ratios:0:1, 1:3, 1:0, 30:1, 1:1, 1:2, 1:7
Extraction Method:Ethanol, CO2
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Topicals, Vape Cartridges, Oils, Soft Gels, Oral Spray
Cannabis Origin:Leamington, Ontario
Grow Environment:Sungrown
Parent Company:Aphria
Similar Brands:Houseplant

Editor’s Pick

  • As an avid 510 thread cartridge user, I have to say I love the Balance 1:1 Cartridge the most out of Solei’s line up. Even though the terpenes and flavors weren’t very active on the palate, I still really enjoyed the experience and the bodily effects that it brought me. The best perk is the fact that it’s a balanced CBD:THC cartridge, which are far and few in between in the Ontario market.

Solei “Gather” Sativa Pre-Rolls

If you’re looking to venture outdoors and need a good mood and energy boost, Solei’s gather pre-rolls are the perfect go-to option. Derived from the well known sativa strain of Jack Herer, these personal sized joints are paired best for morning or day time use, and have the ability to help relieve feelings of fatigue and anxiety. These pre-rolls are conveniently packed in a set of 3 x 0.33g or 1 x 0.5g, so you’re welcome to enjoy this product during ‘me time’, or in a social setting for ‘we time’.


Solei’s 3-pack of Gather pre-rolls were just enough to keep me satisfied for a day spent at the beach. They left feelings of contentment and relaxation, and a solid amount of energy and alertness in both body and mind, but not to the point that it was overwhelming or racing. I was however a bit confused as to why the pre-rolls were packaged in both a cardboard case and a plastic tube on the inside, when the tube would have sufficed alone. When first sparked, slight notes of pine were tasted and then finished with a nutty and woody flavor at the back of the throat. The herb quality was on par and was tightly packed and rolled, with a filter that was long enough to make the 0.33g joint look and feel larger than it is. And at only $10 per gram, you really can’t go wrong!


  • Price
  • Size
  • Great for Outdoors


  • Packaging
Strain:Jack Herer
Net Weight:1 gram
Price: $9.75 CAD for 3 prerolls
Good for:Day Time, Outdoors, Socializing, Stress, Cooking
Not good for:Sleeping, Relaxing
Effects:Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed, Calm, Clear Headed
Smell:Musky, Sweet
Taste:Earthy, Herbal, Sweet

Solei “Renew” Indica Pre-Rolls

Solei’s Renew indica pre-rolls strike up a good pairing with those who are ready to call it a night and perhaps need a sleep aid. With its hefty sedative effects for both the body and mind, these joints are definitely for those who are THC experienced, and those who love being couchlocked.

It burned evenly throughout and had a consistent oily ring around the end which definitely made it easier and more enjoyable to consume compared to others I’ve smoked. I was also considerably impressed by the punch it packed, and it’s super reasonable price point for three personal sized 0.33g pre-rolls. But if you need a bigger night time lullaby, then opt in for the single 0.5g joint.


This earthy and woody tasting pre-roll definitely scored high for physical effects, as it’s medium-high potency of 20.7% kicked in quickly and within minutes of consumption. It left my head feeling heavy and my body feeling floaty for a solid few hours. I also approve of how nice and tightly rolled the pre-rolls came. At only 0.33g each, I was shocked with how much bigger they actually looked, and how aesthetically pleasing their brand stamped filters were too.


  • Sleep
  • Easy to Use
  • Relaxing


  • Underwhelming flavor
  • Packaging
Net Weight:1 gram
Price: $11.60 CAD for 3 prerolls
Good for:Evening, Sleep, Relaxing, Pain Relief, Watching Movies, Listening to Music
Not good for:Sports, Brain Fog, Working
Effects:Zoned Out, Euphoric, Creative
Smell:Sweet, Citrus
Taste:Earthy, Woody

Solei “Balance” 1:1 Cream

Solei’s Balance 1:1 Citrus Cream is a great option if you are looking to relieve mild aches or pain in a localized area on the body. With a nice balanced dose of 250mg of CBD:THC, it’s probably one of the higher dosed products that I’ve seen in regards to a balanced cannabis topical on the market.

The unit price of $45.95 is also pretty reasonable considering most topical creams are between $40-$80. I would recommend it as a go-to for a wellness supplement, but not for chronic pain or used as an effective treatment.


Even though knowing the exact dosage with topicals can be a bit trickier to identify when applying, I was impressed to notice feelings of pain relief on my lower back with a few dollops of product on my fingers just within an hour of application. The texture of the cream had a smooth consistency and was easily absorbed into the skin. I also particularly enjoyed the fact that after I applied the product, it didn’t leave any stickiness or residue on the surface of the skin like some creams do. In the aroma department, a subtle mixture of zesty orange and sweet candy were a delight to the nose. However, I was disappointed to find that there were very minimal natural ingredients and no sign of any type of citrus ingredients on the list either.


  • Scent
  • CBD/THC Balance
  • Comparable Price Point


  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
Net Weight:75 gram
Price: $45.95 CAD ($0.09/mg)
Good for:Any Time, Pain Relief, Aches, Skin, Wellness
Not good for:Chronic Pain
Effects:Relief, Relaxed
Smell:Orange, Citrus, Candy, Sweet

Solei “Balance” Vape Cartridge

The Solei Balance Lemonlicious 510 thread cartridge is a great option for those who are looking to find a nicely stabilized, convenient experience. With its equal 1:1 ratio of both THC and CBD, this product can be easily utilized at any time without any overwhelm.

Due to its hybrid properties, however, I would specifically recommend using it in the late afternoon to early evening. Its intended use is to provide a sense of peace and relaxation, and I was able to experience that in just a few minutes after consumption. I was very charmed to see that the price point was super affordable too, considering how elaborate and sustainable Solei’s entire production process is!


Solei did a brilliant job making this cartridge functional and easy to use. The oil inside the chamber had a thick and liquified consistency and didn’t show any signs of air bubbles, which allowed me to experience smooth and clear inhales without disruption. In a few short minutes, I felt both a head and body buzz that was euphoric and floaty, despite the cannabinoid percentage levels being lower. Solei also claims this product to have flavor notes of lemon, however I only tasted light and slightly bitter grapefruit notes that were pretty underwhelming.


  • Price
  • Easy to Use
  • Outdoors


  • Lack of Flavor
CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
CBD:40.2% (402mg)
THC:39.8% (398mg)
Net Weight:0.5g
Price: $35.25 CAD
Good for:Afternoon and Evening Use, Outdoors, Relaxing, Playing Video Games
Not good for:Sports
Effects:Focused, Euphoric, Calm, Floaty
Taste:Grapefruit, Bitter