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GKUA ultra premium cannabis
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Music Mogul Lil’ Wayne jumped into the cannabis industry in December 2019 with his own line of cannabis called GKUA Ultra Premium. 

Though the strain selection is still a bit limited, the brand has two hybrids and an indica. All are easy inhales that won’t burn your throat unlike some other brands of equal potency. The flower itself across all three strains was one of the best I have ever smoked.

However, it is harder to find than most brands and lacks a bigger selection. So far only one pre-roll is available, and there are no sativa strains in any form available yet. The preroll only comes in one strain at the moment, Mr. Carter OG, and is a slightly lower potency (about 6-7% difference) than the flower version but both cause an intense cerebral relaxation, and a consumption of a lot of munchies.

Gkua ultra premium cannabis flower and pre-rolls. Photo: Yolanda Machado/CBD Oracle
GKUA Ultra Premium ensures “the best high of your life” with high-potency flower that does not let you down. GKUA Ultra Premium emphasizes “purity,” with the highest natural levels of THC available and boy can you feel it. The inhales are full and smooth, and the flavor is light. The flower is quality and you can see it in its large, gorgeous fuzzy buds, and the orange haired pistils in the indica. Though the price point is on the higher side, these buds are well worth the price.
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What's Good
Purer THC
Very potent
Total mind and body high
What's Bad
Not easily available
Limited selection
Mislabeling of strain type between website and products

Technical Details

Availability:CA, CO, MI, OK
Product Types:Flower, Prerolls, Vapes
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Brands:Monogram, Mirayo

Editor’s Pick

  • While THC potency is higher on the indica leaning strains, my favorite was the GKUA Ultra Premium Hybrid: Slime. One of the more evenly balanced hybrids on the market, the sativa is what you feel at first, but before it overwhelms you, the indica kicks in and pleasant calm takes over.

GKUA Flower Hybrid: Slime

Hybrids are known for their balance and GKUA Slime achieves that equal balance better than most other brands. Best for afternoon use or to socialize at a house party or with friends. The immediate cerebral rush of the hybrid is great for breaking the ice with new people and the full body stoney effect will bring a calming effect that will have people call you the chillest person in the room.


As suggested by the name, it hits your head first, then spreads like slime throughout your body. This hybrid is potent, concentrating on an initial euphoric cerebral impact that hits almost immediately with a sedating follow up that just takes the edge off and delights with an easygoing high. I probably wouldn’t pick this up to write on deadline, but for a stroll on the beach or a long car ride through Los Angeles at night, Slime is exactly what you want in your stash.

Total Cannabinoids:26.816%
Price: $60 for 3.5g ($17.15/gram)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Socializing, road trips, dancing at a concert
Not good for:Working, focus, sitting still
Effects:Euphoric, Cerebral and Body High, Stoney spread

GKUA Flower Hybrid: G.O.A.T

This is the one product in the whole GKUA Ultra Premium line that slightly disappointed me due to some confusion. It’s mislabeled somewhere because on the brand website, G.O.A.T is listed as an indica, however, the container and box the buds are sold in say it is a hybrid.

After testing, it is more an indica-leaning hybrid, but the effects are more stoney despite being listed as “euphoric.” Best for just before bedtime, when you’re watching some Friends reruns, as your eyes start to close to send you on a very restful, indica induced, sleep.

Gkua GOAT cannabis flower strain


My first test of GKUA Ultra Premium G.O.A.T was during the daytime, and I quickly realized there was no way I could be productive after. The indica is very potent, which makes for good herb but a little misleading in the labeling as I was expecting a more stimulating effect. The taste isn’t discernible between the other available strains in the brand, and the buds themselves are picture perfect-large, vivid, and lush. I highly recommend this if you are seeking pain relief. I have a few pain issues that I usually need to down ibuprofen for all day, and G.O.A.T gave me some much needed pain relief without grabbing an Advil.

Total Cannbinoids:27.175%
Price: $60 for 3.5g ($17.15/gram)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Unwinding before bed, pain relief, insomnia
Not good for:Daytime, work, creativity, productivity
Effects:Stoney, Relaxing, Body High

GKUA Flower Indica: Mr. Carter OG

I have searched high (get it?) and low to find an indica that would do more than just couch lock me or put me to sleep, and I finally found it in GKUA Ultra Premium Mr. Carter OG. While the brand website also mislabeled this as a hybrid, this strain is labeled an indica on the box– and the effects verify that it is definitely an indica! The total body high was almost immediately felt, with a follow up of an uplifting pain relief, and a finale featuring a big case of the munchies.

Gkua Mr. Carter OG cannabis flower


Mr. Carter OG is an extremely potent flower, and beautiful to gaze at. Peppered with orange hairs, and fuzzy crystals you can immediately see, the buds are big, vibrant, and full. Taste is a bit more like a cigar, or what a cigar smells like right before it starts burning. It’s an elegant strain that emphasizes the Mr in the name, and allows for an uplifting, soothing body high journey. Highly recommend this one for cancer patients as munchies set in within minutes of finishing a joint, plus the all over body high is wonderful for those with chronic illnesses and pain.

Strain:Mr Carter OG
Total Cannabinoids:30.914%
Price: $60 for 3.5g ($17.15/gram)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Pain relief, appetite, relaxation
Not good for:Wake and bake
Effects:Munchies, sedative, body high

GKUA Pre-Roll Indica: Mr. Carter OG

Unlike the 3.5g jars sold of the same strain, the Mr. Carter GKUA Ultra Premium pre-roll is roughly 6-7% less potent than its flower sister. Despite sharing a name, and both being indicas, the preroll’s effects were more sedating and definitely more sleep inducing than the higher percentage flower.

It was a pleasant inhale, not too hard on the throat (despite its potency) which is key as this is best as a just-before-bed smoke. The one negative is the price point as there are more potent and equally as good strains for half the cost more widely available as single prerolls.


The 1 gram pre-roll packs a punch. Not only is it just a tad sweeter than its flower form, but the immediately felt effect was pain relief. I had to babysit my mom’s foster kittens and four senior dogs for 3 days, which is a LOT of strain and work on the muscles (you trying cleaning up after so many pets all day long!) and let’s just say, this preroll saved my muscles every night. Despite being a high tolerance smoker, one preroll was good for two uses, as the potency is legit and starts to put you to sleep right around puff #3.

Strain:Mr Carter OG
Total Cannabinoids:24.299%
Price: $18 for 1 preroll (1g)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Pain relief, insomnia, appetite
Not good for:Staying awake
Effects:Sedative, euphoric body high, pain relief
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