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Dad Grass CBD products review
Advertisement for THCA flower

Dad Grass is a California based CBD company specializing in organic hemp flower pre roll packs, flower filled tins, and creatively camouflaged packaging. Their hand trimmed flower is rapturously perfumed with pinene and their hearty 0.7g rollups are delightfully dense.

Cannabinoids for each top out around 13%, a profile primarily consisting of CBD, but buffered by trace amounts of THC and, depending on the harvest, CBG. Their preroll boxes are available in disguises such as tins of sardines, Chanukah candles, boxes of screws, and in a memorable collab with LA Restaurant Sqirl, a half pound of artisan butter.

Dad Grass’ point of view feels vaguely directed at reformed stoners who require mellower cannabis effects and appreciate, if not prioritize, novelty packaging. The clever packaging, however, seems less about discretion and more about nostalgia, take their slogan for example; Low Dose. Full Toke. Like Your Parent Used To Smoke.

The irreverent branding may be what initially attracts low tolerance Dad-types to their pre rolls and flower tins, but Dad Grass’ soothing effects are distinct enough to make a repeat user of even the most stalwart stoner (and also possibly, Moms).

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Dad Grass flower is dense and sugary, with a tart, piney perfume and bitter, earthy mouthfeel. The joints are sturdy and their filters are firm, they burn slowly and evenly. Both the flower and pre-rolls are suitable for day or night use and offered near immediate relief of certain mild stress symptoms. The flower is also great for extraction; as an MCT infusion, Dad Grass treated a variety of superficial aches and pains.
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What's Good
Organic, Sun Grown
Reusable Stash-Box Tins
Anytime Use, Day or Night
Soothing Physical and Mental Effects
Pungent Perfume
Pain Relief
Sleep Support
What's Bad
Coarse Exhale
No Strain Specificity on the Package
Dad Grass

Technical Details

CBD Strength:Mild
THC Content:<0.3%
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls
Hemp Origin:USA
Coupon:DG15 (15% Off)
Similar Brands:Plain Jane, Botany Farms, Green Unicorn Farms

Editor’s Pick

  • Our Household is divided, Dad prefers the pre-rolls, Mom prefers the flower. Both deliver mellow, soothing effects that positively affect mood and support physical recovery post-workout.

Dad Grass CBD Flower

Dad Grass hemp flower

Since extracting the flower and using it as part of a daily routine, both my partner and I have decreased our post workout recovery time and enjoyed a nice buffer of patience and calm that unlaxes us without tranquilizing us.

Conversely, I found that a deep pull from a bowl full of Dad Grass smothered a long day’s worth of superficial lower back pain, and was notably efficient at soothing a spontaneous tendonitis inflammation. The exhale might not be skunky enough for my personal preferences, but the aftertaste doesn’t diminish the flower’s efficacy.  

Dad Grass CBD flower packaging

As the main ingredient in a DIY tincture, I love this product as part of a daily a.m. wellness regimen and have found it has positive effects on my moods, my post workout recovery times, and the grace with which I (try to) parent. The price point is about ⅓ higher than comparable mail-order CBD flowers, with quarter ounces selling for $48 and half ounces for $88.

Dad Grass CBD flower


Though the initial nose of the ¼ oz tin foretold a bright mouthful of limonene and pinene, the mouthfeel was far dryer and earthier than I anticipated, so I put half in my LEVO countertop extractor and half in my stash cabinet. The extracted half was put to use as a fragrant, terpene rich, MCT infusion that’s since become a household staple. The nugs in the stash cabinet, however, are reserved for more pointed pain relief and smoked in favor of OTC pain relievers rather than daily.

Price: $48 for 1/4oz
Lab Report:COA
Good For:Recovery, Anxiety, Inflammation
Effects Felt:Calm, Relaxed, Relief
Smell:Citrus, Pine, Gas
Taste:Earthy, Acrid

Dad Grass CBD Joints

Dad Grass CBD joints

Though I found the joints somewhat harsh, my partner detected no trace of acerbity in his inhale (maybe it’s a Dad thing). We both felt vaguely complacent after indulging in a joint, but I steadfastly prefer to extract Dad Grass for a morning pick-me-up. The balance of CBD and trace cannabinoids is just as effective under the tongue as it is rolled up in a spliff.

CBD pre rolls packaging

The (teetotalling, low tolerance) Dad of the house, however, will enthusiastically light up a Dad Grass joint after a particularly rough shift at work, a harrowing afternoon of high stakes parenting, or just to smooth the rugged edges of an otherwise crappy morning. For my husband, the joints burn smoothly, evenly and slowly enough to be savored. For me, the joints lack a dynamic terpene profile and as such, have a less attractive mouthfeel.

Each pack is close to $40 and contains 5 prerolls The price is about ⅓ more than comparable mail order CBD brands, but considering the brand’s investment in nostalgia, the extra coin is likely negligible to their target users.

CBD pre rolls by Dad Grass


Many of Dad Grass’ preroll packs are wrapped in a distinctly tongue in cheek, nostalgia based branding with an appeal that feels pointed directly at late Boomer/early Gen X consumers who outgrew cannabis before strain science boomed, and are now memorializing lower dose phenotypes.

For me, a daily THC consumer (and Mother), Dad Grass’ prerolls lack a nuanced flavor profile as they burn. There is an almost imperceptible suggestion of psychoactivity, but the overall effects are gently soothing and moderately long lasting, in both physical and mental capacities. Even if the aftertaste left something to be desired.

Price: $35 for 5-Pack
Lab Report:COA
Good For:Recovery, Anxiety, Inflammation
Effects Felt:Calm, Relaxed, Relief
Smell:Lemon, Pine
Taste:Earthy, Acrid