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Redecan is one of Canada’s largest privately-owned licensed producers with over 30 years of dedication and agricultural proficiency. They pride themselves heavily on being a “family” oriented operation that provides high quality cannabis products to both customers and patients at a great value.

Being involved in the cannabis industry, I’ve seen so much of Redecan’s products fly off the shelves due to consumers looking for high potency products at a low cost. Redecan definitely supports that niche market, and offers various product types like pre-rolls, vapes, and oils, and capsules. They also support users who are looking for lower potency products too.

However, due to their recent merger with HEXO Corporation, you can definitely come to understand that this brand is by no means a small batch company that pays devoted attention to every single plant by hand and eye. They have built themselves up on such a massive scale – and because of that, I believe that they provide only mainstream quality products for a very affordable price point.

It’s not craft cannabis by any means, but if you’re a consumer who is looking for products that do the trick without breaking the bank, then Redecan is definitely the way to go.

Redecan does a great job at covering different potency levels anywhere between mild to strong, so that every type of cannabis user can partake and try at least one of their products. And although they may lack in the flavor department, the price point is very affordable and they also carry a fair amount of product types! If you are an avid CBD user, there are also limited options, such as capsules and ingestible oils.
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What's Good
Various Product Types
Reasonable Price Point
What's Bad
No CBD Dried Flower Options
Lack of Flavor
No Access to COA (Requested and Denied by Email)

Technical Details

Availability:Canada: ON, BC, AB
Strength:Mild – Strong
CBD:THC Ratios:0:1, 0:5, 0:30, 1:1
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Oils, Capsules, Vapes
Cannabis Origin:Niagara Region, Ontario
Similar Brands:Solei, Houseplant

Editor’s Pick

  • Since I was pretty disappointed with the overall flavors and terpene profiles of the line of Redecan products tested, I decided that the ZKTLZ vape cartridge was the winner based on the overall physical experience it gave me. I was pleased with the euphoric and sleepy effects that were felt on both body and mind, and I was able to fall asleep with ease. And usually it takes me a while to unwind and fall asleep, so I’m quite happy this product worked well! Vape cartridges are also very easy and convenient to use, so I just loved that I could take a few quick puffs and feel the effects almost immediately and head straight to bed.

Redecan Outlaw Redees

Redecan’s Outlaw sativa-dominant pre-rolls (Redees) come conveniently packed in a 10×0.35g format that strikingly resemble the look of slim cigarettes. It’s great to see pre-roll options that are higher in quantity per package instead of buying just one or two at a time.

It is also cost efficient, as you get 3.5g of flower rolled up for only $25, where most companies will roll up only 1-2.5g at a time with an equal or higher price point. They would pair perfectly with your morning coffee to start the day, or even run out for a few errands in the afternoon. Due to their lower potency however, I would recommend these pre-rolls specifically for new users or those who are looking for a shortly timed buzz with low bodily effects!


These pre-rolls that are machine rolled and never touched by human hands were packed consistently and burned evenly throughout the entire experience. They function optimally due to their very long filters, which allows users to easily consume the entire joint to the very end without getting harsh effects in the throat or heavy cough. This really is one of the greatest selling points of this product! But even though its potency came in at only 13.1%, the subtle effects that I felt helped me feel calm and blissful in the moment. I enjoyed those effects while they only lasted a short time, but was very disappointed in the lack of flavor. The only taste I could pinpoint is that of burnt wood, with a slightly nutty and dry aftertaste on the tongue.


  • Option for Low Potency Consumers
  • Day Time Use
  • Consistently Packed


  • Flavor
  • Packaging
Type:Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Package Date:02-18-2021
Price: $25.25 CAD ($7.2/gram)
Effects:Calm, Happy, Bliss, Social
Good for:Day Time / Early Evening Use, Outdoors, Wellness, Brain Fog, Errands
Not good for:Sleep, Pain

Redecan Charlees Flower

This Sour Diesel strain or Redecan’s “Charlees” is a great segway for users who are looking to relax into the evening and need something to take off the edge both mentally and physically. With its potency coming in at 17.4%, this dried flower is good for those who are intermediate cannabis users and recommended for those looking to experience feelings of calm and relaxation without heavy sedation. And with a price point of only $7.89 per gram, you really can’t say no!


Upon opening the packaging, I was pleased to see the seal and peel under the lid and had decent hope that the buds would be nice and hydrated. However, I was disappointed to find about eight tiny nugs about the size of a dime that were pretty dry. Looking closely they were not very crystalline or shiny either, and lacked heavily in trichome density. I rolled a joint with the flower, and unfortunately found myself relighting it many times throughout the session as it kept drying out. The flavor profiles of this strain were grassy and a bit woody, which I didn’t like at all either, considering Redecan claims it to be citrusy. I’d say that overall the quality of this product is definitely on a lower scale, however, I can’t deny that the bodily effects that I experienced were what I enjoyed the most.


  • Relaxed Bodily Effects
  • Night Time Use


  • Flavor
  • Inconsistent Burn
  • Lots of Stems
Package Date:03-10-2021
Price: $7.89 CAD
Effects:Calm, Happy, Bliss, Relaxed
Good for:Evening/Night Time Use, Relaxing, Sleeping, Campfires
Not good for:Sports, Errands, Working

Redecan ZKTLZ Vape Cartridge

The ZKTLZ 510 vape cartridge is a CO2 extracted hybrid distillate that is housed with borosilicate glass and Redecan’s proprietary ceramic wick. With its indica-dominant terpene profile of caryophyllene, linalool and humulene, it gives off relaxed bodily effects that are sedative, euphoric, and relaxing, while alleviating pain and reducing stress. It’s the perfect formula for those who are looking for an evening or night time session and capping off the rest of the night with just a few quick and easy puffs.


When it comes to consuming 510 vape cartridges, I am very much attuned to the flavor profiles that show up during my experience and definitely look out for flavors that may taste too artificial or tasty to be true. Redecan claims the ZKTLZ cart to hold berry, sweet, and herbal notes, however, I found that these profiles were present but ever so subtle. It didn’t taste artificial, but it also didn’t really bring any oomph or delight so to speak. It was pretty underwhelming, however the euphoric and sleepy effects on both my body and mind were worth the experience and trumped the disappointing taste.


  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Onset
  • Good for Sleep/Pain


  • Lack of Flavor
Type:Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Package Date:10-30-2020
Price: $36.99 CAD
Effects:Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Sedative
Good for:Night Time Use, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep, Pain, Intimacy
Not good for:Outdoors, Sports, Errands