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Rare Cannabinoid Company CBD and THC products
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Rare Cannabinoid Company is one of those cannabinoid brands that’s wonderful to buy from, especially for those with higher tolerances. This brand’s products are pricey, but with that higher price point comes strong results, tasty flavors, and an overall extremely pleasant experience. Rare Cannabinoid Co. packages their inventory wonderfully and crafts each product with care and quality in mind. You can find updated COAs for every product, and you can easily look up batch numbers if you happen to have a product on hand. 

From the packaging to the flavor all the way to potency, Rare Cannabinoid Company is a wonderful cannabinoid brand to buy from. They offer a great selection of products, some of them being extra-strength (which is perfect for experienced consumers) while others have lower potencies, providing something for everyone. This brand’s only downfall is that they don’t provide much information about their specific extraction processes, but they give you plenty of resources otherwise.

Plain and simple, Rare Cannabinoid Company does things right when it comes to their products. They offer a huge selection of different cannabinoids and product types, and at varying strengths depending on your tolerance level. The flavors of their gummies are some of the tastiest I’ve tried in a long time, and they don’t leave much of a medicinal flavor in the mouth. With their extra-strength product options, even consumers with high tolerances like me are able to find long-lasting, potent results in Rare Cannabinoid Co.’s options.
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What's Good
Huge selection of products and cannabinoids
High-quality packaging and clear product labeling
Isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum options
Gummies taste great without leaving strange aftertastes
Hawaiian-grown hemp and other Hawaiian-based ingredients
Uses sustainable, ethical farming and processing
Full safety testing for all products
What's Bad
Unknown extraction methods
May be a bit on the higher end of your budget
Rare Cannabinoid Company

Product Specs

Availability:USA, International
Potency:Mild – Medium
THC Content:<0.3%
Product Types:Oils, Gummies, Sprays
Hemp Origin:USA
Similar Brands:Hawaiian Choice, Binoid, 3Chi

Editor’s Pick

I’m always a little bit hesitant to try sleep-related CBD or CBN products because I don’t want to feel drowsy the next day. Thankfully, that wasn’t at all the case with Rare Cannabinoid Co.’s CBN Rest spray. I sprayed a full dose of this oil under my tongue and within 30 minutes I could tell I was much more relaxed than ever. And, within an hour, my head hit the pillow and I didn’t even need TV to put me to sleep. The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed, positive, and motivated about the day. (Perfect for then taking their THCV gummies!) This is a great product for those seeking sleep support without any added fatigue.

Rare Cannabinoid Co. THCV Gummies

THCv gummies for weight loss

$109 at Rare Cannabinoid Co.

If you’re looking for help with energy, focus, and even appetite suppression, Rare Cannabinoid Co.’s extra-strength THCV gummies are the ones for you. These 25mg gummies taste great, are packaged well, and work beautifully all day long. However, if you’re someone who deals with high levels of anxiety, these gummies may exacerbate those feelings, thanks to their energizing, stimulating properties.

THCV infused gummies


Rare Cannabinoid Co.’s extra-strength THCV gummies are some of the tastiest cannabinoid-infused gummies I’ve had in a while. These chewy, sugar-coated gummies have a bright, natural lemon flavor that blends beautifully with the slight herbal notes packed inside. (Honestly, I could eat these gummies all day.) Surprisingly, they also get to work quite quickly. After about 45 minutes post-consumption, I felt my energy levels increase and it became much easier for me to focus on my tasks at hand without (too many) distractions. A full gummy contains 25mg THCV and may be too strong for those with lower tolerances, so I would suggest starting with just half to see how it affects you. Rare Cannabinoid Co. sells these potent gummies for $109.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Stimulated, energized, motivated
  • Good For: Enhancing focus, boosting energy, weight loss and suppressing appetites
  • Not Good For: Sleep support, reduced pain, reduced anxiety

Rare Cannabinoid Co. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies from Rare Cannabinoid Company

$59 at Rare Cannabinoid Co.

At 900 mg total, the extra-strength CBD gummies from Rare Cannabinoid Co. sure are potent. They come in a refreshing strawberry flavor that’s easy to consume and not too artificial tasting. The effects of these gummies kick in quickly — between 30 minutes to an hour — and I noticed full-body relaxation and pain relief. If you’re a beginner or have a lower tolerance, just half of one of these infused gummies is probably best.

CBD infused gummies


The extra-strength CBD gummies from Rare Cannabinoid Co. are perfect for helping you relax, unwind, and feel more comfortable at the end of a long day. With 30 mg per gummy, just one was more than enough for me to feel relaxed from head to toe, and I picked up on significant pain relief, too. However, consumers beware: these powerful gummies are great for helping you feel relaxed — maybe too relaxed. I would start with just half of a gummy to see how they make you feel and then go from there. But, for those with high tolerances or chronic conditions, these extra-strength CBD gummies are wonderful for relaxing those aches and pains and helping you feel more at ease for hours.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Decompressed, calm, comfortable
  • Good For: Reducing pain, relaxing mood, calming anxiety
  • Not Good For: Stimulation, energy

Rare Cannabinoid Co. CBN Gummies

CBN gummies for sleep

$89 at Rare Cannabinoid Co.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s 30 mg CBN gummies are ideal for anyone looking to unwind, decompress, and sleep straight through the night. These extra-strength gummies are incredibly powerful, and you’ll start to feel sleepy about 45 minutes after consumption. I found that one whole gummy made me drowsy the next day, but half of a gummy was perfect and didn’t create such fatiguing effects.

CBN infused gummies


Get ready to sleep. Rare Cannabinoid Co.’s extra-strength CBN gummies are for those out there who struggle to fall or stay asleep. These extra-sedative gummies are wonderful for reducing muscle and joint pain, as well as reducing anxious thoughts and promoting comfort. But, like their other products, these 30 mg gummies are strong. When I took a full one before bed, I found myself struggling to get up the next morning. However, half of a gummy was perfect for getting me a great night of sleep and helping me feel refreshed when I got up. I was also a big fan of the Huckleberry flavor of this gummy, making me happy to chew on these as a sweet treat before bed.

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Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Sleepy, relaxed, comfortable, happy
  • Good For: Sleep support, muscle relaxation, calming anxiety
  • Not Good For: Morning or daytime consumption

Rare Cannabinoid Co. CBDV Extract

CBDV extract tincture

$119 at Rare Cannabinoid Co.

If you’re looking for something new or something a bit more powerful than your traditional CBD oil, I’d highly suggest checking out Rare Cannabinoid Co.’s CBDV oil. This oil may not taste the best, but it helps provide powerful, well-rounded effects that your mind and body will love. This oil is great for social situations, enhancing focus, and lifting your mood overall, helping you feel like the best version of yourself. The downside? This CBDV oil is going to cost you $119.

CBDV oil spray


Even though it is one of the most expensive products on their website, the CBDV Extract from Rare Cannabinoid Co. is one of the most interesting, unique selections they offer. CBDV is a rare cannabinoid that helps promote better cognitive ability, reduces nausea, and can even help consumers feel more sociable and comfortable — and this extract does all that and more. I found the CBDV extract to be wonderful for social events, as it reduced my anxiety and allowed me to feel more at ease in stressful situations. I also found that the extract was great for focusing my attention on the things that mattered most, and I didn’t feel so scatterbrained. But, I will say that the flavor of this extract is super bland and not enticing to consume.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Relaxed, happy, sociable, clear-minded
  • Good For: Enhancing focus, socializing, reducing anxiety, boosting mood
  • Not Good For: Before bed

Rare Cannabinoid Co. CBGA:CBD:CBDA Support+ Oil

CBD oil extract with CBDA, CBGA

$79 at Rare Cannabinoid Co.

The CBGA, CBD, and CBDA full-spectrum oil spray from Rare Cannabinoid Company is one of the most unique full-spectrum sprays I’ve tried. This formula contains 500 mg of each cannabinoid, giving you a balanced combination of these powerful compounds and their effects. The spray has quite a strong hemp flavor, but it does fade quickly into strong results like reduced anxiety, reduced nausea, and enhanced mood.

CBGA oil extract


This full-spectrum spray is the perfect addition to your everyday wellness routine. The CBGA, CBD, and CBDA full-spectrum spray from Rare Cannabinoid Company is jam-packed with 1,500 mg of these powerful cannabinoids, giving you all-encompassing results as you’ve never had before. While the spray itself isn’t super pleasant in the mouth, thankfully, the effects kick in quickly and I found myself feeling more alert and clear-minded within minutes. Then, a few minutes after that, it was clear that my body felt more regulated and comfortable. If you struggle with nausea or anxiety, this spray is a great way to help you feel more balanced internally. This is one of the few full-spectrum products that Rare Cannabinoid Co. offers, and it truly is one of the best.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Nausea, reducing anxiety, lowering stress levels
  • Good For: Energy
  • Not Good For: Balanced, calm, focused, comfortable
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