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Peach Honey CBD joints
Advertisement for THCA flower

Peach Honey is one of the rookies in a new class of CBD companies formed during the pandemic. According to their website, “Peach Honey brings a product to consumers to help cope with the collective feelings of disconnect and anxiety within our community.”

Leading their charge against anxiety are six pre-rolled CBD hemp joints in a subtle off-white refillable box. The color and display are reminiscent of a business card that would be fawned over by Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Woman smoking hemp pre-rolls by Peach Honey brand
Photo: Peach Honey

Smooth to the touch, the top flips open to reveal the six neatly packed joints surrounded by a gold-encrusted cardboard sleeve. Each joint provides the same CBD hemp strain, Trophy Wife, by Industrial Hemp Farms in Colorado. To finish off the elegance, a matching black-and-white Peach Honey matchbook accompanies each pack.

For those looking for a little less luxury, Peach Honey also sells single pre-rolls and refillable packs of six joints that come sans stylish carrying case. Outside of their Trophy Wife pre-rolls, the only other products this company currently offers are a crewneck, a handbag filled with some CBD goodies, a palo santo wood burning stick and a now sold-out tank top that boasts their slogan, “Get Gooey.”

Peach Honey hemp CBD pre-rolled joints pack
Peach Honey CBD pre-roll pack costs $38 and comes with 6 joints. Dan LaMorte / Oracle

All proceeds from the tank tops were donated to the Buried Alive Project, a non-profit organization that provides legal representation to people serving inhumane life sentences under outdated federal drug laws.

For this review we’ll be taking a look at the full pack of Peach Honey’s hemp prerolls. All in all, though their selection and pricing still reflect that of a company in their infancy stages, Peach Honey’s design and presentation provide that of a business worthy of veteran-status.

All it takes is one look at a pack of Peach Honey pre-rolls to see this company is already focused on standing out. The simple black text, typed over an off-white background, grabs the eyes the moment it falls out of the shipping envelope. Upon touch, there’s a certain fineness to the finish of the pack itself. Opening and closing the pack should be done with caution, the joints are a bit long for their box and tend to get wedged if careless. The matchbook supplies a nice natural touch for the Peach Honey prerolls, the flavor is one of their strongest qualities, not having them corrupted by butane makes for a more enjoyable experience. They burn slowly, smoothly and evenly, with a sweet taste accompanied by a very fine earthy flavor. Unfortunately for me, not much more than a simple buzz was felt. In a battle against anxiety, I would say Peach Honey provides a weapon worth using, but you’ll need the help of others to win the war.
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What's Good
Stylish packaging
Welcoming flavor, not too intense
Donates Portion of Clothing Sales to the Buried Alive project
What's Bad
For those with higher tolerance, potency is an issue
Currently only offer one strain
Price and pricing options
Peach Honey

Technical Details

CBD Strength:Mild
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:Whole Flower
Extraction Source:Hemp
Product Types:Pre-Rolls
Hemp Origin:Colorado
Similar Brands:Dad Grass, Plain Jane, Toast, Five CBD, LYTE

Peach Honey CBD Pre-Roll Joints

Peach Honey CBD pre-roll pack

Best for beginners in the world of smoking CBD, Peach Honey’s hemp joints provide a tame product encased in gorgeous packaging. Though the effects are minimal, the joints smoke seamlessly. The organic hemp rolling paper burns slow enough to make this joint the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee. One can expect to feel a slight buzz within minutes of finishing the joint, don’t expect much more after that.

The pack of six pre-rolls, complete with a case Gatsby would carry his joints in, sets you back $38. The six pack of joints without the rich man’s case comes in at $22. The single pre-roll, nestled in a corked glass tube like a long-lost letter from a stoned pirate, costs $3.50. That means if six joints cost $22, you’re paying $16 just for their packaging. That’s an equation I don’t like. That also means you could just buy six of the single joints for $21, weirdly a better deal than the full six pack.

Clearly, pricing is something Peach Honey needs to take another look at. The consumer shouldn’t feel like a company is just guessing with their prices.

Hemp pre-rolled joints


The taste is great, not every hemp joint can boast that. Undertones of earthiness work their way in at points but the strains’ fruity cherry taste has a way of prevailing as the lead flavor. The papers used to roll the joints, often an overlooked amenity, are high quality and provide an even and controlled burn. The packaging is this product’s highlight, the eyes are given the treat that the lungs deserve. Pull this pack of pre-rolls out at a party and I guarantee a buddy will ask what they are, the box is that attractive. And though the relaxation was not as deep as some CBD products I’ve reviewed before, Peach Honey shows the groundwork needed to establish themselves as a competitor in the CBD field.

CBD:143.30mg (14.33%)
THC:2.59mg (0.26%)
Extract Type:Whole Flower
Net Wt.3 grams (0.5g/joint)
Price: $38 for six-pack
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Getting you through your day, morning or night, new CBD users
Not good for:Nighttime (I didn’t feel tired or deeply relaxed), those with higher tolerances
Effects:A Light Buzz, Declined Anxiety