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Medterra CBD review
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If you’ve heard of any CBD brand, it’s probably Medterra — now one of my new favorites. Medterra CBD has established quite a name for themselves since their introduction to the CBD industry back in 2017. Since then, the brand has worked hard to produce a wide variety of CBD products that appeal to every customer, every need, and even every taste bud.

At quite the affordable price point and with strengths ranging from gentle to mild all the way to strong, Medterra is tackling every corner of the market. Transparency is also at the forefront of importance for this brand, as everything you need to know about the products are readily available on their site anytime you need it. But, we do have to admit, their site is a little busy, making navigation more hectic than it should be.

From novices to connoisseurs, Medterra is a CBD company that has a little something for everyone. Their products all come in sleek, appealing packages, and no matter what you choose--tincture, gummy, or topical--you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by both their taste and effectiveness. If you’re an avid CBD consumer then you’ve probably heard of Green Roads, a reputable heavy hitter in the industry, and yet, also one company that Medterra can compete with, not to mention at a portion of the price. Though they just got its start a few years ago in the U.S., Medterra is Hemp Authority Certified and definitely the brand to trust when it comes to your health and wellness.
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What's Good
Credible lab reports
Effective and potent
Promoting calmness
Reducing pain and inflammation
Assisting with sleep
Promoting focus and motivation
What's Bad
Difficult to navigate website

Technical Details

CBD Strength:500-3000mg
THC Content:0%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum, Broad
Extraction Method:CO2
Cannabinoids:CBD, CBG
Product Types:Oils, Gummies, Topicals, Capsules, Pet CBD
Hemp Origin:USA
Promo (15% off):ORACLE
BBB Rating:A+
Similar Brands:Five CBD, cbdMD, Charlotte’s Web, CBDfx

Editor’s Picks

  • Right now, all of our immune systems could use a little boost. That’s why we love Medterra’s CBD Immune Boost Drops. Coming with 750mg of CBD isolate per container, one drop has the ingredients necessary to get you feeling your best. 
  • With Medterra’s CBD Pain Cream, you’re literally rubbing your aches and pains away. (Okay, maybe not completely, but you get the point.) Coming in hefty doses of either 500mg or 1000mg, this cream is sure to give your body some relief.

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra broad-spectrum CBD tincture

Medterra’s created the perfect recipe for relaxation and comfort through their 1000mg broad-spectrum CBD oil tinctures. Made with a blend of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids (besides THC, of course), this all-encompassing tincture is made to satisfy a variety of different needs.

Feel free to take it either in the morning or right before you get some shut-eye. Made for those of us who need a more well-rounded CBD experience, Medterra’s 1000mg broad-spectrum CBD oil gives you the benefits of not only CBD, but CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV, too. These cannabinoids, along with all-natural terpenes, create a synergistic effect that allows for ultimate relief and relaxation.

Medterra broad spectrum CBD oil


This specific CBD oil can actually be enjoyed right at the start of the day for a boost of mental clarity and comfort, or, you can choose to end your day with a few drops to give your brain the chance to unwind so you can enjoy your peaceful sleep. Medterra offers unflavored, citrus, and strawberry mint flavor options to help appeal to all CBD lovers out there. Whether you’re adding it to your morning tea or placing it under your tongue before you catch some z’s, Medterra’s broad-spectrum oil is sure to help you out.

CBD:1000mg (33mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $60 ($0.06/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Wellness, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm
Smell:Citrus, Sweet
Taste:Strawberry, Lemon, Mint, or Unflavored

Medterra CBG Oil

With this elixir of a formula, Medterra took inclusion to the next level by combining CBD with CBG. CBG is fairly new to the cannabis world, but is already starting to show potential similar to that of CBD, if not more widespread.

The mixture of the two cannabinoids creates a 1000mg broad-spectrum CBD oil that allows you to be the best version of yourself every time that you enjoy a few drops.

The result following consumption? Long-lasting relief (anywhere between a whopping 4-6 hours) from stress and troubling thoughts that tend to bombard late at night for those who seldom find a good night’s rest. Available in a natural citrus flavor, you don’t even have to taste these plant compounds to relish in their full effects. 

Medterra CBD-CBG oil


By combining two of the most healing cannabinoids that the cannabis plant provides, Medterra has produced a broad-spectrum oil whose synergy is made exclusively to help you. Ideal for mood regulation and promoting feelings of calm, this 1000mg CBD+CBG oil will quickly become your go-to product.

CBD:1000mg (33mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $79 ($0.08/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Wellness, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Relaxed

Medterra CBD Pain Cream

Say goodbye to painful, achy muscles and say hello to concentrated, potent relief. Medterra’s 1000mg CBD pain cream is crafted using both menthol and arnica to produce ideal effects both on top of the skin and when helping to penetrate muscle tissue.

You’ll still experience that classic cooling effect, but its mixture with Medterra’s pure CBD is truly magical. Though this pain cream won’t totally get rid of your chronic pain, it definitely makes the discomfort a lot more manageable. It comes with a neutral smell that won’t upset your nostrils and is easily applied to points of pain.

Fair warning, though, this cream does take a bit longer to soak into the skin than other topicals we’ve reviewed.

Medterra CBD pain cream


Medterra’s 1000mg CBD pain cream destroys the idea that topicals require heavy amounts of menthol to provide the soothing, cooling effects we love. Instead, this cream has the perfect mixture of both menthol and arnica, combined with pure CBD to create a relieving topical that can tackle even the worst aches and pains.

Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $55 ($0.05/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Pain, #Aches
Effects Felt:Relief

Medterra CBD Gummies

Medterra CBD gummies Keep Calm

Designed to help you find your center and feel grounded on a daily basis, Medterra’s 25mg Keep Calm gummies are the tastiest form of relaxation you’ll ever experience.

Made with premium CBD isolate that’s 99% pure, as well as 50mg of L-theanine, these gummies provide waves of calm and tranquility that helps you understand, firsthand, all that CBD is about. We love these Keep Calm gummies for various reasons, but mainly for the lack of drowsiness they bring.

Often, relaxation-promoting CBD products can calm you down, but make you feel quite drowsy in the process or the next day. With Medterra, this simply isn’t the case; rather, you’ll experience feelings of balance and contentment without any repercussions. The gummies come in one tropical fruit flavor, so if pineapple and mango isn’t your thing, you’re sorely out of luck.

Medterra CBD gummies


Medterra’s 25mg Keep Calm gummies makes finding your inner balance easier than ever. These hemp gummies are crafted with premium CBD isolate and 50mg of L-theanine, an amino acid that’s known for promoting calmness and full-body relaxation. You’ll definitely only need just one.

CBD:750mg (25mg/dose)
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $40 ($0.05/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Relaxing, #Wellness
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Calm
Taste:Tropical fruit

Medterra CBD Capsules

Medterra CBD Gel Capsules

With Medterra’s 1500mg hemp gel capsules, enjoying your CBD each day is as simple as taking a swig of your favorite drink. Seriously! With these capsules, just take them with a glass of water or beverage of your choice, and let the CBD do its thing.

Within an hour or so, you’ll start to notice the effects of your capsules–just be patient! Each gel capsule contains 50mg of CBD suspended in nutritious coconut oil and a little bit of gelatin for ultimate efficacy and purity. You don’t have to worry about consuming anything you don’t want to, and you won’t experience even the hint of hemp. Honestly, we can’t think of anything we’d change about these potent little pods.

Medterra CBD Capsules bottle


Whether you’re on-the-go or in a hurry, Medterra’s 1500mg gel capsules are the perfect option for ease and accessibility. Each gel capsule is filled with 50mg of CBD–more than enough to get you what you need from your daily dose of cannabidiol. Plus, you don’t have to taste it at all.

CBD:1500mg (50mg/dose)
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $67 ($0.04/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Wellness, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Relaxing, Calm