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Quatreau cannabis infused water
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Quatreau offers two lines of diverse sparkling beverages that gives different types of cannabis users a solid choice on what they’d like to sip on. The first line of beverages are infused with only a hemp derived CBD isolate, while the second is provided with a balanced 1:1 potency of both CBD and THC cannabinoids.

Though their various flavor combinations do initially sound appealing to the palette, it is regrettable to mention that once they hit the mouth, you can expect to experience the flavors of both drinks being bitter and artificial tasting.

Comparatively though, I find the dosage level of CBD in their drinks to be on the higher side of the spectrum versus other beverages on the market. This definitely makes the affordable price per unit worth trying. However, if you are a devoted cannabis user, be aware that their balanced CBD:THC beverages probably won’t do much for you due to their lower potency.

With that being said, Quatreau’s mission is to help users find moments of pause and calm in their everyday lives, and I think these beverages could do the trick if you are looking for something to add to your overall wellness routine.

Quatreau’s low cal, zero sugar infused beverages are served one of two ways: higher potency CBD or lower potency, balanced CBD:THC. While the cannabinoid composition between these two are vastly different, they both serve their purpose by equally contributing to one’s wellness regimen, and are not recommended for chronic pain, stress, or anxiety. Their packaging labels are simple and color coded on their logo and cannabinoid titles, which makes them easy to identify. But while that may be nice and convenient, the actual flavors and taste of these sparkling waters were exceptionally disappointing.
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What's Good
Low Calories/Sugar
THC (Canada) and CBD Products (USA)
Flavor Combinations
What's Bad
Artificial Taste
Limited THC Dosages
No COA for Canadian Users
Soy Allergens

Company Details

Availability:Canada, USA
Where to Buy:Canopy (USA), Quatreau (Canada)
CBD:THC Ratios:1:1, 1:0
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Infused Beverages
Cannabis Origin:Ontario
Comparable Products:CANN, Rebel Coast, Zolt

Editor’s Picks

  • When it comes to consuming infused cannabis beverages, flavor and feeling are the top criteria I pay really close attention to. Although both products scored relatively low in those areas, I would probably choose the Blueberry + Acai over the Cucumber + Mint. The carbonation level lasted a lot longer and the blueberry flavor was a bit more tolerable on the palette. And because there were some THC cannabinoids included in this beverage, I found the experience and subtle effects a lot more enjoyable than the other.

Quatreau Blueberry + Açai Sparkling Water

Whether you’re ready for a morning neighborhood stroll or firing up the BBQ for dinner, this berry beverage is perfect for any time of the day. Its 2mg dose of both THC and CBD is a great option if you’re looking for something balanced and casual to sip on, but not really recommended for mature cannabis users.

How does this drink match up to other top-rated THC drinks on the market? Unfortunately, it struggles heavily in the flavor department due to its artificial taste and lack of zest. However, it kind of redeems itself as the subtle effects kicked off pretty quickly for me!


When it comes to consuming diverse and distinct flavor combinations, I’m all for trying it to see for myself. That’s why I was hyped to try the blueberry and acai duo, but unfortunately, was disappointed with a boring, dull, lackluster berry taste. There were also acidic and bitter notes, and I could definitely feel the distillate taste on my tongue, which I wasn’t too fond of either. However, its balanced dose of CBD and THC worked just enough to take away my brain fog and give me a subtle, euphoric buzz.


  • Quick Absorption
  • Balanced CBD:THC 
  • Good for Brain Fog


  • Artificial Flavor
  • Distillate Aftertaste
  • No COA for Canada
  • Not available in the U.S.
CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
Price: $5.19 CAD
Good for:Outdoors, Relaxing, Wellness, Intimacy, Brain Fog
Effects:Happy, Euphoric, Focused, Relaxed
Taste:Blueberry, Acidic, Bitter, Strong Carbonation

Quatreau Cucumber + Mint Sparkling Water

The Quatreau Cucumber + Mint sparkling water is one of the four that Quatreau offers to its consumers. With its exceptionally high dosage of 20mg of CBD per serving, this effervescent beverage is versatile and can be consumed at any time of the day, no matter the occasion.

Its intended purpose is to generate calmness and the ability to get through a busy day with ease. After working all day and experiencing back pain, this product was able to do just that for me after a swift thirty minutes or so and provided some pain relief. Pretty reasonable for only $5!


This bubbly beverage functioned delightfully as its onset was acceptable and quick-to-act. And because of its fairly high CBD dosage per can, I was able to experience both pain relief and feelings of calmness. Also a bonus that it’s a CBD isolate extracted product! The biggest downfall of this drink would be the flavor and it’s lack of carbonation. If you don’t like bitter and acidic aftertastes, then this drink definitely isn’t for you!


  • Price
  • No Hemp Flavor
  • CBD Dosage
  • Easy to Use


  • Artificial Flavor
  • Soy Allergens
  • No COA for Canada
CBD:THC Ratio:1:0
Price: $4.99 CAD
Good for:Wellness, Aches, Pain
Effects:Relief, Calm
Taste:Bitter, Acidic, Lemon, Cucumber