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Kiva Petra Mints review
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Kiva does it all when it comes to edibles, these Petra mints differ from their Terra bites and Camino gummies because they’re a poppable micro-dose of cannabis. First-time users should feel safe to start with a micro-dose done by Kiva Confections, loved by many since 2015.

Petra Mints cannabis mints
Petra Mints by Kiva. Photo: Nicole Coulon/CBD Oracle

Most people who have tried edibles in legal states have tried something from Kiva. They might not even realize it’s done by Kiva since all the different branches of the company have their own brand name, flavor, and packaging. Petra is one of those successful Kiva products, it also happens to be the perfect place to start your journey with cannabis.

Kiva Petra microdosed cannabis edible
Petra’s precisely-dosed mints contain just 2.5mg THC per serving.

Petra mints are available in seven different flavors and combinations all on the micro-dose level making it simple to find your preferred combination. The flavors go from spicy to sweet to tart and are precisely dosed, most of them are sugar-free with a shelf life of one year. Leaning towards the affordable end, these cannabis-infused mints are easy to bring anywhere to enhance your day, mood, or night’s sleep with CBD, THC, and CBN.

I feel secure recommending Petra mints to someone who’s interested but may be nervous to start including cannabis into their routine. With so many ratios and tastes, it could be a bit time-consuming at first for anyone finding their ideal dose but the low milligrams and extra medicinal cannabinoids make it less intimidating. Petra mints are in a discreet package and in my personal practices take slightly over an hour to experience a slight change in mood or in my body. For a more experienced user taking two or three mints would do the trick, in this case, they feel a bit large and chalky to down one mint after another.
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What's Good
Low to no sugar
Variety in flavor and effect
Affordable price
What's Bad
Not quick acting
On the larger side
Petra Mints

Technical Details

Availability:CA, NV, WA, AZ, CO
Where to Buy:Kiva, Eaze, Sava, Emjay
CBD Strength:Mild
THC Content:2.5mg
Extraction Method:Cold Water Hash
Product Types:Cannabis Mints
Cannabis Origin:Oakland, CA
Similar Brands:Camino, Terra, Lost Farm

Editor’s Pick

  • CBN Blackberry Petra mints from Kiva are my top pick at the moment. The sweet but not too sweet berry taste goes down very easily. As a long time consumer I could feel the ease and peace come over me an hour and fifteen minutes after eating just one mint. I think the combination of CBN and THC helps to make a well-rounded heightened feeling. I would add a couple more mints to the mix if I were using them for sleep.

Petra Mints Citrus CBD

The Petra Citrus CBD 2.5mg mint is the most easygoing of all the Petra products, in terms of the feeling and effect. One mint could be an undetectable change for some, but a few throughout an anxious day could bring a much needed relief. I wouldn’t worry about eating too many with less than 0.2mg of THC in each mint; you’d have to be highly sensitive to THC to feel a psychoactive attribute. With full-spectrum benefits I prefer this CBD product over an isolated CBD product with zero THC.

Petra Mints CBD Citrus flavor


This citrus flavor is tart, almost sour and had a chalky quality that took some time to get through. It tasted like a tart margarita flavored PEZ candy if I had to put my finger on it. I would use these to keep a subtle calm and focus throughout the day, after a few I felt relaxed. The package doesn’t make it look like an obvious cannabis product, it’s easy to open and fit in any small purse. Personally, its bitter aftertaste and chalkiness would hold me back from buying more.


  • Effects felt: Peaceful focused mind, relaxation
  • Good for: Calm clear mind, anti-anxiety
  • Not good for: Strong psychoactive effect, higher tolerance users
  • Taste: Tart, sour, chalky


  • CBD: 100mg (2.5mg/dose)
  • THC: 2mg (<0.2mg/dose)
  • Price: $16 ($0.40/dose)

Petra Mints Blackberry CBN

Kiva has done well adding CBN to one flavor of their Camino gummies and they do it again with the Blackberry Petra mints, with a microdose of THC and 1mg of CBN it’s a seamless way to introduce a new consumer to the sleep aid CBN. These mints were consistent in having the onset time of an hour and fifteen minutes, they would be great for an after-dinner mint to help decompress from the day and ease into a restful night’s sleep. The taste was enjoyable, sweet but not too sugary, and works well for a long flight – you may just need a few of them if you’re a regular cannabis user. 

Petra cannabis mints CBN blackberry


This was my favorite taste of all three Petra mints. The blackberry flavor comes through and there was no after taste, it’s a great note to end on which works out because these are meant for sleep. It didn’t knock me out immediately, just relaxed me, but when I upped the dose I did find I had a strong night’s sleep. I like that the packaging isn’t oversized with lots of wasteful space, it’s easy to fit anywhere and to open.


  • Effects felt: Peaceful mind, body relaxation, sleep aid
  • Good for: Restful sleep, relaxation, calm your body
  • Not good for: Starting the day, quick acting effects
  • Taste: Slightly tart with sweet berry flavor


  • THC: 80mg (2mg/dose)
  • CBN: 40mg (1mg/dose)
  • Price: $16 ($0.40/dose)

Petra Mints Moroccan Mint

This original Petra mint is everything it promises to be, a refreshing mint and a micro-dose of THC. The peppermint taste was there and the feeling was the strongest around three hours after finishing it, making it surprisingly long lasting. I would recommend taking it out with friends or at a fun activity. The very subtle giggly high is a great replacement for a drink or two.

Kiva Petra Moroccan mint flavor


Petra Moroccan mints could be a little smaller in size and still do the job but it is tasty and gives you fresh breath. The subtle uplift and happy mood was worth a bit of dry eye. It’s sold at a good price and I’ve found it to be really consistent and easy to stack another one or two throughout the day without feeling any type of “crash” effect some edibles can leave you with. These mints can make any mundane or dreaded chore that much more pleasant – I’ll be getting more of this one.


  • Effects felt: Uplifting mood, subtle relief
  • Good for: People sensitive to THC/edibles or just starting out
  • Not good for: High tolerance users
  • Taste: Smooth peppermint, similar to an Altoid


  • THC: 100mg (2.5mg/dose)
  • CBD: 0mg
  • Price: $16 ($0.40/dose)