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Kiva Lost Farm edibles
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Kiva is a massive company dominating the edible game, but how do their recent Lost Farm products measure up?

You’ve seen their Terra Bites selling out for nearly a decade as the perfect 5 milligram chocolate. They did it again in 2018 with the 5 milligram Camino gummies, these products being slightly over a microdose of THC were the perfect option for any cannabis user just starting out.

This is not the case when discussing their new Lost Farm products which double in dose at 10mgs each piece. Besides the THC amount this new line is different because it’s made with 100% live resin, extracted from flash-frozen cannabis and is supposed to feel strain-specific which would be worth the extra money you’ll spend on them. 

For this review, we tried the Kiva Lost Farm Gummies as well as the Kiva Lost Farm Fruit Chews to come to the best conclusion. The packaging color and flavor on these products remain the same while the strain on each gummy or chew can differ, so look closely for which strain you’re buying.

They look shiny and new on the shelves but as far as taste I much prefer the flavorful Terra and Camino products over the Kiva Lost Farm sour gummies, however the fruit chews are very enjoyable. The hype behind their Lost Farm line comes from the fact that these are made with 100% live resin and strain specific. Did I experience a strain specific high? I would say not quite, it was closer to a general edible high I’ve experienced from other sugary 10mg gummies, even with the sativa dominant strain. In the future I’d most likely pay $5-$7 less for a very similar experience that hopefully kicks in faster.
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What's Good
Relieves stress
Increases appetite
Alleviates tense muscles
What's Bad
Didn’t feel like a specific strain
Not fully worth the price
Not as long lasting
Kiva Lost Farm

Company Details

Availability:CA, AZ, NV, IL
Where to Buy:Kiva, Eaze, Sava
Extraction Method:Flash-Frozen
Product Types:Edibles
Dietary Labels:Plant-Based
Cannabis Origin:California
Comparable Products:Camino, Terra

Editor’s Picks

  • The Kiva Lost Farm Fruit Chews are a great flavor and for someone with a medium tolerance – you don’t have to stop at one. I would recommend this for someone who wants to loosen up and relax after their day and wants to get excited about dinner. They would just need to get the timing right, these treats took a minute to kick in.

Lost Farm Raspberry x Wedding Cake Gummies

The Kiva Lost Farm Gummy tubes are colorful and new, it would be easy to grab the same flavor off the shelves and assume it’s the same strain as the one you got the last time but check that small print because they differ. 

These would work well after you’re 90% done with your tasks for the day, giving it time to kick in and relax the body and mind. Lost Farm gummies could replace a glass of wine or a cocktail.


The vibrant blue featured on the outside of the Lost Farm gummy tube is imitated in the actual gummies inside. After 32 minutes my body started to loosen up, felt tingly and overall relaxed. This ‘Wedding Cake’ live resin high lasted for almost two hours and at the tail end the munchies also set in. 

My mood was lifted, my over-thinking subsided, and I really needed some water. Slightly forgetful and hazy I wouldn’t recommend attempting a work project or a chore directly after this high sets in. After 45 minutes it was mostly euphoric, but it came with a slight headache and dry eyes, the relaxing body high lasted close to 2 hours.

The sour start was a bit much, but not a deal-breaker, packaging is sharp, bright, and concise however the manufacture and package dates rubbed off very quickly. I also experienced this gummy after a hearty meal, feeling more like 5 milligrams and taking 15-20 mins longer to activate, medium high feeling wouldn’t push me to buy more.

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
THC:100mg (10mg/dose)
Strain:Wedding Cake
Strain Type:Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Price: $20 ($2/gummy)
Good for:After Work, Relaxing Night, Enjoying A Meal
Not good for:Focus, Taste, Price
Effects:Relaxed, Euphoric, Tingly Body High

Lost Farm Blueberry x Blue Dream Fruit Chews

Kiva Lost Farm fruit chews are a delightful combination of a Starburst and a Now and Later, sweet but not too sweet. The texture is unflawed and the aftertaste leaves you wanting more. Packaged in a bright, informative bag the individual chews are each wrapped in paper making it easy to throw one in your bag for later. 

The effects could take over an hour to set in and aren’t too overwhelming. Great for slowing things down a bit and loosening up the body. It didn’t feel exactly like a ‘Blue Dream’, more of a body high lasting almost an hour. These would be great for stretching out the body or relieving sore muscles, and could be used alongside a topical balm.


Blueberry fruit chews are a nice break from your average sugary gummy, much preferred to the Kiva Lost Farm gummy taste. The packaging is also superior but can not say the same about the high. Lost Farm edibles are marketed as stronger than Camino and Terra and uniquely strain-specific, that’s where I think they may have dropped the ball.

These Fruit Chews were a Blue Dream typically known as a sativa dominant strain that didn’t fully come through, not too uplifting, mostly just body feels. It did slow me down a bit and increase my snack intake. Pleasant enough, just not exactly what’s advertised from Kiva. 

This fuzzy and cozy body high came with a slight appetite increase after an hour but a non-existent head high. Its blueberry and raspberry flavor and great chewy texture keep your mouth watering plus they are individually wrapped for convenience. Onset was an hour and twenty minutes on an empty stomach, lasted less than an hour, the wait time and strength wouldn’t bring me back for more but the taste would.

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
THC:100mg (10mg/dose)
Strain:Blue Dream
Strain Type:Hybrid
Price: $20 ($2/chew)
Good for:Head to Toe Relaxation, Appetite, Stretching
Not good for:Quick Relief, Stimulating Head High, Higher Tolerance Users
Effects:Coziness in the Body, Slowing Down, Increased Appetite