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Creative Waters Co cannabis beverages
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UPDATE: Creative Waters line of cannabis-infused drinks has been discontinued.

Creative Waters Co. makes cannabis-infused sparkling water in various flavors and dosages. They set themselves apart from other top-rated cannabis beverage brands with attractive colors and packaging, paired with a beverage that tastes just like your favorite sparkling water – no weird cannabis taste here. Creative Waters is a Cannabiniers brand, a sort of cannabis collective if you will, who is most known for their Two Roots Cannabis-Infused Beer product.

Since Creative Waters is a beverage, its cannabinoids are absorbed under the tongue. This means that you feel its effects in just 15-20 minutes, rather than 45 minutes to 2 hours like a lot of edibles. Not only do you feel the effects quickly, but the high is consistent – another thing that sets this drink apart from its edible counterparts.

Each can sells for $7, which might be a bit steep for sparkling water, but okay for socializing or enjoying on special occasions.

Creative Waters Co. is the type of product designed to be incorporated into your daily life. Each can has a different CBD to THC ratio. For this review, we tried their “Lift” and “Balance” flavors, whose effects lived up to their name. Not only is it fast-acting – but you also feel a real mood lift. You’d never know you’re sipping on cannabis with these products – they taste just like a La Croix and are best served crisp and cold. The product comes in a sleek tall can that’s easy to hold during socializing events, or the perfect amount of liquid to pour into your favorite cup.
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What's Good
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Creative Waters Co.

Technical Details

Availability:CA, NV
Where to Buy:Discontinued
THC Potency:3mg – 10mg
Extraction Method:Distillate
Product Types:Infused Sparkling Water, Crafted Beverage
Manufactured:San Diego, CA
Comparable Products:Cann, Hi-Fi Hops, Rebel Coast

Editor’s Pick

  • Creative Waters’ 1:2 Cucumber Lime flavor is an extremely versatile and effective product whose specialty is turning around bad days. You can help but see your mood lift after a few sips – literally, because you’ll feel the effects in just 10-15 minutes!

Cucumber Lime “Lift” (1:2)

Creative Water’s Cucumber Lime “Lift” and has a 1:2 CBD to THC ratio, with 3mg CBD and 6mg THC per serving. There are more and more sparkling waters coming onto the scene these days, but Creative Waters stacks up with the best of them. The branding is very cool, with SoCal vibes. Enjoy this sparkling water with lunch or dinner for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or boost before a party or networking event. Since this product is a beverage, you will feel its effects in just 10-20 minutes.

Product Summary

This product is intended to be uplifting, and it certainly delivered. I tried this product in the late afternoon of a particularly irritable day, and it helped clear the clouds and take the rest of the day head-on. The drink could be slightly more effervescent but tastes pretty great compared to the many sparkling waters I’ve tried. There’s no icky cannabis taste, but the product needs to be refrigerated for optimal taste.


  • Afternoon / Evening
  • Easy to use
  • Flavor
  • Quick absorption time
  • Anxiety
  • Wellness


  • Aches/Pains
  • Availability
CBD:THC Ratio:1:2
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $7
Lab Report:
Good For:#Aches, #Relaxing, #Inflammation, #Sports
Effects Felt:Energized, Inspired, Happy
Smell:Citrus, Sweet
Taste:Cucumber, Lime

Berry Lemon “Balance” (1:1)

This “Balance” blend features 5mg of both CBD and THC per serving. Since this product is a beverage, its cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually, meaning you feel the effects in just 10-15 minutes. The high is very consistent, and the product tastes great alongside a meal. The amount of THC is still considered a microdose, but enough to put both your mind and body at ease for $7 a can.

Product Summary

The 1:1 CBD to THC ratio of Creative Waters’ product is intended to provide balance. I found this can to be particularly good for moments of stress that you need to push through. I enjoyed feeling the effects of the drink in just 10 or so minutes, and the fact that it tastes just like a Berry La Croix – not too sweet, and not too tart. This crystal-clear beverage comes in an attractive and easy-to-hold sleek can.


  • Afternoon / Evening
  • Easy to use
  • Flavor
  • Anxiety
  • Quick absorption


  • Availability
  • Price
CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $7
Lab Report:
Good For:#Stress, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Focused, Happy
Smell:Fruity, Tart
Taste:Berry, Lemon
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