The Best Delta-10 THC Vape Pens for Energizing Hits

After close analysis, we’ve come up with a list of the top five best delta-10 THC disposable vape pens to enjoy the most energizing hits.

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Delta-10 THC is a cannabinoid that’s quickly gaining popularity due to its energizing, stimulating properties. When enjoyed in a vape, you’re able to get these bright, uplifting effects right away, helping you feel your best, most motivated self — if you have the right vape pen, that is.

Not all delta-10 THC vape pens are made the same, and some are going to work much better than others. To help you avoid the D10 pens that aren’t worth your money, we’ve come up with a list of the top five delta-10 vape pens on the market today.

We carefully analyzed 25 brands and tested six popular delta-10 vape pens to find the safest and most effective options. (See how we test.)

5 Best Delta-10 THC Vape Pens

Whether you’re looking for vapes with smooth hits, tasty puffs, or potent effects, we have the perfect options for you. Let’s start with our favorite: TRĒ House.

Best Overall: TRĒ House

The delta-10 disposable vape pen from TRĒ House is incredibly potent, tastes amazing, and provides well-rounded, pleasant effects.

Vape pen infused with delta-10 and delta-8 THC
Photo: TRĒ House

Available for $39.99 from TRĒ House

It’s hard not to love TRĒ House’s live resin disposable vape pen. This pen comes with an amazing blend of both delta-10 THC (500 mg) and delta-8 THC (1,250 mg), as well as THC-P (5 mg) for a super potent experience.

You can choose between three different tasty strains: Wedding Crasher, Super Lemon Haze, or Ice Cream Cake, and each one of these disposables holds a full two grams. TRĒ Houses’ vapes hit smoothly and provide full-bodied, powerful effects that are helpful for even the most experienced consumers. That’s why they take our number one spot so easily.

Pros & Cons


  • Super potent blend with delta-8 THC (1,250 mg), delta-10 THC (500 mg), and THC-P (5 mg)
  • Three delicious strains to choose from, each with unique effects and tastes
  • Two-gram vape pens affordably priced at $39.99
  • Produces smooth, full vape hits
  • Great for promoting euphoria, pain relief, and uplifted moods
  • Comprehensive lab reports; fully tested for potency and purity (view COA)


  • Blended extract, not a pure delta-10 vape
  • Only three strains available for the D8 + D10 blend
  • May be too potent for beginners
  • Lab results show slightly lower potency than advertised
  • According to the lab result, this blend contains small amounts of THC-O-Acetate which may not be recommended for vaping

Best Deal: Just Delta

Looking for the most affordable delta-10 disposable vape on the market? Just Delta has you covered.

Delta-10 THC disposable vape pen
Photo: Just Delta

Available for $19.99 from Just Delta

The delta-10 disposable vape pens from Just Delta are extremely affordable, priced at just $19.99 for a 2-gram vape. These products are great for those who have never tried delta-10 THC before and don’t want to spend too much money on something they’re not sure they like. But, trust us, when you puff on these tasty disposables, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, happier, and more comfortable overall. 

Pros & Cons


  • Five selections of vapes in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains
  • Great value at $19.99 for 1,600 mg
  • Higher concentration of delta-10 THC (1,200 mg or about 60%) than most brands
  • Produces bold, bright effects that are good for boosting the mood
  • Great for reducing pain
  • Good product option for beginners


  • Little product information offered
  • Could be more flavorful 
  • Not rechargeable; battery life could be better
  • Not lab tested for contaminants (view COA)

Strongest Effects: Hyper

The Hyper disposable vape from CBD Mall has one of the highest potency of all the delta-10 pens on this list.

Hemp delta-10 THC vape pen with sativa effects
Photo: Hyper

Available for $63.99 from CBD Mall

If you’re looking for a high-potency delta-10 pen to help you feel like you’re on another planet, then you should turn to Hyper by CBD Mall. These disposable vapes come in numerous strains — practically any flavor you could think of — and each one has a strong potency of 1,600 mg. Just one hit will be enough for even the most experienced smokers to feel weightless and giggly, not to mention creative and energized. 

Pros & Cons


  • High-potency blend of delta-8 THC (1,360 mg) and delta-10 THC (240 mg)
  • Huge selection of 20 strains
  • Indica, sativa, and hybrid options available
  • Great for boosting mood and enhancing creativity 
  • Promotes euphoria and giggliness


  • Very pricey at $63.99 for 1,600 mg
  • Harsh hits
  • No lab results available for 2ml disposables (view COA for 1ml options)
  • Lab reports are outdated (from 2021) and difficult to read
  • Lab results show a lower concentration of delta-10 than advertised (40 mg vs. the advertised 240 mg)
  • Not lab tested for contaminants

Best Tasting: Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow makes some of the best-tasting delta-10 vape pens on the market.

Premium delta-10 THC disposable vape pen product
Photo: Mellow Fellow

Available for $29.99 from Mellow Fellow

Get ready to enjoy the bright, fruity flavors that Mellow Fellow’s disposable delta-10 THC vape pens offer. These rechargeable disposables come in 1mL or 2mL and include ten different delicious strains depending on the size you choose: Candyland, Granddaddy Purp, Wedding Cake, Apple Fritter, Cherry Pie, Tropicana Cookies, Gelato, and more.

Each one of these pens tastes as good as it sounds, helping you enjoy your D10 pen to the very last hit. Mellow Fellow’s disposables are a bit mild in my opinion, but they’re great for those looking for more mellow results. 

Pros & Cons


  • 1mL option contains 600 mg D10 + 350 mg D8; 2mL option contains 1,200 mg D10 + 700 mg D8
  • Reasonably priced at $29.99 (when on sale) for 2mL
  • Delicious, distinct strain options
  • Flavorful up to the very last hit
  • Produces smooth, full hits
  • Long-lasting battery life (rechargeable)
  • Custom-designed to prevent clogging
  • Fully lab tested for potency and purity (view COA)


  • When not on sale, the pens are pricier than other one-gram disposables at $49.99
  • Lab reports are slightly outdated (from May 2022)

Longest Lasting: Elyxr

Elyxr provides D10 disposable vapes that not only will last customers a long time in use, but also in effect.

Delta-10 THC vape pen with energizing effects
Photo: Elyxr

Available for $34.99 from Elyxr

Elyxr crafts their strong D10 disposable vape to produce smooth, potent hits that are heavenly for all levels of delta-10 consumers and add a nice layer of energy. These vapes not only smoke like a dream, but they’re tasty to puff on, too – and will never clog or leave you dry and not high. But nothing beats how long they will last you. Like most disposables, once they’re done, that’s it. Nonetheless, you will get a ton of puffs out of these so no need to worry about buying another so quickly!

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive strain variety
  • Offered in single, double or triple packs
  • Overall positive customer reviews
  • Provides relaxation to stimulation
  • Pocket-sized
  • Delicious aromas and tastes
  • Best for medium-high THC tolerances


  • Not ideal for new THC consumers
  • Could offer more information on products
  • Not necessarily considered a discrete cannabis product
  • Not lab tested for contaminants (view COA)

How We Tested the Delta-10 Vape Pens

Testing the quality of various delta-10 THC vape pens
We conducted first-hand testing on a variety of disposable vape pens infused with hemp-derived delta-10 THC among other cannabinoids. Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

You’re probably wondering how we possibly came up with this list of the best delta-10 THC disposable pens for energizing highs. To help you understand our process, we’re giving you some insight into the criteria we used to narrow down our list from dozens to just this top five. 

The criteria we followed looked like this:

  • Functionality: On a scale of 1-10, how well did the vape pen work? Did it hit smoothly, or does it frequently clog? Do customers frequently complain about it breaking? How is the battery life? 
  • Flavor: On a scale of 1-10, how good does the vape pen taste? Does it have distinct flavors? Is it enjoyable to puff on? Are there various strains to choose from?
  • Quality: On a scale of 1-10, how quality is the delta-10 extract in the vape pen? Does the company have up-to-date COAs? Do they test for impurities? 
  • Potency/Effects: On a scale of 1-10, how potent was the vape pen? Does it produce strong effects, or are the results more mellow? Would this pen be better for beginners or experienced consumers?

We then used these criteria to help narrow down our list of candidates, until we eventually got to the top five best brands with the best scores. From there, we found the individual strengths of each brand and celebrated them in our list.

Learn more about how we review products.

Guide to Buying Delta-10 THC Vapes

Quickly, let’s answer a few questions about delta-10 vape pens that you may have. 

What Is a Delta-10 THC Vape Pen?

A delta-10 vape pen is a vape pen that contains delta-10 THC extract. Delta-10-Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-10 THC) is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that has psychoactive and supportive properties.

Disposable vape pens come as all-in-ones, so you don’t need any other parts or pieces. You simply inhale from the mouthpiece and get a hit of delta-10 vapor. Once the pen is finished, you throw it away and buy a new one. 

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Is Delta-10 THC Safe to Vape? 

Research suggests that delta-10 THC may be a safe cannabinoid to vape as long as you purchase it from a reputable, reliable source. Avoid delta-10 products from any brand that doesn’t have up-to-date and full-panel lab results to back them up. It’s also important to read about other consumers’ experiences to ensure that the products have good reputations themselves. If you see common threads regarding negative effects or inaccurate testing, it’s time to move on to a better, safer brand. 

Do Delta-10 Vapes Get You High?

Yes, delta-10 vapes do get you high. Delta-10 is a psychoactive cannabinoid, so it has the ability to produce euphoric, blissful effects. However, compared to delta-9 THC, delta-10 is going to be much milder. So, the high won’t be as strong as you’re used to getting from D9. 

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What Are the Effects of Delta-10 Vapes? 

The effects of delta-10 vapes will vary from consumer to consumer. However, many people find that delta-10 is great for promoting energizing, stimulating effects. This cannabinoid may be helpful when you’re in a creative rut, or even if you’re just feeling down in the dumps and are looking for a way to smile. However, there is a severe lack of anecdotal evidence to support this. 

What’s the Strongest Delta-10 Pen? 

The strongest delta-10 vape pen on this list comes from Just Delta. This vape pen contains 1,200 mg of delta-10 THC extract, and it produces strong, long-lasting effects. It’s ideal for those with high tolerances or consumers with more chronic conditions. 

How Much Do Delta-10 Vapes Cost?

The average price of a one-gram delta-10 vape pen is about $20; you can often find two-gram vape pens for closer to $30-$40. 

Can You Legally Buy Delta-10 Online?

Yes, you can legally buy hemp-derived delta-10 THC online from reputable retailers as long as your state allows. Hemp-derived delta-10 products are federally legal in the US, but some states have placed regulations on THC isomers. Thus, it’s important to take a look at the laws in your area to see if delta-10 is allowed before attempting to purchase products online.

Discovering Your Perfect Delta-10 Vape

Delta-10 THC vape pens can be extremely fun to have on you wherever you go. These portable, potent products are great for boosting the mood and helping you feel like you’re on Cloud 9 — as long as you have a good pen, that is.

Thankfully, now, you have a list of five of the best delta-10 THC vape pens on the market today, each one with unique specialties that you’ll absolutely love. So, the next time you’re hoping to find an energizing delta-10 vape, turn to one of the top-shelf brands on this list and let us know how stimulating they feel for you. 

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Editor’s note: We updated this list on September 27, 2023, to remove one of our initial recommendations from Canna River which has been discontinued, and add a new recommendation from Elyxr.