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We learn more about a unique relationship with benefits that has everybody talking — finally.

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Mello Daily CBD-infused suppositories
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It seems these days cannabis is getting infused in everything. And, it may come to no surprise that also includes sexual wellness. As exciting as this sounds, there are still many questions pertaining to the relationship between sex and cannabis’ cannabidiol, better known as CBD. Of all the industries to blend together, it’s fascinating to understand just why. 

With a goal to help bridge the conversation divide between wellness, sex and women’s health, innovators like Boronia Fallshaw has founded one of most effective CBD brands out there, Mello Daily.

Born and raised in Australia, Boronia later moved to New York to achieve a career in fashion. Over all of the burnout, she took back her life, leaving one lifestyle full of mental and physical demand to one that would give rise to an improved way of living. While there was much trial and error in her health journey, not only has she found healing within the cannabis space, but she has also found her calling to share the gospel of cannabinoids. In this interview, we speak with Mello CBD founder Boronia Fallshaw about her experiences and mission in the industries to educate others on how they may be able to achieve their best selves.

Boronia Fallshaw, Founder of Mello Daily CBD brand
Boronia Fallshaw, Founder of Mello Daily. Photo courtesy of Boronia.

So, what led you to create Mello’s bestselling suppositories?

Boronia Fallshaw: Because of my personal journey with vulvodynia, I had tried cannabinoids and experienced firsthand how CBD can increase sexual pleasure and decrease pain. But at the time, the space was still very confusing and there were no CBD products that solely focused on addressing the cause of sexual pain that was also backed by research. 

So, I developed these after researching the best methods and discovering that suppositories are the most efficient way to target that local area and allow our vagina and bottom to naturally relax and allow the instinctive pleasure to happen. 

How can CBD suppositories help those suffering from endometriosis, PCOS, vulvodynia, and extreme PMS?

The discomfort experienced from vulvodynia, PMS, or PCOS in most cases is caused by inflammation, so if we can alleviate the inflammation we can reduce the symptoms. Studies show that your ECS can prevent the body’s inflammatory response when stimulated with additional Phytocannabinoids, like CBD.

Endometriosis is a little different though, as the primary cause of discomfort is caused by your endometrial cells growing outside of your uterus, but continuing to behave like period cells. There are very promising studies that show CBD could help the body destroy the ‘alien, endometrial cells’ and prevent them from spreading. Currently, there isn’t even a pharmaceutical drug that is able to do this, as all pharma can do currently is deal with the symptoms, not the cause.

What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t had much luck with CBD in the past but is looking to try again?

Know your ingredients. Make sure you ask for the lab reports from the brand you are working with, so you know exactly what percentage of cannabinoids are in your product. Know the best method to take CBD based on your needs. 

Give it grace, as you have done with other substances. It is very much based on your body’s biology which is unique to you. As a beginner, take the recommended dosage for three days and write your reactions down in a journal, increase or decrease based on your reaction and keep going until you find your fit. 

Let’s talk about bioavailability — why does it matter when picking a CBD product?

Bioavailability is the amount of a substance your body actually accepts into your bloodstream after you take it. Intravenous has the highest bioavailability as it is injected directly into your bloodstream —100%. Orally is the lowest as it has to pass through your gi-tract, to your liver, and then to your bloodstream —10-20%. So if you ingest an edible, you will actually only feel about 10-20% of the listed MG on the product. 

The fascinating thing about rectal absorption, and why it is so important to me is that it is almost 93% bioavailable. A recent study showed that paracetamol, when administered rectally, was 93% bioavailable, compared to 37% when administered orally. Doctors actually know this but are not about to start handing out rectal prescriptions, as human beings are afraid of their own booty holes.

CBD suppositories for vaginal or rectal insertion
Mello CBD suppositories, made with full-spectrum hemp extract.

As a CBD consumer, you should know the bioavailability of your products, as your money can go further if you choose the correct method for your needs. The higher the bioavailability the less you need and the faster you actually feel it.

Is there any difference between water-soluble vs. oil-based CBD tinctures?

This also comes down to bioavailability. Our body prefers water-soluble substances and so will permit more of that substance to make its way to the bloodstream as it recognizes it as the same. Oil substances are foreign and the body needs to do a few additional things to them to allow them to be absorbed. So along the way more of the oil is thrown away and it will take longer for you to feel the effect.

Mello Mind is still an oil, but it has been emulsified to such a degree that the body sees it as water-soluble. Making it more effective and efficient.

Water soluble CBD by Mello Daily
Mello Mind is a water-soluble CBD oil made by emulsifying full-spectrum hemp extract and MCT Oil.

One of Mello’s missions is to help others “thrive” with anxiety – how do you plan to help people do this/how do Mello’s products help people’s daily anxiety?

We hope to lead by example. Mello is the opposite of the wellness brands that are trying to ‘fix’ you. You’ll never see Mello telling you to change who you are. We want to encourage you to thrive with anxiety, accept this as your energy state and give yourself space by taking CBD to allow the anxiety to flow through you.

Mello Mind is the product I take every single day for my anxiety. 

My energy is one of hyper-vigilance, fight or flight —everyday anxiety. CBD allows me to exist in this hyper energy state without the heavy heart palpitations, ping-pong brain, and underlying panic. There is a clarity and calm that comes with taking CBD, it does not take the anxiety away, it just makes it manageable, and in some cases a powerful tool for productivity. 

We’re excited to ask, do you have any new products in the works?

Yes, I am dying to develop a THC product. Especially now that cannabis has been legalized in NY. Not sure exactly what it will be yet.

Final Thoughts

The market is riddled with a number of products infused with cannabis. But, like Boronia, for those who want to enhance their sex life with cannabis as well as women looking to quell the pain of certain health ailments, Mello Daily CBD offers a unique set of CBD suppositories and sublingual oil products that are totally non-intoxicating and extremely effective.