Cannabis Making a Name in the Sexual Wellness Industry

Cannabis and sexual wellness benefits
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It may sound a bit unconventional, but cannabis and sex can actually go hand-in-hand. The pair are starting to make quite a name for themselves within the sexual wellness industry, especially as more people begin turning towards plant-based lifestyles. Instead of going for an unknown supplement before you get to it, why not consume a bit of cannabis instead?

If you’re not familiar with the world of cannabis within the sexual wellness industry, don’t worry! We talk directly about the relationship between cannabis and sex, the products you’ll find, and why more and more people have been adding some weed into their date nights.

First Glance:

  • Cannabis has been making quite a name for itself within the sexual wellness industry.
  • Studies have demonstrated marijuana’s relationship with sex, and it appears to be quite a beneficial one.
  • Cannabis has been shown to increase tactile sensations, help with libido, decrease pelvic pain, and give you a euphoric, care-free attitude to help you have an even better time.
  • The sexual wellness industry has paired with the cannabis industry to produce products like cannabis-infused massages oil and lubricants. 
  • You can also find cannabis chocolates and body paints made specifically to enhance your experience in the bedroom.
  • The relationship between cannabis and sex will only continue to be explored as it stays being a prominent pair in the industry.

Cannabis and Sex

Certain studies have demonstrated the relationship between marijuana and sex, showing serious potential in terms of pleasure.

In general, many have admitted to consuming cannabis before intercourse to experience a more satisfying, enhanced experience–and there’s science to back that up!

Cannabis can enhance your senses

  • Marijuana is said to increase tactile sensations.
  • So, when consumed before sex, all of your senses are going to be enhanced tenfold, and even the most gentle physical touch can feel like an explosion of pleasure.
  • With this, increased orgasms and enhanced libido has also been reported, really helping to create an intensely good time.

Cannabis can reduce pelvic pain

  • For those who typically experience pain during sexual intercourse, cannabis can be a great help.
  • Cannabis is ideal for pain and inflammation, and with products that can be applied directly down there, it creates a wonderfully natural solution to pelvic pain.
  • This helps you fully enjoy your time between the sheets, not having to worry about uncomfortable experiences or too much pain.

In general, enjoying some cannabis before sex can truly help you put your emotions aside and fully enjoy the task at hand. You don’t have to worry about anxieties or poor performance–you just can just enjoy your night (or day) with total euphoria.

Cannabis Sex Products

With the explosion of cannabis within the sexual wellness industry, there’s also been a huge expansion of cannabis sex products that will make your experience all the more enjoyable.

You’re always welcome to have just a few puffs before getting in-between the sheets, but there are also products that have been specifically made for these special nights. 

Cannabis infused intimacy oil
Cannabis intimacy oil. Photo: Foria
  1. Arousing Cannabis Oils and Lubricants

You can always rely on something as gentle as a cannabis-infused massage oil to get your skin prepped and ready for the night ahead.

When rubbed into the skin, you can experience effects in the muscles, on the skin, and through the nose with aromatherapy. 

Along with intimacy oils, other companies produce products like CBD or a THC-infused lubricant that is totally safe for intercourse.

Made of all-natural ingredients and stimulating properties, cannabis lube may be the best choice you make during your date nights. 

  1. Luxurious Cannabis Edibles 

With chocolate containing aphrodisiac-like properties and cannabis quite literally being an aphrodisiac, the two combined only make sense.

Cannabis-infused chocolate that contains other natural aphrodisiacs are common, and they’re a perfect treat to enjoy either before or after intimacy. 

Some cannabis companies even offer chocolate body paint that has been infused with cannabis to take your time in the bedroom to a whole new level. 

  1. Pain-Relieving Cannabis Suppositories

Whether you’re wanting to try something new or are hoping for a way to alleviate pain from sex, CBD-rich suppositories — which may be typically inserted rectally or vaginally — can improve your bedroom routine more than you could imagine.

With CBD’s proven anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, these products will give you the passion and satisfaction you deserve. 

Mello CBD is definitely a go to for providing relief during or after intimacy.

Final Thoughts: Adding Weed to Your Date Nights

All in all, adding cannabis to your date nights is a great way to spice up your routine. Whether you’re just tired of the same old thing, or you’re not able to enjoy sex the way you used to, having some cannabis before, during, or after intercourse can take your experience to a whole new level. 

So, the next time you get ready to experience intimacy, whether it be on your own or with a partner, don’t be afraid to try a cannabis-infused product to enhance your experience tenfold. Once you do, you’ll discover that time in the bedroom (or anywhere else) will become an experience truly unlike any other. 

Find your perfect choice, and see for yourself just how invigorating cannabis and sex can be. Just always be make sure you start low and slow with these cannabis-infused sex products to ensure they’re right for you (and your partner). As time progresses, cannabis’s role in the sexual wellness industry will only become more prominent, so why not try it out now?