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Mell Green

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Trojan Horse Cannabis THC infused beverages
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle
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Trojan Horse Cannabis is a company that sells CBD and delta-9 THC products in various forms, including seltzers and drink mixes. The products that Trojan Horse sells are good, albeit not the best I’ve tried.

Their website needs a little bit of work to be more user-friendly. However, I was pleased by the unique selection of products, as a CBD:THC drink can be fun for so many occasions. The drinks themselves had pleasant flavors (much more pleasant than the gummies) and provided comfortable full-bodied effects.

Overall, Trojan Horse’s products are a bit mild as far as potency and could use an improvement in quality. The effects they produce are helpful and are likely best for beginners or those with lower tolerances. Thankfully, Trojan Horse does provide extensive COAs for each product they have, and that’s always something to appreciate. 

Trojan Horse Cannabis is a brand that needs a bit of help to get to where they need to be. Most of their products do work well, but their execution isn’t the best and they aren’t as enjoyable to consume as other brands. As a whole, the brand’s products are quite affordable, and they do prove free of impurities thanks to their comprehensive COAs. But, when it comes to taste and overall experience, Trojan Horse could do better.
What's Good
Interesting selection of products including seltzers and drink mixes
Comprehensive COAs with purity testing
Affordable prices
Clear, easy-to-read packaging with all necessary information
Mild effects that are great for beginners checking out D9
What's Bad
Website could be more user-friendly
Gummies have a very unpleasant texture and consistency
Effects take a while to kick in
Effects may be too mild for most experienced consumers
Trojan Horse Cannabis

Editor’s Pick

Though I’m not normally a fan of CBD capsules — or any pill-like product, for that matter — I was pleasantly surprised by the Micro Tablets by Trojan Horse Cannabis. As the name suggests, these tablets were small, making them super easy to consume. They also had a nice mint flavor and scent to them which made them even more pleasant in the mouth. With mostly CBD and only 2 mg of THC, I noticed myself feeling more relaxed and my pain had reduced. This is a great product for those who want gentle, consistent doses of THC and CBD in their wellness routines.

Trojan Horse High Spirits Seltzer

Hemp drinks infused with THC
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

The High Spirits Seltzer from Trojan Horse is a good way to consume CBD and THC if you don’t want to taste them. These drinks have a pleasant flavor to them, but, consumers beware: these seltzers are extremely bubbly and may explode when you open them. Make sure to drink them slowly, too, to avoid any discomfort from the carbonation.

Each can has 15 mg CBD and 3 mg of delta-9 THC, helping you feel subtle support and relaxation. While they weren’t very strong, I did find these drinks enjoyable for social situations, as they helped me feel more comfortable and less anxious.

Pouring a THC seltzer into a cup
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


Available in two flavors, the High Spirits Seltzers from Trojan Horse Cannabis are tasty — though very bubbly — and good for helping you feel relaxed. However, the effects of these drinks are very mild, and those with high tolerances may not get the results they need. Enjoy one of these by the pool or during a party and you’ll likely find yourself feeling a bit more comfortable, social, and maybe even blissful. 

Trojan Horse Delta-9 Gummies: Tropical Blast

The Tropical Blast delta-9 gummies from Trojan Horse are good for providing you with gentle feelings of relaxation and bliss. They contain 15 mg of delta-9 and 75 mg of CBD, so they’re definitely more therapeutic than stoney. However, this is good for those who are looking for more enhanced support and don’t mind getting a little high while doing so.

Unfortunately, the taste and texture of these gummies aren’t super palatable, so you’ll have to down them quickly. Be prepared to wait between 1-2 hours for effects; but, the calming effects do last all day long. For only $19.99, these gummies are good for beginner consumers or those who don’t need very strong effects, but anyone with a high tolerance should find something stronger. (We recommend brands like Delta Munchies or Binoid.)

Testing the THC gummies from Trojan Horse Cannabis
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


The Tropical Blast gummies from Trojan Horse boast fruity flavors, but they have artificial and medicinal aftertastes, as well as an overly chewy, almost slimy texture. The gummies have a much higher CBD ratio to delta-9, making them better for those who are more interested in the therapeutic effects of CBD. On the bright side, these gummies are incredibly affordable at only $19.99.

Trojan Horse Delta-9 Gummies: Sour Strawberry

Trojan Horse’s Sour Strawberry delta-9 Pâte de Fruit gummies are “boutique” gummies that contain 8 mg of delta-9 and a whopping 120 mg of CBD in each. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what the difference is between these gummies and the brand’s other ones, but I did enjoy the flavor and overall texture of these gummies a lot more. They didn’t contain as much D9, but they contained more CBD, making them better for reducing pain and stress.

However, this little amount of D9 meant that there are barely any psychoactive or euphoric effects present for those with high tolerances, and even beginner consumers may not get the effects they want. These are simply best for strong therapeutic relief.

Hemp gummies infused with THC
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


The Sour Strawberry delta-9 Pâte de Fruit gummies from Trojan Horse Cannabis have a pleasant, tart flavor and their texture is much more similar to your regular gummy than their other options. The effects of these gummies are a bit subdued, as they contain a very high amount of CBD to delta-9 THC; this makes you able to pick up on the supportive effects of CBD better. But, if you need enhanced relief or reduced stress levels, then one of these gummies may be a good choice.

Trojan Horse Blood Orange Delta-9 Tincture

The Blood Orange delta-9 tincture from Trojan Horse is ideal for promoting relaxing, sleepy effects that may get you prepped and ready for bed. The flavor of this oil is enjoyable, but it does have a very hemp-like aftertaste that lingers in the mouth and the throat.

Thankfully, the effects of this tincture quicked in fairly quickly, and I noticed that I was much more relaxed and blissed out than before. This tincture doesn’t contain much D9 at all — only 2 mg — but I did find myself feeling more content and sitting with a smile on my face.  Overall, I did enjoy this product, but it’s definitely best for those looking for mild, sleepy effects. 

Tincture with CBD and THC
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


Trojan Horse packages their Blood Orange tincture well and gives you all the necessary information on the packaging. The smell and flavor of the oil itself are nice, but it does taste a lot like hemp once you’ve swallowed it. You don’t have to wait too long for effects, and the effects are very calming and somewhat euphoric (though not overwhelmingly so). Oddly enough though, this product is quite expensive compared to others from Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horse Tropical Punch Delta-9 Drink Mix

If you want a quick, affordable way to try out some delta-9 THC for yourself, then Trojan Horse’s Tropical Punch Drink Mix is a good option. This drink mix contains 100 mg of CBD and 10 mg of D9 THC, and you simply pour it into water (or a drink of your choice if you’re feeling spicy).

After drinking, the effects of the drink should kick in about 30 minutes later. I found myself feeling more upbeat and social, though I definitely wasn’t a huge fan of the artificial tropical flavor. The uplifting effects of the CBD/THC combination worked well for a few hours, and then I found myself feeling a bit more sleepy and ready to decompress. 

Trojan Horse Cannabis tropical punch drink mix with THC
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


The Tropical Punch delta-9 Drink Mix from Trojan Horse gets to work quickly and provides surprisingly uplifting effects throughout the body. While the flavor isn’t the best, this is easy to get past once you notice the more blissful, supportive effects creeping in. Keep in mind that you may get a little sleepy once the effects start to fade, though. However, for only $2.95, this is a good starting product for people dipping their toes into the world of D9.