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Tommy Chong's CBD products review
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If you know anything about the world of cannabis, then you know a thing or two about Tommy Chong. Chong is most famous for his marijuana-themed albums and movies (Cheech & Chong) and, of course, playing the role of Leo on That ‘70s Show.

Now, the man has embraced his cannabis role even further, branching out into selling his own line of CBD products. Not surprisingly, these products work well, albeit they are a tad pricey. 

Chong’s brand includes lines of CBD tinctures, gummies, topicals, and softgels, all with a strong full-spectrum blend. Tommy Chong’s CBD also uses a nano blend to allow the cannabinoids to break down smaller, get to work quicker, and act even stronger than normal.

Again, some of these products are pricier than I’d like with potencies that aren’t super strong; however, overall, I was still pleased with the results of Tommy Chong’s CBD. Unfortunately, the products’ third-party lab-test results are very hard to find, and this immediately is a big red flag for a CBD brand.

Tommy Chong’s CBD comes in bright, slightly overwhelming packaging that seems to line up with Chong’s personality nicely. These products are a bit on the pricey side, but their effects work well — and quickly, too. The flavors of the oils are quite strong, but they fade somewhat quickly; their gummies, on the other hand, taste just like everyday candy. Unfortunately, Tommy Chong’s CBD doesn’t have the certifications that other brands do, making them a bit less reliable. Hopefully, they are on their way to doing so!
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What's Good
Nice product selection
Good potency ranges
Nanotechnology for quick, potent effects
What's Bad
No certifications
Strong flavors
Third-party lab-test results only available upon request
Tommy Chong's CBD

Technical Details

CBD Strength:100-3000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Nano CBD, Gummies, Capsules, Topicals
Hemp Origin:USA
BBB Rating:A
Similar Brands:Martha Stewart CBD

Editor’s Pick

  • In the CBD world, gummies are quite common. (Okay, they’re incredibly common.) Tommy Chong’s CBD offers their own line of gummies, but they also offer 750mg sour gummies, too! I loved having the option of choosing between a sweet or sour option, as my preferences often change. Both of these gummies have a great candy-like flavor, but the sour gummies disguise the taste of hemp even better, in my opinion.

Tommy Chong’s CBD Nice Dreams Sleep Tincture

Tommy Chong’s CBD Nice Dreams Sleep Tincture is designed to help the body decompress and the mind unwind before bed. The tincture comes with a strong hemp flavor and smell, but it does a great job of providing nice relaxation. However, the sleep tincture only contains 100mg of Nano CBD, so it isn’t going to work well for anyone with chronic sleep complications. But, beginners will likely find some nice support and wake up not feeling drowsy the next day. Also, do note that this tincture is more expensive than regular tinctures, priced at nearly $60, which is expected for a nano-CBD formulation.

Tommy Chong's CBD Nice Dreams CBD tincture


The Nice Dreams Sleep Tincture is a great product for beginner CBD consumers looking to relax and unwind at the end of their day. At 100mg nano-CBD, the blend wasn’t strong enough to provide me any deep relaxation, but I noticed that my muscles felt more comfortable and my stress wasn’t as prominent. For those with lower tolerances, this blend will likely be gentle enough to ease consumers to sleep. (However, it’s way too pricey for the average buyer.)


  • Effects felt: Tired, calm, reduced pain
  • Good for: Sleep, relaxation, nighttime use, beginners
  • Not good for: Experienced consumers, daytime use, deep sleep


  • CBD: 100mg (Nano-CBD)
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $59.95 ($0.60/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

Tommy Chong’s CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture

Perfect for experienced consumers looking to get some pain and stress relief, Tommy Chong’s CBD 3000mg Full-Spectrum tincture is extremely effective. The tincture has a very strong hemp flavor, but if you can get past it, you’ll be ecstatic by the deep-seated relief the blend brings. I noticed that my body was relaxed from head to toe, and all of my stressors from the day had faded within about 15 minutes. The poor taste lingered longer than I’d like, but I was still so happy with the quick and strong relief I got. Just keep in mind that, at 3000mg, this tincture is not great for beginners.

Tommy Chong's CBD full-spectrum oil


Super strong both in flavor and potency, the 3000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture from Tommy Chong’s CBD is perfect for experienced consumers seeking relief. The flavor is a bit hard to deal with, but you’re met with profound comfort, bliss, and overall balance that just can’t be beaten. Right now, the oil is on sale, making it much more affordable than usual; however, at its typical price point, the oil is way above average.


  • Effects felt: Pain relief, stress relief, comfort, happiness
  • Good for: Experienced consumers, all-day consumption, pain and stress relief
  • Not good for: Beginners


  • CBD: 3000mg (100mg/dose)
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $69.95 ($0.03/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

Tommy Chong’s CBD Muscle Balm

Most CBD topicals are great for combatting aches and pains, especially after a workout. Unfortunately, I found that this wasn’t the case with Tommy Chong’s CBD 100mg Full-Spectrum Muscle Balm. The 100mg blend simply didn’t touch the pains that I had after exercising, and I needed to apply about double the amount to experience any sort of relief. Then, I had to reapply the balm several times if I wanted to keep up with the pain alleviation. Overall, I wasn’t very happy with this topical, especially at its price point.

Tommy Chong's CBD muscle and joint balm


The 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Muscle Balm may be okay for very gentle aches and pains, but it doesn’t do much for anything deeper. The balm has a nice texture and doesn’t leave any oily residue, but it also doesn’t relieve much pain, either. If the topical had about double its potency, then maybe it would help more with discomfort. Until then, I’d recommend any of these highly effective CBD balms instead.


  • Effects felt: Slight comfort
  • Good for: Muscle relaxation
  • Not good for: Deep-seated pain relief, chronic pain, workout recovery


  • CBD: 100mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $27.95 ($0.27/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

Tommy Chong’s CBD Good Vibes Energy Tincture

True to Tommy Chong’s personality, the Good Vibes Energy Tincture is all about, well, good vibes! This tincture is designed to help bring out the best in you, promote positivity, and have you feeling balanced. The tincture contains 100mg of Nano-CBD per bottle, so it is good for beginners looking to stay focused and motivated throughout the day. I took a double dosage and found that, at the start of my day, this blend did work well to keep me on track. I wish that it was a bit stronger — or there were at least stronger options — but I didn’t mind just doubling the dose, either. Keep in mind, though, that the flavor is strong.

Tommy Chong's CBD Good Vibes CBD tincture with Nano CBD


The Good Vibes Energy Tincture is meant to help consumers get a dose of focus, energy, and motivation from their CBD. The blend has a very strong plant-like flavor but the effects get to work quickly — about 10 minutes or so. Right off the bat, I noticed that my swirling thoughts had calmed down and I was able to focus on my tasks at hand better. With a double dose, the gentle formula was perfect for morning consumption and starting the day on the right foot.


  • Effects felt: Happy, energized, focused
  • Good for: Daytime use, beginners, coffee replacement
  • Not good for: Experienced consumers


  • CBD: 100mg (Nano-CBD)
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $59.95 ($0.60/mg)
  • Lab report: COA