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Nicole Coulon

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Smokiez Edibles cannabis infused gummies
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Smokiez Edibles made their way onto the shelves of most legal state dispensaries and stayed there. Their high clarity extraction and longstanding reliable recipe has bumped them up to compete with top sellers in the cannabis edible world. 

Smokiez offers options to a diverse group of customers, from high tolerance THC consumers to medical patients just looking for CBD. Not to mention over a dozen different flavor selections that all pass the dietary restriction and taste tests, this being because they’re gluten-free, vegan, and without high fructose corn syrup in addition to being quite delectable. They’re executing all of this while researching all cannabinoids and being one of the first cannabis companies with a solid Delta-8 product.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like the taste and texture of these well-made gummies, and I’m not a sour candy person. After trying many flavors I have found Smokiez to have consistent timing and effects, without a weed flavor or after taste. Uniform and clear packaging highlighting the different medicinal properties and flavors, Smokiez offers their products at an affordable price and lots of research and info on their website.
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What's Good
Taste, texture
Long lasting effects
Consistent dosing
Affordable price
What's Bad
Not quick acting
Still contains Soy and artificial coloring

Technical Details

Availability:CA, NV
Where to Buy:Eaze, Amuse, Emjay
Strength:Mild – Medium
CBD:THC Ratios:1:1, 1:0
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Edibles
Cannabis Origin:N/A
Similar Brands:Kiva Camino, Kiva Lost Farm, WYLD

Editor’s Pick

  • With most Delta-8 products out there deriving from hemp, the Smokiez Delta-8 gummies are derived from cannabis and have a unique and comfortable effect with the same great flavor. These will be an exciting addition to my edible stash for after work-outs or to relieve some body tension.

Smokiez Watermelon Fruit Chews

The Smokiez Watermelon Fruit Chews 1:1 gummies have a great watermelon flavor and take slightly under one hour to take effect. The equal part of CBD helps counteract the psychoactive THC portion of the gummies leaving you with a calm, relaxed yet focused mind. The uplifting effects lasted for around two hours. This pink round medicinal candy is not too sweet and reminds you of the famous Watermelon Sour Patch Kids but stands at 20 calories. Would love one of these for a creative project.


For me these are perfect to finish some work or go out for the day, not too overwhelming and very buildable. When your mind is going in a million directions this delicious watermelon fruit chew is a perfect solidifying fix. A consistent effect for a reasonable price point, not a great daily option if you’re sugar-free or need very quick relief.


  • Effects felt: Relaxation, peaceful focused mind
  • Good for: Calm and clear mind, anti-anxiety
  • Not good for: Sugar-free diet, strong psychoactive effect
  • Taste: Similar to the famous Sour Patch Kids Watermelon flavor


  • CBD:THC ratio: 1:1
  • CBD: 100mg (10mg/dose)
  • THC: 100mg (10mg/dose)
  • Price: $16 ($1.60/dose)

Smokiez Blue Raspberry Delta-8 THC Fruit Chews

Excited to see a Delta-8 product from a company that I already like, Smokiez Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry fruit chews are derived from the cannabis plant and come in three different flavor options. If the different cannabinoids were compared to alcoholic beverages I would equate Delta-8 to beer. A nice muscle relaxing and peaceful light buzz, with an appetite increase at the tail end.

The texture, taste, and timing of these gummies remained very consistent in my experience and I think their $2 per gummy price is fair for one of the newer cannabinoid options to hit the scene. These would be great to aid a hangover or soreness in the body.


I felt the effects of the Smokiez Delta-8 gummy for almost three hours, a very long lasting body relaxation and alert mind. The flavor is consistent with the other yummy Smokiez gummies and took an hour to kick in. I would recommend these for after a workout or tense situation, and on an occasion where stress can make it hard to eat, these will relieve an anxious mind while increasing your appetite.


  • Effects felt: Relieves body aches, energetic clear feeling, peaceful mind
  • Good for: Muscle relaxation, nausea, productivity boost, a hangover, after a workout
  • Not good for: Quick acting effects


  • Delta-8 THC: 250mg (25mg/dose)
  • THC: 0mg
  • CBD: 0mg
  • Price: $20 ($2/dose)

Smokiez Jamberry Fruit Chews

The packaging highlights the three fruit flavors in Smokiez Jamberry fruit chews – strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry. A great mix of tart and sweet, this gummy, like the other Smokiez edibles, took almost exactly an hour to feel its effects. This one is not for the THC weary customers, I would relate it to smoking a hybrid strain of flower at around 20% THC. This high also came with a dry mouth and slightly heavy eyelids.


The Smokiez THC fruit chew is a true hybrid effect, not sedative but not energizing either, it’s the sweet spot in the middle with a cerebral uplifting effect and a body high. I think of Smokiez as a brand that always hits, stays consistent and doesn’t overcharge for their products, plus these taste great.


  • Effects felt: Uplifting mood, sedative body feels, dry mouth
  • Good for: Rest, pain relief, appetite
  • Not good for: Starting a busy day, beginners
  • Taste: Mix of sweet and tart, great chewy texture


  • CBD:THC ratio: 0:1
  • CBD: 0mg
  • THC: 100mg (10mg/dose)
  • Price: $16 ($1.60/dose)
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