Pax Live Rosin Pods Review

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Nicole Coulon

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Pax Live Rosin Pods for Era vape pen
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Pax Era vape pens are sleek, chic, and perfectly portable, insert one of the Pax Live Rosin Pods and make a unified pair with a smooth, full hit every time. The live rosin pods with natural diamonds are fresh-pressed, extracted without using solvents; they are full flower, and flash frozen at their best moment in time, plus there are a handful of unique strains to choose from.

Pax, best known for their dry herb vapes like the Pax 3, spent a good amount of time developing pods for their oil vape pens: the Pax Era Pro and the Pax Era Life. The main differences between the two oil vape devices would be that the ‘Pro’ can increase the heat higher than the ‘Life’ and can stay charged for longer, and there’s also access to the Pax app with the ‘Pro’ battery.  It’s a little pricier than your average 510 thread battery and cartridge but I think the life and quality of the battery outweighs its main competitor.

Pax Live rosin pods next to Pax era device
Photo: Nicole Coulon/CBD Oracle

The Pax Era is ready at the perfect temperature, never burning the oil plus there’s no button to push and hold down and the oil isn’t exposed causing it to break or leak. The set-up is very well done and the hit on these pods is smoother than your average cartridge, and the high is pretty similar. The strains are all very high in THC only offering more than 2% of CBD in one strain, Lavender Haze which also includes 50% THC so not marketed to newbies. 

Woman vaping Pax Era pen
Pax Live Rosin pods inside the Era device. Photo: higirlhigh/Pax

The Pax Era Life worked perfectly for me when trying out Guava Gelato and Tahoe Rose Pax Live Rosin high potency cartridges. The look of them is subtle but cute, you can fit them anywhere and no matter how long (hours/days) I forgot the device at the bottom of my purse, whenever I decided to pull it out again it was such an effortless drag.

The taste of the Pax Live Rosin Pods is terpene forward, not like some pods that have that mechanical taste. While one was an Indica Tahoe OG based strain and the other a Hybrid Gelato the feeling was not much different from one another, although both relaxing and pleasant. I wouldn’t say the Live Rosin with natural diamonds has a stronger effect than the average high testing oil pens, but a smoother hit, longer life span and less issues to deal with down the line. I do love the way it feels in my hand and how easy the pull is, it really comes through in the convenience department, which is all we really want from a vape pen.
What's Good
Quick acting
Pleasant terpene taste
Smooth hit
Extracted without any harsh chemical solvents
Available in 7 strains
What's Bad
More expensive than other pods
Only available in California
Only works with the Pax Era device
Pax Live Rosin


Product:Pax Live Rosin Pods
Compatibility:Pax Era
Where to Buy:Pax
Potency:49-92% THC
Strains: Blueberry OG, Tahoe Rose, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, California Orange, Mochi Cookies, Lavender Haze
Product Type:Vape Pod
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Products:Pax Diamonds Pods

Pax Live Rosin Pod: Guava Gelato

Guava Gelato is a hybrid cartridge made with natural diamonds that comes as a half or full gram. This is perfect for a weekend getaway or a family event that you’re dreading. There’s not a strong smell making it easy to get a puff in undetected. The cartridge is at 90.2% THC and less than 2% CBD. The packaging is also all recyclable which is nice to see in this industry. This didn’t go by quickly and seemingly no oil went to waste.

Pax Live rosin pod hybrid strain


The taste is similar to a diesel strain and the oil was very long lasting and light in color. The 90% THC potency intimidated me at first but compared to a flower high it’s still a cleaner, less foggy effect. This was a no-fuss battery and cartridge combo, uplifting and relaxing with around a 20-minute onset.

Good For: Mood enhancer, on the go, stressful situation

Bad For: Newcomers with low tolerance, strictly CBD users

Pax Live Rosin Pod: Tahoe Rose

Tahoe Rose is an Indica Pax Live Rosin pod, based off of a Tahoe OG strain mixed with Rose Bud. I love that the name of the strain is written on the box but also in small print on the pod itself so there’s no mixing them up. The silky pen is satisfying to pull from and the Tahoe Rose supplies subtle relief and relaxation without smelling up the place or messing anyone up instantly. This strain would pair well with an evening walk or museum stroll; also great for an after-work hangout.

Pax Live rosin pods in indica strain for sleep


The taste of the Tahoe Rose is a bit sweeter than the Gelato cart. I instantly felt the cough burn up my throat after a long first pull (assuming it would take more time to heat up). After the hits built up and about 30 minutes passed there was a noticeable appetite increase. I didn’t feel any throat irritation after vaping this cartridge which has happened with other brands. For me, while I’m in between flower sessions this vape pen is a great go-between and has continued to last; for a half gram, I’m impressed.

Good For: Increasing appetite, organic & clean consumers, easy & quick relaxation

Bad For: Increased energy and focus

Conclusion: Are the Pax Live Rosin Pods worth it?

If you’re on a budget, it’s easy to keep reaching for a 510 thread you’re used to or a quick disposable, but I think the Pax Era Live Rosin pods are worth it. Once you’ve got the battery set up these pods are not much pricier than any other half-gram cartridge and I’ve found them to last longer; plus with no solvents, it’s a much cleaner vape for your lungs.