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Dark Heart cannabis pre-rolls
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Oakland-based Dark Heart Nursery has been in the cannabis industry since 2007, so I trust that this is not their first rodeo when it comes to consistent quality and a loyal fan base. They take great pride in their cannabinoid-genetics, offering almost 100 premium clone strains for licensed growers.

On the consumer side, Dark Heart’s main focus is the flower and cigarette styled pre-rolls, which includes a line of Legends, Headstash, and Breeder’s Choice. Legends hones in on the most popular and sought after strains, Headstash represents the new and emerging varieties, and Breeder’s Choice is curated for its rare and limited edition selections.

Since their packaged pre-rolls and flower is a recent addition to the brand’s expansion, they have locked in a new era of success due to different strains being implemented every quarter. The Dark Heart 5-pack retails for $40 and an eighth of their flower usually retails for $60.

The Dark Heart pre-rolls are cigarette inspired and come in a pack of five in a velvety red box that has a push up mechanism so that the box slides up, whereas the flower comes in a small glass jar. The flavor is uncanny and authentic to its strain, most evident with their Magic Melon sativa pre-rolls. It is a smooth, easy smoke with a little bit of a gassy odor. Their sativa dominant strains are incredibly uplifting and quick acting, perfect for a mid day activity. Dark Heart’s packaging is eye-catching, high quality, and every strain tastes as if a mad scientist worked tirelessly to perfect it.
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Where to Buy:Dark Heart, Bud
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls
Cannabis Origin:California
Comparable Products:Houseplant

Dark Heart Nursery Magic Melon Pre-Roll “Cigarettes”

Pop on the leather jacket and grease up that hair if you want to have a wannabe bad boy moment with Dark Heart Nursery’s five pack of cigarette inspired sativa pre-rolls. With five pre-rolls elegantly packed, this sativa strain is perfect for watching a sunset, hanging with friends at the park, or just chilling with the dog at home.

It’s ideal for a daytime, social activity and will be a big hit in the summer with the hints of honeydew and cantaloupe. Magic Melon kicks in around five or so minutes, so hopefully you aren’t trying to do your taxes or laundry.

This strain would be a fun replacement for an afternoon coffee and exceeded my expectations on sustaining my energy into the evening.


Dark Heart Nursery’s 5-pack pre-roll functions as a daytime product for its sativa categorization. It feels happy, zen, and relaxed and ideal for sharing with friends for a dominant head high. The “straight smokes” taste of melon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. The packaging resembles a stylish cigarette container and has an easy push button on the back of the box to create slide up access.

Price: $40 for 5-pack
Good for:Hanging with friends, Relaxing at home, Slow paced hobbies, Creative ventures
Not good for:Strenuous activity, Nighttime, Needing intense focus
Effects:Head high, Happy, Relaxed