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Genius Pipe gives you a clean, protected, and flavorful experience from start to finish.

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Using the Genius Pipe
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle
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Genius Pipe strikes a home run when it comes to producing high-quality hand pipes and smoking accessories that are built on ingenuity, precision, and innovation. Ran by engineers Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky, these fellas spent many years toying around with the idea of “vortex cooling”.

They integrated this concept into creating what would be the next generation waterless filtered weed pipe – with a maximum smoke draw that is smooth, clean, and cough-free. In 2014, It was time to show the world Genius Pipe’s first release of Beta 1.0.

Genius Pipe weed pipe and cannabis flower

Since then, Genius Pipe has created waves in the hand smoking pipe market with being sold in over 600 locations across the globe, along with conjuring up new and improved versions, models, and colors. And with its durable anodized aluminum construction and on-the-go portability, Genius Pipe makes smoking on the go convenient, effortless, and the perfect choice for those looking for a quick toke.

The Genius Pipe steps it up a notch with its epic cooling filtration system. The concept is quite remarkable for being integrated into such a compact unit while still being able to deliver cough-free, aerated hits. But along with its minimal design, it unfortunately comes with a pretty small bowl too. It is also a little more costly than the average pipe, but you can look at it as a long-term investment because it won’t shatter when you drop it. For that, we can thank Genius Pipe for its durable construction of strong magnetic connections between the plates, along with the anodized aluminum finish that is safe, non-toxic, and corrosion-resistant.
Ease of Use & Cleaning
Smoke Quality
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What's Good
Portable and discreet
Aerated and clean inhalation
Patented cooling technology
Slick design
Easy to use and clean
What's Bad
Shallow bowl size
Evolution slider gets dirty easily (finger prints)
Genius Pipe

Technical Details

Price:$89.95 – $139.95
Type:Hand Pipe
Use:Flower, Oil
Dimensions:Classic (6 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches)
Weight:180 grams
Model(s):Classic, Mini, Colors, Limited, Light, Water-Free Dab Rig
Build Material:Anodized Aluminum
Technology:Cooling, Water-Free Filtration
Discreet Design:Yes
Manufactured:United States
Designed:United States
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
Similar Products:HOJ Pipe, Path Pipe, Journey Pipe

Genius Pipe Review

Welcome to the future of weed pipe smoking – a sleek, clean, and minimal experience. Where no one wants to buy bulky glass pipes that easily break by the drop, it’s time to invest in the Genius Pipe, so you can conveniently smoke, throw it in your pocket, and go.

What’s Included

What's included with the Genius Pipe product
  • Evolution Slider
  • Genius TruTaste Screen
  • Micro-Vortex Cooling Plate
  • Genius Pipe Information Brochure

Genius Pipe Features

1. The detachable slider plate protects your herb and keeps it discreet

Detachable slider makes Genius Pipe discreet
The detachable slider is easy to use and keeps your pipe discreet. Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

Slide it. Pack it. Light it up! Using the Genius Pipe is really easy. There is a thin flat aluminum “Evolution Slider” plate that connects magnetically onto the body of the pipe, which allows you to seamlessly slide it back and forth to expose and hide the bowl. All it takes from you is to pack it and burn.

Lighting the bowl through the Genius Pipe logo on top creates a discreet and targeted burn that no outsider will be able to see. And if you can’t finish the bowl and want to conserve the rest, then simply slide the plate back and close it. This will extinguish the bowl and you will be ready for your next session.

It’s also reassuring to know that the Evolution Slider Plate will protect your herb from spilling, that way you can easily transport your pipe from point A to B without making a mess and emitting any smells. The only downfall seen from the plate is that it easily gets fingerprints and hand marks on it, which might be a petty detail to some, but for myself who likes clean accessories, I find it bothersome when I always have to wipe it down.

2. A waterless filter that gives you a clean, cough-free hit

Genius Pipe cooling technology offers cough-free hits
2000 micro-vortices keep your smoke cool and deliver a cough-free hit. Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

There’s no more need for harsh hits and cough attacks when it comes to using weed pipes – Genius Pipe’s got it covered with their brilliant and waterless cooling filtration system. This patented technology is lined on the bottom plate of the pipe, where about 2,000 micro-vortices lay. These micro-vortices act as a runway for the traveling smoke to cool down and create a greater traveling distance from the bowl all the way to the mouth. This makes for a cleaner and healthier experience for users who want a clear draw without the classic coughing, choking, and burning throat sensations.

Essentially, this cooling plate replicates the same diffusion process you would use with water while taking a bong hit, but much more simple, compact, and of course – waterless. And as a user who typically shies away from bongs and pipes because of their harshness on the body, the Genius Pipe is a game changer and is one that has produced some of the smoothest hits in my sessions.

3. A pipe so uniformly designed and thin that it doesn’t take up lots of space

Genius Pipe discreetly fits into your pocket
The Genius Pipe is easy to carry around. Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

Genius Pipe is the perfect travel companion with its compact design and makes it easy for users to slide it in their bag or pocket on the go. Keep in mind that it reaches up to 6 inches in length, making it a little bit longer than the average weed pipe. But don’t let that fool you. With its extremely flat and uniform shape like an iPhone, it’s barely even noticeable when being used or stored away.

Putting a Genius Pipe next to a traditional hand pipe, you don’t see that huge bulky bowl at the end, so there’s no need to worry about your pockets feeling awkwardly stuffed or it taking up much room in your bag. Sure, it may be a bit longer than most smoking pipes, but it also makes up with its low height of only ⅓ of an inch. If pipe length is a huge deal breaker for you, then go for Genius Pipe’s Mini version.

4. A durable and protected unit with its anti-scratch aluminum construction and strong magnetic support

Although the Genius Pipe is visually appealing with its slick and minimal design, it does pack a little bit of weight for such a small unit coming in at just under half a pound. It does however sit well in your hand and isn’t awkward to carry around. 

The build of this weed pipe is unique and consists of three rounded corner plates: the Evolution Slider, the TruTaste Screen, and the bottom micro-vortex cooling plate. The plates are finished with anodized aluminum, which is a non-toxic and durable material that claims to be corrosion and scratch-resistant. With that, the Genius Pipe is designed to be armored and unbreakable so it should last for many years of regular use, which makes it incomparable to its competitors on the market. We know the clumsy stoners will love this.

The three plates for the Genius Pipe are held together by four tiny yet strong magnets in every corner. I was quite impressed at how quickly the plates connected when assembled together. So if the pipe is dropped or moving around in a bag during its travels, it will stick together and keep intact with no problems. Not to mention, with the magnetic covers, the herb in the TruTaste screen will stay safe and sound inside so you won’t lose any herb or make a mess.

In case of an unexpected event of magnets becoming loose or falling out, Genius Pipe gives you the option to buy a repair kit online for $9.99. It comes with magnets, glue, and cotton swabs. Definitely worth considering if you want to be on the safe side.

How Does the Genius Pipe Compare

Smoking herb out of a pipe has been a longstanding and historic method of consumption dating all the way back to the ancient history of 2000 B.C. Fast forward through this timeline and we’ve seen pipes evolve from being made with materials like clay, to wooden ones with stronger durability and capability. From the 18th century onward, it became a turning point for hand pipes to where we saw them made from various metals, porcelain, and glass. And because of their high resistance to heat and being easy to clean, glass pipes seemed to take the reins in the popularity department across the world.

While we continue to see hand pipes made from all various materials, what really matters is that they have evolved significantly in terms of their construction quality, portability, and integrated smoking technologies to create smoother, cleaner experiences for users.

Like we’ve mentioned already, the Genius Pipe’s design and purpose have become a stand-out with its sleek aluminum build and specially designed vortex cooling filtration system. Scoring highly in the criterion aforementioned, the Genius Pipe competes with other popular pipes on the market. Here, we examine and compare the Genius Pipe with the Path Pipe and Journey Pipe.

Genius Pipe vs. Path Pipe

Genius PipePath Pipe
Long Path Filtration System, Magnetic Locking SystemScreenless Technology, Long Path Filtration System, Debowler Tool
6″ x 1.5″ x 0.3″5″ x 1.2″ x 0.6″
Anodized AluminumAluminum
Portable and DiscreetPortable and Discreet

The Genius Pipe and Path Pipe are easily comparable in regards to their construction and portability. Both units have an integrated cooling and filtration system – but differ in that the Path Pipe contains a maze-like chamber path while the Genius Pipe has a flat, dimpled design. The Path Pipe’s shape is a little bit more rectangular – however, it’s slightly more compact than the Genius Pipe in that it measures 5 inches in length. The Path Pipe also beats Genius Pipe in terms of price, at only $75 compared to Genius’ $90+. With the Path Pipe, you also get a built-in poker and debowler tool, so that you can discard the ashes from your session.

Genius Pipe vs. Journey Pipe J4

Genius PipeJourney Pipe J4
Long Path Filtration System, Magnetic Locking SystemScreenless Technology, Magnetic Locking System
6″ x 1.5″ x 0.3″4″ x 1″ x 1″
Anodized AluminumZinc Alloy Interior, Silicone Exterior
Portable and DiscreetPortable and Discreet

The Journey Pipe J4 doesn’t have an advanced cooling system like the Genius Pipe, however, it does have a larger bowl and is screenless, which ultimately creates less clogging. The Journey Pipe J4 is also significantly smaller in size at only 4 inches long, making it more compact and a bit easier to store than the Genius Pipe along with looking more discreet. In terms of design, both the Journey Pipe and Genius Pipe share a strong magnetic locking system, which makes for easy (dis)assembling, cleaning, as well as portability. Having fewer features than the Genius Pipe, the price point makes sense as it’s $40 compared to Genius’ $90+.

Genius Pipe Product Guide and Tips

How do I clean the Genius Pipe?

Isopropyl Alcohol. The process of cleaning the Genius Pipe is very straightforward. Simply separate the plates from each other and wipe them down with a soft cloth and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Slap the plates back together, and voila. Easy peasy.

Genius Sponge. Step up your cleaning game and grab the Genius Sponge. It comes in a pack of two, so take one and gently rub the pipe in combination with regular soap and water or the Genius Cleaner. These sponges are also made with a soft metallic mesh so they won’t leave any scratches on your pipe. 

Genius Cleaner. This product is a liquid, non-flammable cleaner that is made to gently clean the Genius Pipe. It comes in 1oz or 2oz spray bottles and has a natural orange scent. This proprietary formula is safe so it doesn’t damage or strip any surfaces, and a bonus is that it’s compatible with other materials like glass, metal, and ceramic.

Note: It is recommended that you don’t use any professional pipe cleaners (like Orange Chronic or Randy’s Black Label) that contain harsh chemicals, as they can deteriorate or ruin the outer aluminum finish.

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Can I change the screen on my Genius Pipe?

Genius Pipe makes it incredibly easy and quick to change the screen. Simply separate the three plates and push the screen out from the bottom to remove it. Take a new TruTaste screen and insert it into the circular groove and push it downwards with your thumb, making sure it fits tightly into place. Done!

F.Y.I – Genius Pipes can hold a standard 0.75-inch screen, just in case you’re waiting for your TruTaste screens to be delivered.

How do I register my Genius Pipe?

Genius Pipe registration code is printed on the plate
Scan the QR code to register your Genius Pipe. Photo: Zola Costa/CBD Oracle

Before you use your Genius Pipe, register it by flipping it upside down and removing the bottom plate. You will see a small QR code on the bottom corner – scan that and it will take you to the website to create your new account.

Then you will be officially registered and automatically enrolled in the Genius Karma Program and receive your own personal discount Karma Kode. For every Karma Kode used, you will receive 1 Karma Token for every $10 someone else spends. Once you’ve collected enough Karma Tokens, you can then redeem them for other Genius Products at the Karma Store. 

Users can become part of an online community while being able to receive free perks and discounts for many of Genius Pipe’s other inventive products and accessories.

Additional Genius Pipe Accessories

V Syndicate Grinder/Slider. If you love extra gadgets and accessory upgrades, go ahead and switch out the slide and smoke plate for the 2-in-1 V Syndicate Grinder Slider. This one is equipped with a flat grating system that is similar to a cheese grater, that way you can grind your herb easily and directly into your bowl. What’s even better is that it also comes with a dab tool, so you essentially get two bonuses for the price of one.

Genius G-Stone. This little ceramic sponge is the perfect addition for those who want to use concentrates on the go. There’s no need to complicate things with a rig, water, torches, or hot nails. Just put your G-Stone gently on top of the Genius Pipe TruScreen and heat it up. Place your concentrate on the stone, and once the temperature is hot enough and the concentrate is absorbed, then take your draw. G-Stones are sold as a single piece for $10 or a 3-pack for $25.

Genius Taster. If you really love your concentrates and are willing to spend a few extra dollars, opt-in for the Genius Taster. This little Titanium II device converts the Genius Pipe into a compact oil rig and is used similarly to the G-Stone. Just place it onto the Evolution slider and lock it in with the specially designed groove on it. This ensures a secure connection with the Genius Pipe. You’re all ready to dab! Genius Tasters are available for individual sale, or you can buy the Water-Free Dab Rig Upgrade Kit.

Genius Party Bowl. Four times the size and four times the fun. This nifty little piece is Genius Pipe’s way of letting users share a bigger bowl and pack more herb for bigger sessions. I found the only downfall of this pipe was the bowl size. It has a nice diameter, although it isn’t very big and is pretty shallow. So if you’re a serious stoner with an appetite for huge rips, then definitely buy the Party Bowl for yourself. It’s super simple to use – just place it on top of the TruScreen plate and the strong magnets inside will lock it tightly into its place. 

What are Genius Subscriptions?

Genius Pipe offers two separate year-long subscriptions that are curated towards the care and cleaning of your weed pipe, and then there’s the Genius Pipe Mini that comes with some accessories. Users will create their own Genius Subscription account and will pay a fee to receive certain products dedicated to their chosen subscription every three months. This same cycle will repeat yearly upon automatic renewal. Genius Pipe currently offers the “Genius Cares” and “Genius Mini” subscriptions.

Is the Genius Pipe Worth it?

The Genius Pipe is strongly recommended if you’re looking for a long-lasting weed pipe that provides a high-quality, flavorful, and clean smoking experience that is extremely convenient. Although it’s slightly on the pricey side, its durable construction, cooling technology, and slim design are something you truly can’t ignore when searching for a good quality smoking pipe. I’m not really an avid pipe user anymore either, due to harsh hits and extreme cough attacks. But in all honesty, the Genius Pipe is a game changer and a unit I will definitely be using more often strictly because of its filtration system and smooth, clean hits. So in other words, yes. Totally worth it.