G Pen Hyer Review

Take your glass piece to a whole new level with the G Pen Hyer.

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Mell Green

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G Pen Hyer vaporizer product
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle
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The G Pen Hyer is unlike any product the cannabis industry has seen. This accessory attaches to any glass-on-glass water piece, allowing you to enjoy elevated vaporization for both flower and concentrates. So, if you’re someone who enjoys smoking flower but would enjoy a bit of a smoother, more filtered experience, the G Pen Hyer is the perfect addition.

It’s also great for those who want to start enjoying concentrates in the their piece but may not have all the equipment to get started. With the Hyer, all you need is the glass itself. 

Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

This product is only going to be ideal for those who are well-versed in the cannabis industry. New consumers will likely find this product intimidating or confusing, so it’s best for those who have been smoking for a while and want a better experience. After all, this thing makes vaping concentrates an absolute breeze, no matter what your glass piece looks like.

In general, with everything you get in the package, at $249.95, the price is quite reasonable — especially coming from a reputable brand like G Pen.

This product is worth buying for consumers who want to have a better smoking experience. It is worth the $250 price tag to essentially have a brand-new bong and a dab rig without actually getting a new piece. Plus, with the features that the Hyer produces — five temperature settings, integrated steel wax tool, anodized aluminum carb cap with integrated airflow — it’s higher quality than practically any piece on the market right now. (Under $500 that is.)
Ease of Use
Ease of Cleaning
Great for those who enjoy both dabbing and smoking flower
Enhances the overall smoke experience through integrated airflow, dual ceramic arifow intakes, five temperature settings, etc.
Comes with practically everything you need for ideal smoking
Comes with a high-quality, hefty battery for long-lasting use
MSRP of only $249.95
Slightly confusing product overall
May be a bit intimidating for most consumers
Needs better instruction and detail about what the product does, its benefits, etc.
Not everything you need is included in the package; some parts are sold separately
G Pen Hyer

Product Specs

Brand:G Pen
Type:Portable E-Rig
Use:Dry-Herb, Concentrates

G Pen Hyer Review: Enhancing Your Everyday Piece With Every Hit

This product may be a bit confusing at first glance, but it’s a wonderful option for those who truly want to get more out of their hits.

Using the Hyer vaporizer
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

This elevated vaporizer is an interesting, appealing idea, especially for those who have been smoking for a while and are in need of a change. Plus, with a product like this one, you can turn your everyday bong into a smooth dab rig in a matter of minutes — that’s not something you can easily say with most products.

Even though the assembly and understanding of this product are a bit complicated, the actual experience the G Pen Hyer produces is one that’s really unbeatable. It transforms your current glass piece into something you’ve never tried before, allowing you to get smooth, vaporized hits from either your flower or your favorite concentrates. Plus, the five temperature settings are amazing for getting yourself the perfect hits every time.

Great for Dabs and Buds 

The best thing about the Hyer by G Pen is that you don’t have to settle for either bud or a concentrate — you get to enjoy both. Some consumers are hesitant when it comes to transforming their bong into a dab rig, as this can easily cause clogging and it may not produce the best results. Thankfully, this simply isn’t the case with the Hyer.

The Hyer transforms any glass-on-glass piece into one of the smoothest, best-hitting dab rigs you’ve experienced in a while. And, with the different temperature settings, you don’t have to worry about messing around with a torch or getting your nail too hot — it’s perfectly controlled every time. 

The dry herb tank of the Hyer also has an incredible five temperature options. This way, you can vaporize your herbs right at the temperature you like, giving you either the potency or the flavors that you’re hoping for — and it’s incredibly easy. 

Where’s The Dry Herb Tank?! 

If you go to buy the Hyer, you’re probably asking yourself, “Where is the dry herb tank?!” Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this part of the vaporizer is sold separately. When you purchase the pack, you get the battery, housing, glass adapter, cables, and concentrates tank. But, you have to purchase the dry herb tank separately. Why? Who knows. 

Vaping dry herb cannabis with G Pen Hyer
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

To keep you in the know, the dry herb tank contains an integrated stainless steel wax tool with two placement settings, a magnetic carb cap with dual ceramic airflow intakes, full quartz chamber with custom-stamped stainless-steel heating elements, and five temperature settings. This particular part of the product retails for an additional $69.45 (which I feel could’ve easily been added to the bundle, but that’s just my opinion).

How the G Pen Hyer Compares

Right now, there really aren’t any other products on the market like this one. While there are many dry herb and concentrate vapes, none of them are in the attachment-like form that the Hyer is. With this product, you just use the glass you have already, and that’s practically unheard of. But, if you’re someone who has already invested time and money into a product like a dry herb and concentrate vape like the ones from Pax, we’d highly suggest looking into the Hyer, too. 

Not only are the products practically the same cost, but you get the same enhanced experience from your glass piece — and not just a vape pen. While the pen is wonderful for on-the-go consumption, nothing quite beats the feeling of taking a hit from your bong. So, why not take that experience to the next level with the Hyer, instead?

Is the G Pen Hyer Worth It?

If you’re a true cannabis connoisseur and want to get the best experiences out of your flower and concentrates, then yes, the Hyer is worth it. It is a little pricey once you buy all the accessories and extra pieces, but you’ve got a whole new smoking apparatus in front of you at that point. The hits are smoother, bigger, and better filtered, and you can enjoy your favorite dabs right after your favorite flower. It’s also surprisingly portable, so you can take it with you on trips and vacations, too. (Just make sure you assemble it with caution once you get there.)

So, if you want to take your bong to the next level and even enjoy some dabs from it, I would highly suggest taking a look at G Pen’s Hyer. You’ll be surprised at how different of a smoke sesh you get from the same bong you’ve been puffing on forever, all thanks to the Hyer.