Cilicon Solo Vape Review

Experience the most technically advanced vape battery you’ve tried yet with Cilicon’s Solo.

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Cilicon Plus cannabis vaporizer
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The Cilicon Solo vaporizer is one of the most advanced yet easy to use vapes you’ll ever try. This vape offers incredible technology to reduce spit-back, improve airflow, and heat your cannabis oil flawlessly. Plus, you always know how much oil you have left with their fancy panoramic glass window. If you’re someone who enjoys vaping but gets frustrated with the typical low-quality batteries offered online, Cilicon’s Solo is the perfect solution.

Cilicon Solo Pro vaporization hardware

Compared to other vape pens, this one both looks and feels higher quality. The battery has a hefty feel in the hand, and it doesn’t get overly hot when you want a few too many hits. Not to mention, every hit is as smooth and tasty as the last.

My biggest qualm with the Solo is that they keep the price of the products a secret, making it difficult for consumers to judge on the website alone. This is the case with most B2B companies though, so if you’re a business or want to wholesale Cilicon’s products, you can reach out for pricing. Other than that, though, this advanced vape pen is definitely worth investing in — it really does take vaping to a whole new level.

Overall, I would highly recommend this vape to any vape connoisseur looking to enhance their cannabis experience. The Solo is easy to use and you can customize it in various ways to make it exactly how you want. With all the advanced technology and customizations, I truly believe this vape pen is worth buying.
Vape Quality
Build Quality
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What's Good
Portable and discreet
Aerated and clean inhalation
Patented cooling technology
Slick design
Easy to use and clean
What's Bad
Shallow bowl size
Evolution slider gets dirty easily (finger prints)


Availability:Wholesale Only
Type:Cannabis Vaporizer Hardware
Use:Cannabis Oil
Dimensions:19.1mm x 8.1mm x 105mm
Build Material:Food Grade Ceramic
Coil:FORMatrex™ Ceramic Heating Coil
Designed In:California
Similar Products:Pax 3

Cilicon Solo Review: A Pro Vape for a Vape Professional


  • Size: 19.1mm x 8.1mm x 105mm
  • Oil Tank: 1.0mL
  • Tank Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Central Post: Stainless Steel (SUS316L)
  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • Resistance: 1.5Ω
  • Intake Hole: 2*Φ1.8mm
  • Heating Coil: FORMatrex™ Ceramic heating coil
  • Output Power: 8.2W
  • Charging: Micro USB


  • BioBaleen™ Module design reduces spit-back by 99%
  • Panoramic glassy window shows what’s inside your cartridge
  • FORMatrex™ Ceramic coil system
  • High-precision industrial design
  • V Shape oil tank ensures every drop of your concentrate is consumed
Using the Cilicon cannabis vaporizer device

I’ve tried a lot of vapes in my life, and while the Cilicon Solo didn’t look incredibly advanced, it sure acted like it. This high-quality vape pen enhances your vape experience tenfold, but it’s still as easy to use as even your most basic disposable vape.

Cilicon’s Solo vaporizer is ideal for those vape enthusiasts who want to try something new, but may not want to go out of their way for something ultra extravagant. Instead, this vape fits right in your pocket and offers easy portability no matter where you’re headed. 

I loved a lot of things about this vape, from the color options to the quality feel in my hand and even the unique anti-spit-back technology. However, I think my favorite was their patented ceramic heating coils. It was clear that this heating element worked flawlessly to vaporize the oil without burning it; thus, every hit tasted absolutely delicious — even as I started to run out of oil. That’s not something you can say about most vape pens, but you can about the Cilicon Solo.

Cilicon Solo Highlights and Tips

Advanced Technology You’ve Never Heard of — But You’ll Love


Cilion crafts their Solo vaporizer using industry-leading patent ceramic heating technology and a brand-new type of filter silicone cap to prevent spit-back. Too much spit-back in your vape pen can pollute the oil inside the chamber, effectively impacting the flavor profile of your cannabis. Thus, Cilicon has crafted unique technology to prevent this from happening, allowing you to take some of the cleanest, purest vape puffs of your canna-experience.

Cilicon’s design uses a silicon cap that “could reduce spit-back by 99% without disrupting the oil or vapor flow by imitating the baleen filtering mechanism.”

It May Look Like Your Typical Vape…

Cilicon vaporizer for cannabis oil

At first glance, the Solo vaporizer does look pretty basic. You might even confuse it for other vape brands and their disposable cartridges. However, it’s clear as soon as you start to use this battery that it’s miles above the rest. You just have to keep in mind that this vape pen is more advanced than most others. 

Vaporizer charging port

How Does the Cilicon Vape Compare

It’s hard not to compare this vaporizer to the Pax 3. Pax portable vapes look similar to the Cilicon Solo and act in similar ways, as well. However, if you want a better indication of how much oil you’ve consumed, the Solo vaporizer and the panoramic glass makes this easy. The Solo also offers better — and more — color options for customization. 

Both of these high-quality vapes are quite comparable when it comes to the actual hits they produce. The Cilicon Solo and the Pax 3 each produce milky, tasty hits that don’t burn the throat. But, the Pax 3 doesn’t have any anti-spit-back design, so it’s easier to take hits from the Solo totally worry-free (especially for anyone worried about germs).

Is the Cilicon Solo Worth It?

Holding the Cilicon Solo Pro cannabis vaporizer

The Cilicon Solo is worth the money if you live in California and love to vape. This advanced vaporizer is everything that a cannabis connoisseur is looking for in a vape pen: it’s easy to use, protects the purity of your oil, and you can take it with you anywhere. Unfortunately, this vape pen is a lot harder to get your hands on than most, so you may have to go on a bit of a journey to find it. But, if you do, you’ll see for yourself how worth it these advanced, customizable vapes really are.