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CBD sparkling drinks product by CENTR
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Centr is a brand that focuses entirely on non-alcoholic, CBD-infused sparkling waters and drinks powders. The company has a small range of products thus far, but what they do have tastes zingy and uplifting, providing subtle calming effects.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Centr is a company that isn’t quite where it needs to be, as their website is missing customer reviews, and a proper About Us section. Centr also makes their products using CBD isolate, which lacks providing consumers the entourage effect. 

It’s nice that Centr offers both regular and sugar-free options for their beverages depending on what you prefer. And, as we mentioned, the drinks do have a slight citrus flavor. (Think a weaker version of a lemon-lime soda, essentially.)

But, with 30 mg of CBD isolate in each can, anyone with a moderate to high tolerance likely won’t experience very strong effects from these drinks, other than a slight sense of calm. If you want a CBD beverage, Centr isn’t a brand I’d recommend just yet — at least not until they have proper COAs available and maybe even higher strengths.

The Centr CBD beverage brand has two sparkling waters and three instant drink powders for you to choose from. The company utilizes CBD isolate in their waters and full-spectrum hemp extract in the powders, making the powder a better option for those who want stronger effects, while the sparkling waters are good for those who want to avoid THC. In general, these products taste great and are very refreshing. However, the effects are very mild and may not give you the relief you’re looking for. The drink mixes all produce similar calming effects, making them best for those who have moderate stress levels (and low CBD tolerances).
What's Good
Regular and sugar-free options available
Sparkling waters taste great and are quite refreshing
Comes in nice citrus-forward flavors
Products are priced well, with each drink valued at about $5
Good alcohol substitutes
What's Bad
Small product selection
Drinks have very subtle effects
Not ideal for those with high tolerances or chronic conditions
Little to no customer reviews; none on website

Editor’s Pick

I’ll talk about it in more detail in a minute, but I was very happy with the flavors and drinking experience that Centr’s 30 mg Sparkling CBD Drink brought. The drink reminded me of a Sprite that had a slight hint of herbs, but nothing overwhelming like hemp can sometimes be. While I do wish the drinks came in stronger options, I noticed a full-body sensation of calm that I enjoyed. This made me think these drinks would be great for anyone who wants to go out but maybe doesn’t want to drink or experience the effects of a hangover the next day.

Centr Sparkling CBD Drink

On Centr’s website, you can purchase a 12-pack of their Sparkling CBD Drink for $59.99. Each one of these sparkling citrus beverages contains 30 mg of CBD isolate, making them 100% THC-free. They also don’t contain other terpenes or cannabinoids, so the extract flavor isn’t as strong as other products may be. These drinks only contain 40 calories and have all-natural ingredients, so you can sip on them guilt-free.

Centr sparkling CBD drink


The flavor of Centr’s CBD Sparkling Drink is refreshing and bright. The flavors are citrus-forward with a hint of hemp; it’s also sweet, but not overwhelmingly so and covers the herbaceous taste normal of hemp drinks. While I enjoyed sipping on this CBD-infused drink, I was bummed at how weak the effects were. This was probably due to the lack of entourage effect, but I was struggling to notice any results other than a slight relaxation after about 20 minutes. The products are priced well and taste great, but they’re definitely not good for anyone looking for strong effects. Instead, I’d highly suggest VYBES or Recess drinks. 

Centr Sugar-Free CBD Drink

Along with their regular CBD Sparkling Drink, Centr also offers a sugar-free option. This option is only 10 calories, and also has 30 mg of CBD isolate per can. You don’t have to worry about consuming any THC, sugar, or even caffeine. Centr makes their sugar-free option with a similar citrus blend as the non-sugar-free option, making it reminiscent of a sugar-free lemon-lime soda. You can buy these for $59.99 on Centr’s website.

CBD infused sparkling drink sugar free


The sugar-free CBD Sparkling Drinks from Centr are a great option for those who want to sip on something light and refreshing but without any sugar. Despite not having any sugar or sweetener, these drinks still taste quite good and make it hard not to down more than one. Unfortunately, with only 30 mg of CBD isolate, these drinks just aren’t as potent as most people would prefer from an infused beverage. After about 30 minutes, I noticed that I felt slightly more at ease than normal, but nothing as calming and serene as the drinks that Wyld provides, for example. What I did love though, was the fact that they weren’t ultra sweet-tasting, so those with a sweet tooth need not get their hopes up.

Centr Instant – Recover

The Recover drink packet from Centr contains all of the nourishing ingredients you would need to recover after a long night or prepare yourself for the gym or a day full of work. These packets contain 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD, as well as various antioxidants and nourishing vitamins. This particular CBD-infused powder drink comes in a refreshing cucumber and yuzu flavor that’s not too strong but easy to drink. You can buy a 10-pack of these powders for $29.99. 

CBD beverage for recovery


Like the rest of Centr’s drinks, the Recover CBD-infused drink powder has a pretty similar citrus flavor. It mixes beautifully with water, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go. While I didn’t find this stuff particularly helpful for “recovery,” per se, it was nice for preparing my body for stress and discomfort. I liked it before the gym, as I felt more comfortable, motivated, and even relaxed. At 20 mg, I do wish these packets were just a bit stronger, as the effects faded after the duration of my workout – which is a bummer since they utilized full-spectrum extract. But, unlike me, if you have a low CBD tolerance, you’ll find that it could do a little something for that afternoon delight you’ve been needing before going back to work or grabbing lunch.

Centr Instant – Balance

The Balance packets from Centr come in a 10-pack and are available for an affordable price of $29.99. The brand crafts these infused powders without any flavor, so you can mix them into practically any drink you want. Each packet contains 20 mg of hemp extract and a total of just 15 calories. These powders are ideal for promoting a sense of calm and balance, reducing overall stress levels for a little time. 

Hemp drink for feeling balanced


While the rest of Centr’s products are flavored nicely, the Balance packets come completely unflavored, which leaves something to be desired. The powder does have a residual herb taste, so it makes your water taste a little funky. But, inside a juice and you won’t notice a thing, which makes this product especially versatile. In general, I found these Balance packets to be best for lowering stress levels; but I’m not sure I felt super balanced. I may have been less discombobulated than usual, but I would need about double the dose to feel the balanced effects I wanted.

Centr Instant – Relax

The Relax instant CBD powders from Centr contain 20 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract in each, and are flavored with delicious hibiscus, and pomegranate notes. These packets are meant to help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, potentially relieving pain and discomfort, too. The box comes with 10 packets, and Centr sells them for a total of $29.99 on their website. 

CBD drink for relaxing


Best for unwinding at the end of the day, the Relax powders from Centr are meant to do just that: help you relax. This drink mix has a wonderfully bright, floral yet fruity flavor that’s super easy to drink, and the powder dissolves flawlessly. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the effects of these drinks to be super potent: I was calm but not much more calm than usual after, say, a cup of herbal tea. This made me think these powders are likely ideal for those with much lower CBD tolerances, or people who only have mild stress levels – I can’t say it does anything for physical pain. Otherwise, this 20 mg dose just may not be strong enough.

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