Happy National CBD Month

Yep! That’s right, January is National CBD Month! Here’s how to celebrate this holistic holiday.

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Mell Green

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The start of the new year brings a lot of fun, exciting adventures — including celebrating National CBD Month. 

That’s right: January is all about cannabidiol, and we’re here to celebrate CBD right alongside you. While this holiday may still be fairly new, it’s the perfect opportunity to spread awareness, get discounts on your favorite products, and show your friends and family just how much CBD may be able to benefit them. 

Let’s talk about the history of National CBD Month and the best ways for you to celebrate. 

What Is National CBD Month? 

As the name suggests, National CBD Month is all about, well, CBD! The holiday was first curated only a few years ago, back in 2020 by the popular brand cbdMD

cbdMD wanted to celebrate how widely available CBD has become, while also educating the public on what the cannabinoid was and how it worked in the body. At the time, a very low percentage of Americans were familiar with cannabidiol, and cbdMD wanted to change that. 

“Throughout the month of January,” explains cbdMD, “we aim to shine a spotlight on the hemp-derived substance, clear up misunderstandings, change perceptions, and set standards for superior CBD products.” 

Thus, the brand established January as National CBD Month and has been celebrating it for the past three years. 

While cbdMD may have started National CBD Month, many of your favorite CBD brands are also likely celebrating the holiday. And, as the years go on, who knows, maybe National CBD Month will become as popular as 4/20. 

The Best Ways to Celebrate All Month Long 

Now that you’re familiar with what National CBD Month is and where it started, let’s answer the most pressing question: how do you celebrate?

Of course, you can celebrate National CBD Month in whatever way best suits you. However, we have three suggestions that can help you — and those around you — get the most out of this holistic holiday. 

Spread Awareness 

Since the legalization of hemp and hemp products by the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD’s popularity has only skyrocketed. When National CBD Month first began, it was noted that less than 40% of Americans were familiar with the cannabinoid. 

These days, that number is closer to about 65%, with one in three people trying a CBD product at some point in their life. But, still, the education surrounding CBD simply isn’t where it should be — just yet. 

However, National CBD Month is a wonderful opportunity to let other people in your life know about the potential uses of CBD and the different products you can choose from. 

You could do things like create posts on Facebook or Instagram, sit down with family members who are struggling with health and wellness, or even share success stories about CBD consumption. 

Regardless of how you choose to spread awareness, what’s most important is to not be afraid to talk about CBD consumption! With something that’s still gaining popularity across the country, letting people know about its benefits, its non-intoxicating properties, and its various product forms can help them make the best, most informed decisions possible.  

Shop Some Sales 

You won’t be the only one talking about CBD this January. Many CBD brands take advantage of National CBD Month, promoting some of the best sales of the year. It will definitely be worth your while to see if your favorite brands are doing any promotions for National CBD Month. (And, if you’re not, why not reach out and see if that’s something they’d be willing to try next year?) 

Holidays like National CBD Month are some of the best times to purchase CBD products. While various brands have affordable CBD products, you may not always be able to afford some of the products that really pique your interest. But, during a month like National CBD Month, you never know what kind of CBD products you’ll be able to try. 

Then, once you buy your new favorite products, simply sit back, relax, and let the CBD do its thing. 

Educate Yourself (And Others!) 

Finally, it’s best to dedicate at least a little bit of time throughout January to educating yourself further about CBD. While you might think you know what you need, we learn more about the cannabinoid every day. And, it’s always ideal to be up-to-date on information that directly pertains to health and wellness. 

Whether you’re hoping to learn about CBD for pain, sleep, anxiety, or overall homeostasis, studies are the most accurate places to begin.

Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about CBD, and these myths make it difficult for people to trust the cannabinoid in the first place. Thus, it’s great to take the time to read more about CBD — maybe its most common misconceptions — and let other people know what you’ve read. Share links to articles, studies, and even books about cannabinoids that others can learn from, too.  

Happy National CBD Month from Us to You! 

No matter how you choose to celebrate National CBD Month, it’s important to do so with respect for the hemp plant and all the elements it brings. CBD is an incredibly unique compound, and it’s one that we shouldn’t take for granted!

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to benefit from cannabidiol. Use this month to try new products, buy products for others, and educate yourself and those around you about all the ways you can enjoy and benefit from the natural compound. 

And, from all of us here at CBD Oracle, happy National CBD Month!