The Best Weed Delivery Services to Order From Today

If you’re getting your weed delivered, you want to make sure it comes from only the best, most reliable sources. So, here are some of the best weed delivery services available today.

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Ten years ago, you never would’ve imagined being able to plan an order for cannabis online and then having the products arrive at your door just hours later. Yet, that’s exactly what today holds for cannabis consumers. In certain parts of the country, weed delivery is legal, allowing medical patients and recreational consumers alike to order their favorite cannabis products right from the comfort of their homes.

Unfortunately, not all of these weed delivery services are as efficient or reputable as they claim to be. So, to help you ensure that you shop from only the most ideal cannabis delivery services, we’ve analyzed and ranked the best of the best. This way, the next time you’re in need of your green meds but don’t want to leave the house to get them, you have plenty of options to choose from.

16 Best Weed Delivery Services


Practically no matter where you are in California or Michigan, Eaze can get you your cannabis products through their same-day delivery. 

Eaze cannabis delivery service

Eaze has one of the biggest ranges of California cannabis delivery locations on this list. They deliver to practically every county in the state and their accompanying cities, so you can get the products you need even if you can’t (or just don’t want to) leave the house. Along with delivery all across CA, they also deliver to three different counties in Michigan, giving cannabis delivery access to MI residents that want it. Eaze organizes its products well and makes finding what you need incredibly simple. For those in CA and MI, it’s a great marijuana delivery service to try. 

Delivery Areas: California and Michigan 


Even though Caliva only delivers to CA residents, their website is easy to use, they have free delivery, and you can browse deals and discounts every day. 

Man delivering cannabis products to a customer

Let’s be honest: some cannabis delivery sites aren’t easy to use whatsoever. That’s why Caliva cannabis delivery service is such a breath of fresh air. This CA-based weed delivery service offers unique deals and discounts every day, and free delivery. They make it easy to browse cannabis products, and they even offer phone or video consultations with Wellness Consultants to help you decide what products are best for you. 

Delivery Areas: Northern, Central, and Southern California 


Leafly is one of the few cannabis websites that offer delivery services for more than just Californians. 

Leafly weed delivery service

Most people in the canna-community know Leafly as the one-stop shop for all things weed — and this includes delivery! Through their website, you can find cannabis delivery services in states all throughout the country that allow it, including ones specific to medical patients. Their website’s platform is easy to use, gives you ample product information, and you have access to all the cannabis resources you could ever need. 

Delivery Areas: Arizona, California, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Toronto (Ontario)


Weedmaps is yet another well-known cannabis website that also offers a wide range of delivery services in several states. 

Weedmaps weed delivery service

Similar to Leafly, Weedmaps is another cannabis site where you can find a slew of marijuana information, including delivery services. Weedmaps shows you all the delivery services in your area, so they aren’t specific to one state. You can find both recreational and medical dispensaries depending on which applies to you. They make looking at the menu easy, and Weedmaps lets you know right away the service’s purchase minimums and delivery fees to make choosing your options seamless. 

Delivery Areas: All states that allow cannabis delivery 


Grassdoor offers the fastest cannabis delivery in all of California. 

Grassdoor weed delivery service

Grassdoor is another California-based weed delivery service, and they’ve got some of the fastest delivery times in the state. When you order through Grassdoor, you can get your cannabis products in under an hour; typically deliveries take about 40 minutes once your order’s been accepted. This means that if you need your weed in a pinch, Grassdoor is the marijuana delivery service to turn to. They also offer great first-time delivery deals for anyone who has never tried them before. 

Delivery Areas: Northern and Southern California


MedMen is a great cannabis delivery service to use to shop for some top-shelf California brands.

MedMen marijuana delivery service app

MedMen’s website is easy to use, offers various cannabis delivery options, and allows you to choose from some of the best California cannabis brands in the state. If you couldn’t guess, MedMen’s delivery services are exclusive to Californians (or those visiting CA), offering options for those in the Northern and Southern parts of the state. You can also sign up for their rewards program if you shop with them often and want to get some good deals or exclusive discounts. 

Delivery Areas: Parts of Northern and Southern California 


If you’re in Southern California, HyperWolf’s cannabis delivery service is waiting for you. 

Hyperwolf marijuana delivery app

HyperWolf is a quick, efficient, and eye-catching weed delivery service that operates exclusively in Southern California (for now). This cannabis delivery service will get you your products in 60 minutes or less, so there’s hardly any waiting involved. And, with the $40 minimum order, you don’t have to pay anything for shipping. HyperWolf’s website is easy to navigate and offers a huge range of products without any hidden fees. There’s not much more you could ask for! 

Delivery Areas: Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles 


Amuse’s weed delivery service has great discounts every day, and they even offer a good referral program for drivers. 

Amuse weed delivery service

Amuse is another marijuana delivery service in California that has a great referral program for drivers who are interested. They also offer incredible discounts and deals every day, that are easily found right on the homepage of their website. Amuse delivers to a huge range of locations across California including LA, Sacramento, San Jose, Orange County, and more. In general, their website is easy to use and makes finding certain products and brands a breeze. 

Delivery Areas: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, East Bay, Sacramento 


Great for CA residents, Emjay’s cannabis delivery site is easy to use and efficient. 

Emjay weed delivery service company

If you want a straightforward, easy-to-use weed delivery service in the Los Angeles or San Diego area, Emjay is the one to choose. This website is super easy to navigate, works well, and even has an active forum for any questions and concerns. Through Emjay, you get free delivery and exclusive discounts every day in case you want to save some cash. 

Delivery Areas: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco


Budee is another helpful weed delivery service for those living in California. 

Budee cannabis delivery website California

Budee and Ganjarunner’s sites are identical, so if you can navigate one, you can navigate the other. Budee offers a wide range of top-shelf yet affordable cannabis products for anyone that’s of age in California. You can choose between Express Delivery or Next-Day delivery depending on what works best for you and how quickly you need your products. 

Delivery Areas: California

High Times

Now, High Times does more than just deliver cannabis news — they deliver cannabis products, too. 

High Times weed delivery service

You probably know of the High Times as being a great way to get some accurate, entertaining cannabis information and resources. But, recently, they’ve branched out into offering cannabis delivery services for those in California. Their site lets you know all of the delivery services in your area after you put in your address. Then, you can shop from their list of products and have your favorite cannabis products sent right to your door. While their delivery website isn’t the most user-friendly, it’s a great place for all you CA residents looking for canna-delivery from familiar spots. 

Delivery Areas: Parts of Northern and Southern California 

Ganja Goddess

Whether you’re looking for green-certified, woman-owned, or LGBTQIA+-owned cannabis brands, Ganja Goddess has the weed delivery service to get you your favorite products. 

Ganja Goddess marijuana delivery service

Ganja Goddess’ new weed delivery service is a great option for those living in California who want to access high-quality cannabis brands of all types. Their site allows you to search through brands of varying types depending on what appeals most to you, and they deliver all throughout the state of CA. Ganja Goddess also has plenty of cannabis resources that are great for indulging in if you have questions about certain products, terpenes, or even the effects they may present. 

Delivery Areas: Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Lancaster, Oakland, Fresno, Ventura, Sacramento, Santa Cruz


Bud is a good weed delivery service to use if you’re in California and looking to get your bud without leaving your space. cannabis delivery website

While Bud’s website could be a bit better, it’s still easy to use and super efficient when it comes to ordering marijuana online. They have a wide selection of products and brands to choose from, and you can even browse other cannabinoids than just THC. Right now, their services are exclusive to California, but they plan on bringing delivery to Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada soon, too.

Delivery Areas: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Mateo, North Santa Clara, Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, East Bay, Marin County, Central Valley, Santa Cruz, South Santa Clara, Monterey County


Nugg’s weed delivery service is incredibly easy to use, and they offer all the resources you need for an effortless experience.

Nugg weed delivery service

You’re likely familiar with NuggMD or even Nugg Club Boxes — well, now you can get Nugg’s product delivered right to your door through GetNugg. This is Nugg’s latest branch in their cannabis inventory, though it is exclusive to California residents right now. Whether you’re wanting to get your medical card, your medical products, or even a subscription box, Nugg has everything you need and more, all in one place. 

Delivery Areas: California 


Ganjarunner is a simple cannabis delivery service that gets you your CA weed in just 60 minutes. 

Ganjarunner weed delivery service in California

If you need your weed within the hour, Ganjarunner’s cannabis delivery service provides the option for Express Delivery, allowing you to get your marijuana products ASAP — as long as you live in California, that is. Ganjarunner has a huge selection of products for you to choose from, and they have live customer service experts that can help you seven days a week if you have any questions or concerns. 

Delivery Areas: California 


HERB’s cannabis delivery service is quick, easy to use, and offers great discounts and rewards. 

Herb weed delivery company

HERB is dubbed one of LA’s best weed delivery services for a reason. This delivery service operates flawlessly and has an easy-to-use website that anyone can navigate and find the products they want. When you become a HERB member, you get the luxury of enjoying $20 off your first order, as well as 3% cash-back on all weed delivery purchases. These perks are more than worth it, especially when you get your products to your door within 30-60 minutes of placing your order. 

Delivery Areas: Los Angeles 

Finding the Best Weed Delivery Near You

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In some places throughout the US, getting weed delivered is quite the luxury; but, it’s a luxury that everyone should have access to. For those who live where cannabis delivery is legal, it doesn’t have to be a hassle trying to find an acceptable delivery service anymore. That’s why we’ve done the difficult part for you, and we’ve found the best weed delivery services in your area. 

As cannabis delivery continues to expand, so will the amount of weed delivery services throughout the country. And, don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated on which ones stay at the top and which ones you should simply avoid.