Wild By Nature: Two Innovative Australians Helping People Be Free Through Quality Cannabis Formulas

There’s no disappointment here when quality is the top priority.

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Mell Green

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Wild By Nature CBD products
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There are many challenges faced in the cannabis industry. Certainly, having your own brand is not easy. But, if you love cannabis and operate with a goal in mind to provide the world some of the highest quality CBD, it can all feel worth it. 

Jeremy Creighton and Wilhelm David, founders of Wild By Nature, have identified the CBD market as an opportunity to create a trusted brand that would not only improve their consumers’ wellbeing, but also empower them to make the best purchase for the best experience possible.

Wild by Nature is a collection of CBD-infused products formulated to taste good and feel even better. Featuring absolutely 0% THC and natural ingredients, these products cater to those experiencing anxiety and stress — even more in these times. Offering a variety of vapes and oils, we can’t help but learn a little more from founder Jeremy Creighton about this brand’s backstory and why they do what they do.

What are some of the tips for navigating the nuances of CBD and hemp regulation? 

Jeremy Creighton: If you are new to CBD, it’s complex, so have advice in all the areas needed. For example, surround yourself with great people, get a good lawyer for legal advice and a good scientist, farmer, and get great industry insights.

Wild By Nature CBD products
Wild By Nature products range from CBD Shots and Oils to Vapes and Pods. Photo by Wild By Nature

Wild by Nature offers six-packs with individual cartridges, which I haven’t seen done elsewhere. What was the thought process behind that?

We wanted to provide our consumers with a range that is easy to navigate – there can be a misunderstanding about dosages, so we wanted to individually lay it out for the consumer in the most straightforward way possible. Millennials are also constantly on the go, and the 6 pack is a convenient way they can take their CBD with them anytime, anywhere and is conducive to the way millennials live.

Wild By Nature CBD shots
The 6 Pack Shots ($9.99) have 100mg CBD per shot and offer different effects such as Balance, Escape, Inspire and Serene. Photo by Wild By Nature

What was the inspiration behind Wild by Nature? 

The inspiration behind Wild is driven out of a consumer movement of plant based and wellness seeking desire. The idea of Wild was feeling great from natural products, rather than relying on alcohol or other vices.

Your dosage seems to be a bit higher than some of the other brands on the market. Why is that? 

From the research that we conducted, 100mg offers the efficacy and the feeling that CBD was working. We found with lower percentage CBD products, it was hard to really feel any benefits. We aim to offer the purest CBD products possible – each product has a track and trace batch number, so you can see from first seed to final drop. There are no added chemicals, fillers, pesticides, or heavy metals, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

Final Thoughts

We have to give it to Wild By Nature — their products are safe, natural, effective, and tasty! We were lucky enough to try Wild By Nature and let us just say, this is a brand that delivers on its promise of taking us back to Mother Nature. Check out our ratings of Wild by Nature here!