Wild By Nature CBD Review

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Wild By Nature CBD review
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Wild by Nature is an organic CBD company dedicated to embracing all that Mother Nature has to offer. Their selection of CBD products is highly different than most CBD brands I’ve reviewed, even seeing products I’ve literally never heard of. (That’s always a plus for me.)

As a company wholly focused on all-natural, plant-based ingredients, you can tell from the first taste that Wild by Nature doesn’t use anything artificial. While the flavors can be a bit strong on the hemp-side of things, their potentially high potencies had me forgetting all about it. 

In less than an hour, I started feeling slight effects from these soil-to-oil CBD products; despite the super high concentration of CBD, however, Wild by Nature CBD still felt a bit gentle for my taste.

Let’s be real: it’s hard not to fall in love with Wild’s packaging. The moment you open it, you feel like you’ve been handed some secret elixir. On the tongue, Wild’s products have good flavors, but the hemp is still oh-so prominent. These CBD goodies do work well, but I would expect them to be stronger for how high their dosages are; still, I felt full-bodied waves of relaxation and a whole lot of pain relief, so I really can’t complain.
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What's Good
Beautiful packaging
All-natural ingredients
What's Bad
Strong hemp flavor
Slightly mild effects
Wild By Nature

Technical Details

CBD Strength:600-3000mg
THC Content:0%
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Vape Pens, Pods, Topicals

Editor’s Picks

  • While I love tinctures and topicals, I’m a sucker for CBD vape pods. Wild by Nature’s Chill Liquid Pod is now my go-to pod for vaping, not only because of its refreshing cooling sensation in the mouth, but the waves of relaxation it brings no matter where I’m at. This product is perfect for those who enjoy vaping, but don’t want to worry about any THC, as well as those of you always on the go.

Wild By Nature CBD Single Shots – Escape

Wild By Nature CBD shots

You’ve truly never seen a CBD product like Wild’s Escape Single Shot 6-Pack. This incredibly unique product is essentially CBD filled single-use pods that you give your dose of CBD at once.

Each pod comes with an impressive 100mg in each and is perfect for when you’re on the go. Their high doses are great for those looking for strong CBD, though you can’t dose them down if 100mg is too much. Whenever you need a little bit of an escape from every day, Wild’s novel CBD shots are great, anywhere and any time of day.

Wild By Nature shots review

Product Summary

These products look like little pods of CBD, just waiting to be squeezed. In the mouth, the Escape shots offer tropical flavors of mango and pineapple that aren’t too sweet nor too citrusy. With 100mg in each, I felt somewhat strong effects within about an hour, though they faded a bit quickly after consumption. But, with how easy they are to use, I was still impressed and was happy to pack them in my very own travel medicinal bag.


  • THC-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Nice for on-the-go dosing
  • Nice flavors


  • No dosage options
  • Effects fade somewhat quickly
CBD:600mg (100mg/each)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $29.99 ($0.05/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:Relaxing, Focus, Balance
Effects Felt:Calm, Bliss, Relief
Smell:Sweet, Tropical
Taste:Mango, Pineapple

Wild By Nature CBD Tincture – Fresh (1000mg)

Wild By Nature CBD Oil review

Wild’s 1000mg Fresh CBD Tincture is one of the most refreshing tinctures I’ve ever had. So often, you’re used to experiencing plant-like, strong floral notes; with Wild, however, their Fresh tincture has notes of apple and mint.

Right away, the flavors invigorated me, while the actual cannabinoids kicked in about 45 minutes later. I felt decompressed from head to toe, and my mind was bright and positive about what I had done that day. Thanks, Wild.

Wild By Nature Broad Spectrum tincture

Product Summary

The teal notes on the packaging caught my eye immediately, and the tincture felt strong and sturdy in my hand. The smell was quite strong, but the flavors on the tongue were surprisingly delicious. In less than an hour, I was able to feel the “fresh” effects (if “fresh” meant relaxed and positive).


  • Delicious, unique flavors
  • THC-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Promotes relaxation


  • Strong smell
  • Slightly mild effects
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $39.99 ($0.04/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:Calm, Mood Boost
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Positive, Blissful
Taste:Refreshing apple and mint