Kush Queen: CBD That Reigns Supreme Above The Rest

Today, Olivia Alexander educates us on her brand and queens up a few cannabis misconceptions.

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Mell Green

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It’s been an incredible journey for the cannabis plant over the last several years. And, as legalization continues to grow, so too does the amount of eager people looking to make a difference in this space. Who’s close to the frontlines, you ask? Women. Showing her bravery and poise in entering such a burgeoning industry, Olivia Alexander, or as some have called her the, “Meryl Streep of Weed”, has created an exceptional cannabinoid-infused product line.

Olivia Alexander laying next to Kush Queen bath bombs
Photo courtesy of Olivia Alexander, founder of Kush Queen

Olivia has been working with cannabis since the tender age of 18. Tired of working for companies who cared little for social responsibility and quality formulations, she launched her own popularly recognized company. Kush Queen was launched in 2015 in an effort to provide a space for the non-psychoactive cannabis community. While she first started out selling only electric colored bath bombs, she has expanded the brand greatly over the years, offering every body something. We had the pleasure of interviewing Olivia Alexander on her products and perspectives on cannabis culture.

Tell us a bit about the technology that makes Kush Queen products so effective?

Olivia Alexander: Kush Queen is at the forefront of science and technological innovation. With the help of our Chief Science Officer Arian Roman, we have studied the epidermal endocannabinoid system to integrate product personalization to Kush Queen and advance the utilization of rare and minor phytocannabinoids including CBN, CBG, THCv and Delta 8 THC. Our patent pending nano-technology allows the cannabis to be fully absorbed through the skin. We are one of the only CBD companies using this technology, and since we are a small company our chain of command is smaller, allowing us to do things faster. All of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients to deliver the best results for the mind and body and nourish your endocannabinoid system. 

What are your favorite Kush Queen products?

I love incorporating CBD throughout my day in multiple delivery methods to help balance my mood, relieve anxiety and sleep better. During the day, I love to take our GummiesRX CBD Chews because they are tasty and easy to pop in your mouth anytime, anywhere. I also use our newest product, Bare + CBD:THCv Tincture orally by dropping it directly under my tongue. It helps increase focus, decrease brain fog and unlike THC suppresses appetite. I indulge almost nightly in a CBD bath using our high dose bath bombs after a long day. I really just created products for myself that improved my quality of life and helped me cope with my bipolar disorder. Kush Queen is truly an expression of my experiences in products.

You seem to defy the “stoner” stigma. How do you use CBD or cannabis to enhance your entrepreneurial performance and get shit done? 

I have always approached cannabis from a wellness perspective. As said above, I am using Kush Queen products to improve my overall quality of life. I feel that it has helped me be more productive and in turn create a successful business.

What’s next for Kush Queen (new product launches, brand partnerships, global expansion)?

We recently launched in South Africa, and are excited to continue to share our products with the world. Kush Queen continues to invest in new, innovative technology and performing fulfillment for other brands—so we are basically running other brands within our brand, building a complete portfolio. We are continually working to deliver our customers innovative and effective products in a variety of delivery methods. There are some exciting launches on the horizon. 

Innovation. I truly believe it’s not about what is going on right now and it’s about the future. When I think about the lack of innovation, from delivery methods to manufacturing, the future looks extremely bright. 

How has the landscape changed with more and more women joining the cannabis space?

Olivia Alexander
Photo courtesy of Olivia Alexander

When I started in this industry, the 18-35 male stoner was the only experience I saw. It was why everyone was so perplexed that I was a “stoner.” No one took me seriously at first—they laughed me out of dispensaries with my bath bombs. I remember when Bellacures approached me to do The Canna-Cure, a CBD infused pedicure service, I was shocked they would have CBD in a nail salon. Now, CBD is available in so many different forms including beauty. We have makeup with cannabis in it. I am still speechless as my 18-year-old self would not believe it. The way beauty has embraced cannabis as an ingredient is the biggest change in the landscape to me.

Final Thoughts 

A cannabis brand that provides quality products is one thing. But, one that makes it their mission to educate and create a space for non-stoners is another. Among many other things, this for certain is how you become a pioneer in the industry and Kush Queen has things on lock. We cannot wait to see what else they have to offer the cannabis world. But, if you’re new to CBD and just hearing about Kush Queen, you can start your journey today — we love their Delta-8 THC gummies!