What Is CBD Tea?

CBD infused tea
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We all know how relaxing a quality cup of tea is. Whether you’re used to enjoying some before bed or right as you get up, tea is something that everybody can enjoy from time to time. Recently, however, tea has become even more soothing than ever with the addition of CBD.

CBD tea is quickly becoming popularized all throughout the health and wellness and cannabis communities. Not only for the delicious flavor profile it creates, but CBD tea’s popularity is exploding for reasons in every direction.


  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and is federally legal under 0.3% THC (the intoxicating compound).
  • CBD Tea is a blend of tea leaves and CBD. The mixture of CBD and herbs creates myriad health benefits that aren’t as apparent in regular tea. 
  • CBD’s anti-nausea properties work beautifully within certain herbal teas to mend stomach upset and discomfort. 
  • CBD tea has also shown serious potential in combating stress and anxiety, as well as promoting healthy sleep cycles. 
  • Able to be enjoyed cold or hot, you can consume CBD tea already infused or add a few drops of CBD oil into your favorite tea directly. 
  • We recommend starting with low, gentle doses for best results.

What Is CBD Tea?

Starting with the basics, CBD tea is quite simply different blends of tea that have been infused with CBD. CBD tea can be found in practically every type of tea possible–whether its herbal, berry, or even your classic milk teas–as its flavors blend perfectly. 

CBD infused tea product
Full-spectrum CBD tea. Photo: Neurogan

With CBD being derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, it brings notes of earth and herbs. Added into tea, however, and these flavor profiles only enhance your favorite tea’s notes.

Tea, in general, is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Being totally plant-based typically, adding more plant-based ingredients such as CBD only makes sense. This creates a blend that’s 100% natural, and one that you can enjoy guilt-free every time you take a sip. 

You know how great your body feels after a great cup of tea, so just imagine that feeling enhanced tenfold with CBD’s medicinally beneficial properties. 

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD Tea?

  1. Great for Digestion

CBD tea is actually jam-packed with health benefits. Normally, herbal teas are relied upon during stomach upset and nausea; CBD is too. Tea’s naturally soothing digestive properties combined with CBD’s anti-nausea effects makes for an upset stomach remedy that’s straight from Mother Nature herself.

  1. Calming, Anti-Anxiety Properties

CBD is most notably recognized for its relaxing, soothing qualities. With this comes anti-anxiety properties that can easily manage stress levels and get you feeling more level-headed.  Certain teas, such as chamomile or lavender, are also known for their calming effects through herbal remedies. Again, the combination creates an extra-helpful mix of anti-anxiety, mind-calming, body-balanced goodness.

  1. Assistance with Sleep

If you frequently have trouble sleeping, CBD tea may be a relaxing answer to your tiring problem. CBD boasts properties similar to that of a sleep aid, often without the drowsy effects. Many exclusively rely on CBD for help with sleep, as it not only calms the mind, but it relaxes muscles and joints, too, for ultimate full-body calm. 

Calming blends like peppermint and chamomile may be the best paired with CBD for sleep, as these natural herbs contain relaxing properties themselves. Added within your nightly cup of tea and you’re suddenly sent into a dream-state before you’ve even fallen asleep. 

What’s the Right CBD Spectrum for Tea?

CBD tea isn’t one-size-fits all. It comes in myriad different types, strengths, and spectrums to appeal to CBD consumers of all types. So, there’s no “right” CBD spectrum for tea, in general, but there will be a perfect one for you.

THC-free CBD tea

Full-spectrum CBD teas are going to be some of the most potent due to their abundance of different cannabinoids. In the cannabis world, full-spectrum CBD extracts exude something called the “entourage effect,” which refers to the idea that cannabis’ phytochemicals work best when enjoyed all together. 

But, that doesn’t mean that other CBD teas like broad-spectrum or even CBD isolates are less effective–they’re just different. CBD isolate teas are ideal for those who don’t want to experience any other cannabinoids besides CBD, and if you’re looking for cleaner, purer extract. But, at the end of the day, the choice is ultimately up to you and your personal preferences. 

How to Consume CBD Tea

With CBD’s versatility, you can enjoy CBD tea in a myriad of different ways, hot or cold. Typically, many prefer to simply add a few drops of CBD oil directly into the tea itself after it’s been brewed. With this, you can add your favorite CBD tincture into your favorite tea practically effortlessly. You will just have to wait about an hour or so for effects.

If you don’t have a CBD tincture on hand or would prefer the ease of pre-infused CBD tea, many brands give you that option as well. Some CBD companies have started specializing in CBD-infused tea bags sold by the pack or singularly for just a taste. Both of these can be brewed for hot or cold tea, and are available in various different herbal blends. 

Regardless of how you choose to consume your plant-based beverage, you’ll reap the benefits of both CBD and the powerful herbs paired with it. 

How Much Should You Drink?

When it comes to CBD tea, it will take a bit of trial and error to find your perfect dosage. Doses depend on things like cannabis tolerance, height, weight, and other personal habits, so you must keep these factors in mind when determining how much to take.

Typically, starting low and slow is always recommended. Many CBD teas start with incredibly low doses containing between 5 to 7 mg. of CBD per ml., though it does depend on the brand. 

Our favorite, Green Roads CBD, sells both CBD coffee and tea at gentle doses that are perfect for new and experienced consumers. Their chamomile CBD tea contains 7 mg. of CBD in a 2 ml. package. A dosage like Green Roads’ is a great place to start if you’ve never had CBD tea before. 

Is CBD Tea as Effective as Oils, Edibles, and Vapes?

When we sit down and directly compare CBD tea to other products like CBD oils, edibles, and vapes, the science shows us that it simply isn’t as effective as others. However, that’s not to say that CBD tea isn’t effective at all: quite the opposite, actually. 

CBD oils and vapes are some of the most effective methods of consuming CBD simply because of the way that they’re consumed. These methods show higher levels of bioavailability, meaning that more of the CBD molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in a more potent experience. 

With CBD tea, the CBD molecules must first travel all throughout the body, first to be digested and then distributed. By the time this happens, many of these molecules have been destroyed, but definitely not all. This is why you have to wait longer to feel effects through products like CBD tea. Again, products such as these are still extremely effective; they’re just simply not as effective as others.

Final Thoughts

CBD tea is a drink that’s packed full of so many benefits, flavors, and all-over goodness that it will quickly become a staple in your health and wellness routine. With CBD tea, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of consuming your CBD sublingually, nor are the flavors or textures overly apparent. 

All in all, the idea of CBD-infused tea is one that your mind and body will adore. With so many different benefits coming from both CBD and different herbal blends, this special drink can be truly transformative.