CBD Suppositories: A Guide to a Unique Form of Relief (in the Most Intimate Areas)

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Eloise Theisen, MSN, NP, AGPCNP-BC

Eloise Theisen is a board-certified adult geriatric nurse practitioner with more than 20 years of experience providing palliative care primarily to cancer, dementia, and chronic pain patients. For the last...

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CBD suppositories for women's health
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CBD suppositories are cannabis products that are designed to be inserted either vaginally or rectally depending on their intended purpose. These cone-shaped products are made with a hemp-derived CBD extract and carrier oil, used specifically to provide relief in the most intimate parts of the body.

CBD for Where? What Are CBD Suppositories?

When inserted into the body, the CBD suppositories melt naturally. As they melt, they release the cannabidiol, however, it will not be absorbed into the mucous membranes. Generally, cannabinoids in hemp (or marijuana) suppositories will not reach the bloodstream unless a suppository is inserted far enough into the rectum, reaching the portal vein (liver) — only then can they enter the bloodstream.

CBD suppositories are oil-based and meant to provide localized effects, not systemic. We don’t suggest inserting cannabis suppositories that far up rectally, but we’ll touch more on that later.

This method of application creates higher bioavailability than other methodologies, specifically because the cannabinoids bypass both the digestive system and the liver. So, compared to oral consumption, you’re going to experience results much more rapidly with your suppository. It’s important to note however, that the bioavailability will be similar to the absorption rate of oral, as cannabis suppositories do not have a chemical carrier (hemisuccinate).

Nonetheless, cannabis suppositories are useful for those who need localized relief for issues such as hemorrhoids, fissures, pain, etc.

CBD suppositories are known for providing a level of localized relief to the area that you insert it into. If you’re seeking pain relief only, you can find soothing, muscle-relaxing suppositories. If you’re looking for a boost in arousal, you can find more stimulating suppositories made specifically for sex. 

The Benefits of Sticking CBD Up Your… You Know

Whether inserted rectally or vaginally, CBD suppositories can provide varying levels of pain relief and relaxation, especially at the localized level. And, this relief comes from an all-natural product, which adds an extra layer of appeal and comfort. 

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Rectal suppositories may be helpful for those suffering from abdominal pain, hemorrhoids, or inflammatory bowel disease, while vaginal suppositories can be great for pain and discomfort in the pelvic region, or for complications from menstrual cramps or other reproductive issues.

Dr. Melanie Bone, an OB/GYN and the Medical Director of Hello Again cannabis suppository brand, knows a thing or two about how these specific products work in the body — specifically, for women suffering from pain in the reproductive region. 

When asked about CBD suppository benefits, Dr. Bone had this to say to us: “In conditions like menstrual pain, where traditional painkillers might not always be effective, having alternatives like CBD suppositories and the likes of Daye’s CBD tampons can allow people to own their health and find what works best for them, rather than being confined to traditional methods that may not provide adequate relief.”

Treating complications in the pelvic region or anus, as a whole, can be a tricky, delicate process. Products like CBD suppositories, though, allow for a sense of privacy and control, as you have total autonomy here.

And, as Dr. Bone mentioned, many traditional methods may not provide the localized pain relief that suppositories do. Pain relief is not only targeted with these products, but it also comes on rapidly, allowing for quick comfort.

Along with turning to CBD suppositories for pain relief, people also turn to them for sexual purposes. Women may suffer from pain or discomfort in the pelvic region during sex, making intercourse uncomfortable and unfavorable. 

However, suppositories may be able to help reduce that discomfort while simultaneously stimulating the area to boost arousal. CBD suppositories for sex are meant to make the experience more comfortable and pleasurable overall.    

Side Effects of CBD Suppositories: What We Know (And What We Don’t)

Like all cannabis products, CBD suppositories may come with some minor side effects that you should be aware of. It’s highly advisable to speak with your health professional about using a CBD suppository to ensure that there aren’t any medical risks for you. They may also be able to help you determine your ideal dosage and usage schedule. 

Unfortunately, your primary healthcare professional may not be as knowledgeable about these products — or their side effects — as they should be. Dr. Bone talks about this firsthand: “There is indeed a degree of stigma and hesitation around these products.”

She goes on to explain, “This hesitation often stems from a lack of understanding or misinformation about CBD and cannabis products. As a healthcare provider, my role is to educate patients about these products, discuss their potential benefits and risks, and ensure they can make informed decisions about their health.”

Because of these barriers to lack of education, not as many people are familiar with these products and their potential applications as they should be. 

Thankfully, Dr. Bone is hopeful: “Despite some lingering stigma, I believe that as more research is conducted and as the benefits of products like CBD suppositories become clearer, we’ll see an increasing number of patients open to trying them.”

Right now, CBD suppositories do not appear to pose any sort of a serious health risk; however, if you insert one of these suppositories and find yourself experiencing any adverse reactions, it’s best to contact your doctor immediately and don’t use one again. It’s best to insert these at night to avoid any leaking while out and about. 

Eloise Theisen, a board-certified adult geriatric nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience in nursing, cautions that “CBD can be administered in many different ways. Suppositories can offer the consumer a way to treat their condition without worrying about side effects often found with oral products. It is important to consider that some medical conditions that lower immunity, like cancer, may not be best suited for suppositories and it is best to consult your healthcare professional before starting a suppository.”

Is a CBD Suppository For You? Let’s Find Out

CBD-infused suppositories for pain relief
Hemp-derived CBD suppositories with 100mg full-spectrum CBD per dose. Photo: Foria

Because suppositories are inserted either vaginally or rectally, these products work for both men and women. However, there is a common misconception that only women can utilize these products. 

While they can be amazing for female health, CBD suppositories can be wonderful for helping any person struggling with complications like IBS, hemorrhoids, or any general abdominal or rectal pain. 

However, when it comes to vaginal suppositories, these products do show incredible potential applications for relief and support. 

“As an OB/GYN, I can certainly appreciate the potential benefits of using CBD suppositories for women suffering from pelvic pain or discomfort,” says Hello Again’s Medical Director. “CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which may provide much-needed relief. Products like CBD suppositories allow for localized administration of CBD right where the discomfort originates.” 

And for most women, this kind of relief is unheard of. While traditional treatment methods often tackle generalized pain and discomfort, CBD suppositories work with the root cause, creating deep-seated, long-lasting effects. Plus, they’re a type of product that you can use day after day.

Dr. Bone elaborates, “Products like CBD suppositories can empower women to take care of their physical health by providing them with additional options to manage their symptoms and enhance their well-being.”

These types of products are easy to use, natural, and very private, allowing you to feel more secure taking control of your health and wellness. 

What to Look For When Buying a CBD-Infused Suppository 

Suppositories with THC in sealed bottles
Indica and Sativa cannabis suppositories with 50mg THC each.

As a somewhat niche cannabis product, you may not know what to look for when shopping for CBD suppositories. So, we’ve got some advice.

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First, you want to make sure you’re only viewing products from reputable, well-established brands. You never want to buy a CBD suppository from a company that doesn’t have their products’ ingredient information, extraction sourcing, and third-party lab test results available — especially with a product as sensitive as a suppository. The best suppository any money can buy would be non-toxic and organic.

Lastly, third-party lab test results shouldn’t be difficult to find, either. They should be readily available on the website for consumers to view whenever they are interested. These documents need to be up-to-date and comprehensive, covering both the quality and purity of the extract inside.

How to Use a CBD Suppository the Right Way 

Suppositories with CBD
Suppositories with full-spectrum CBD. Photo: Mello

While potentially daunting at first, learning how to use a CBD suppository the right way may be easier than you think. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to properly insert your CBD suppository: 

  1. Start by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water to ensure cleanliness. 
  2. Then, find a comfortable position. Most people find that assuming a squatting position is easiest, but others prefer to lie down on the back and then bend the knees.
  3. Take the suppository out of the packaging. Make sure it hasn’t been damaged or tampered with in any way. 
  4. Now, it’s time to insert the suppository. Using your fingers, insert the suppository as deep into your vagina as possible, pointed-end first. You want to make sure it is as deep in there as possible (without hurting yourself or causing discomfort). For rectal administration, you only want to go about 1.5-2 inches, which will help you avoid hitting the portal vein so that there are no systemic effects.
  5. It is recommended to stay in this position for about 20 minutes while laying on your left side, allowing the suppository to dissolve and be absorbed into the body. 
  6. After a few minutes have passed, you can throw away the packaging and wash your hands once again. 

Soon, you should be able to feel your CBD suppository start working. The exact effects of these suppositories are going to vary significantly depending on your reason for using them and even where you’re inserting them in the first place. 

Experience Relief in a Whole New Way With CBD Suppositories

Though slightly unconventional, CBD suppositories allow people to experience relief in a whole new — more localized and gentle — way. CBD suppositories provide an element of privacy and intimacy that you don’t normally get from CBD products, and it’s creating a wave of empowerment for those who have needed something like this the most.

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