CBD Suppositories: Sticking CBD Up Your Butt (and Vagina) Is Good For Your Health

CBD suppositories
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Most people have no problem rubbing some CBD cream on their aching joints or placing a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue to calm the nerves. But, for those hard-to-reach extra-sensitive areas that aren’t relieved with typical products, cannabis suppositories are an incredible solution.

When we say Cannabis we mostly mean CBD, though there are THC suppositories available if legal in your state. THC is not federally legal, CBD under 0.3% THC content is. So for this purpose we’ll discuss both.

We know, you’re putting cannabis where?! Trust us on this: CBD suppositories are up-and-coming products within the cannabis industry that is changing the lives of everyday people and everyday experiences. If you’re totally lost, don’t worry. We’re explaining everything to know about cannabis suppositories down below.

Everything you need to know about CBD suppositories:

  • CBD suppositories are regular suppositories soaked in CBD oil that can be inserted either rectally or vaginally. 
  • Cannabis in the form of THC is not federally legal, but CBD under 0.3% THC content is. Both have benefits that differ.
  • Suppositories offer a great option for quick, potent pain relief as the suppository dissolves and the cannabinoids immediately enter the bloodstream.
  • Cannabis suppositories are ideal for reproductive conditions as well as pelvic pain due to the high number of cannabinoid receptors in that region. 
  • Great for endometriosis, PMS, vulvodynia, and dyspareunia, cannabis suppositories are a great option for women.
  • You can also turn to cannabis suppositories for help with rectal pain and hemorrhoids.

What are Cannabis Suppositories?

It’s best to start with the basics: what even are cannabis suppositories, and how do they work?

Regular suppositories are ways of administering medication, typically rectally or vaginally, where the medication will dissolve over time and deliver concentrated effects. It’s simply another way of consuming medication.

Essentially, cannabis or CBD suppositories are suppositories that have been soaked in CBD or THC oil. When inside the body, the suppository dissolves and releases the beneficial cannabinoids into the body to do their thing. Again, these can either be inserted anally or vaginally depending on the issues you’re trying to combat. 

Suppositories with CBD
Suppositories with full spectrum CBD

Cannabis suppositories have incredible efficacy for digestive issues, pelvic pains, and reproductive issues. Because of where the suppository is inserted, these problems are directly targeted by the cannabis that’s released. Instead of consuming a product that only vaguely touches these sensitive areas, suppositories get to the actual source of the problem. From gastrointestinal pain to reducing discomfort from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, these cannabis-soaked medications are incredible for complications all over this area. 

This methodology provides not only a potent result, but a quick one, too. When inserted, the cannabinoids are directly absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately. This way, you don’t have to wait in pain for effects–you’ll feel them within minutes. 

THC Suppositories

Surprisingly, THC suppositories are not going to get you high. Unlike typical THC products, with THC suppositories, the THC completely bypasses your liver. Usually, this is where the THC travels to break down and become psychoactive. But, without this step, you don’t have to worry about feeling intoxicated one bit.

Suppositories with THC in sealed bottles
Indica and Sativa suppositories with 50mg THC each

Instead, you’re left with comprehensive pain relief. Typically, weed suppositories aren’t going to just have THC; they’re often paired with other beneficial cannabinoids that create fuller, more potent effects (thanks to the entourage effect). With THC suppositories, pain is manageable, muscles are relaxed, and even your digestive system is calmer. 

Unfortunately, these types of suppositories are only going to be available at dispensaries in places that have legalized cannabis. However, you always have the option of purchasing CBD suppositories online instead.

CBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories are the ones that most people rely on for their deep-seated aches and pains. Again, these are easily available online and can be found for both anal or vaginal use. These types of cannabis suppositories are just as beneficial as THC-infused ones, they just don’t contain that cannabinoid in particular (or at least, levels higher than 0.3%, that is).

Suppositories with 100mg CBD each

For anyone who doesn’t want levels of THC in their body but still wants to experience clear pain relief in your lower areas, CBD suppositories are the perfect answer. They’re easy to purchase, incredibly potent, and totally natural. 

When it comes to medical benefits, both CBD and THC suppositories demonstrate support from all directions. 

What are the Health Benefits of Cannabis Suppositories?

Your body’s reproductive system is home to numerous cannabinoid receptors–some of the most in the body, in fact. Because of this, your pelvic region is extremely susceptible to cannabis and the cannabinoids they produce.

Cannabis suppositories are most known for their success with pain and inflammation, specifically with problems within the reproductive system. For women, issues like endometriosis, PMS, and even vulvodynia and dyspareunia can be debilitating and extremely difficult to find relief from. Cannabis suppositories, however, demonstrate serious potential for all of those ailments, providing women with the chance for relief without invasive surgery. 

Problems like vulvodynia and dyspareunia, painful vulva and painful intercourse, are more common than you’d think. More than that, they are incredibly difficult to treat. These complications cause tight, painful muscle spasms that make comfortable sex practically impossible. Cannabis suppositories, however, directly relieve inflammation and muscle spasms, as well as numbing pain-perceptive nerves to make everything feel more pleasurable. 

When inserted anally, cannabis suppositories are extremely beneficial for rectal pain and hemorrhoids. Dating back to 1700 BC, rudimentary cannabis suppositories were utilized to treat hemorrhoids, and we still see success here today. Suppositories are gentle and easy to use, making them a great option for these painful ailments in such sensitive places.  

Where Can You Find Suppositories?

Hemp suppositories
Full spectrum CBD suppositories by Mother’s Dose

Cannabis suppositories are a bit more popular than you might think. Though you may not be able to find them at your favorite local dispensary, you can easily find reputable cannabis companies to purchase high-quality, efficacious cannabis suppositories. 

Just be sure when shopping to always make sure you do extra research to ensure you’re buying from a reputable company that uses only premium, safe ingredients and quality cannabinoids. Check a company’s third-party lab-test results to see if their standards align with theirs. From there, you can find the perfect suppositories for you. 

What’s a great company to check out? Well, if you don’t want to taste your plant-based cannabinoids, you don’t have to. With Foria or Mother’s Dose suppositories, you have a medicinal cylinder made of potent full-spectrum CBD extracts you may insert (with clean hands) vaginally for relief during menstruation, penetration, and even more severe conditions such as menopause and PMS — just be sure to store them in a cool place to prevent melting. You’ll feel calming effects almost instantly. 

Final Thoughts

It may sound a bit unconventional, but cannabis suppositories are some of the best ways to relieve pelvic pain gently and efficiently. They’re very easily inserted and won’t cause pain to your pelvic region when inserted. All in all, cannabis suppositories are incredibly gentle yet offer significant pain relief for complications that aren’t easily treated with your regular ol’ heating pad and aspirin. 

The next time you find yourself experiencing pain down there, consider purchasing cannabis suppositories. As an all-natural option that doesn’t require consumption, they sure make pleasure and relaxation a breeze.