Want a Better Cannabis Harvest? Listen to the Moon

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Mell Green

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Growing marijuana at night under the moon
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Gardening with the help of the moon is nothing new. Farmers and gardeners have been using the moon and its cycles as a guide for growing crops and plants for hundreds of years, which has yielded excellent results. In fact, it works so well that it could result in the best cannabis harvest you’ve ever had. Sister Kate of the small but mighty Sisters of the Valley brand says, “The business of making medicines by the cycles of the moon, that is ancient wisdom in many cultures. Maybe all cultures that existed around the year 800.”

We get it. Trying out a new method for anything can be a bit overwhelming. So, if you have no idea where to start when it comes to growing your weed according to the moon, have no fear. We’ve got your back. Here, you’ll learn how to take your harvest to the next level. 

How the Moon and Earth Work Together

As you may know, the Earth’s gravitational pull on the moon is essential to many of the natural processes that we experience on this planet, the most famous being the changing of the tides in the ocean. 

Because of that, it makes sense that during the new moon and full moons, the Earth’s and Sun’s gravity act together to cause the highest (and lowest) tides during the moon’s cycle. 

But you may not know that this allows the soil to soak up the most moisture during these high tides. It’s pretty simple — more water means healthier crops. So, it’s understandable that when we are in tune with nature and take the strategic advantage that the moon provides us while growing cannabis, the results can be better than we’ve ever had. “We believe in the energies of the moon and that those energies can be harnessed to make our medicines more powerful. Moon energy, prayer, fire circles, chants, those go together to manifest the most harmony for our lifestyle and the best medicine for the patients we have been called to serve,” says Sister Kate.

Understanding the Moon and Its Cycles

Lunar cycles are determined by the positions of the Sun, Earth, and the Moon during a given period. To put it simply, there are four principal lunar positions: new moon, first-quarter moon, full moon, and last-quarter moon. 

A new moon happens when sunlight hits the backside of the moon, making it appear fully engulfed in shadow to our eyes. 

During a first-quarter moon, we see it as half-lit and half-in shadow. Think of those black-and-white cookies we all consider buying but never pull the trigger on. A full moon, the most recognizable, is entirely lit by the sun—werewolf time.

Finally, during a last-quarter moon, it looks just like the first-quarter moon, but the light and dark halves are switched.

We can see it become more and more illuminated for two weeks of the moon’s four-week phase. After that, we see it slowly get darker during the second half. Then, it rinses and repeats. 

Getting the Most Out of the Moon and Your Weed

There are specific points during the moon’s phases where it is best to do certain things when growing your weed, just as there are better crop seasons than others. 

It’s essential to pay attention to which parts of the lunar cycles require specific tasks to be performed, and if miscalculated, it could throw off your whole harvest.

Strongest Gravitational Pull (New and Full Moon)

When it comes to the strongest gravitational pull during the new and full moon (and leading up to them), more moisture and nutrients are pulled into the plant, its buds, and leaves. 

This phase of the moon is the best time to water your plants so that nutrients will quickly be drawn up into them. This will give your cannabis plants a better jump-start for growth than watering them during the first-quarter and last-quarter moons.

This is also the ideal time to plant your seeds, as the same principle will help speed up fertilization and sprouting. 

Weakest Gravitational Pull (First-Quarter and Last-Quarter Moon)

When the moon is in its first-quarter and last-quarter phases or leading up to them, the gravitational pull of the moon slowly gets weaker. This is when moisture drops into the soil and the cannabis plant’s roots. 

These phases are when you should transfer young weed plants, or seedlings, into the ground. Since most moisture is lower, it is the perfect environment for the roots to get the water and nutrients they need to take hold of and grow better and stronger. 

This will provide the best starting point for your cannabis plants to begin life in the ground. 

This is also the best time to trim and prune your plants. Since most of the nutrients are in the lower part of the cannabis plant at this point, pruning during this time will avoid depriving the plant of any essential nutrients


Well, there you have it! In brief, although this unique method for growing crops has never been a secret, it’s rarely discussed or advocated in the cannabis industry. While some growers may view this as an arbitrary method not worth the time to study and practice, if you put in the work, planning, and love of growing into it, you could walk away with the harvest of your dreams.