Wildflower Review

Wildflower CBD is a large wellness company that has put in a ton of time and effort into their sleek, appealing packaging and wide range of products. The brand was established in Vancouver back in 2012, and has since exploded in popularity; you can find their products at various dispensaries, health and wellness stores, and even Dillards (yes, the department store) across the country.

Though they’ve managed to create quite a name for themselves, Wildflower poses some issues with me when it comes to transparency. They boast ‘all-natural’ ingredients and ‘trustworthy’ experiences, yet do not offer any third-party lab-test reports, certifications, or even hemp sources on their website. I also found that some of the ingredients added were, in fact, not natural at all, which made me question just how quality this company can be.

Wildflower CBD’s products are some of the daintiest, prettiest products on the market, and they arrive in elaborate packing to ensure safety and satisfaction. Unfortunately, Wildflower’s positives stop there. The purity of these products is questionable, as no test results can be found on their site. I found their ‘all-natural’ ingredients to be overwhelming in taste and underwhelming in potency, creating quite a juxtaposition of hope and disappointment between what their products appear to be and how they truly are.
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What's Good
Great product variety
Beautiful, sleek packaging
Quality shipping
What's Bad
No third-party lab-test results
Unnatural ingredients
Overwhelming flavors
Not super potent

Technical Details

CBD Strength:30mg – 1000mg
THC Content:0%
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Capsules, Topicals, Vapes
Hemp Origin:CO, KY, OR

Editor’s Pick

  • For me, there’s nothing tougher than going to bed after a physically stressful day. Because of that, I always gravitate towards products like Wildflower’s Aches CBD vape. This pen-cartridge combo provides a discreet dose of 150mg CBD in one of the cutest (and highest-quality) vaporizer packages I’ve ever seen. With a few puffs before bed, my body definitely felt a bit more relaxed and my mood got bright enough for some z’s.

Wildflower CBD Capsules

For a fast-acting, easy way of enjoying CBD, Wildflower created its own 30mg broad-spectrum CBD capsules. These capsules are designed to promote your overall health, assisting with joint and muscle discomfort, brain function, and providing a wave of calm.

I appreciated these completely vegan ingredients and healthy dose of CBD per capsule, though I was still a bit hesitant trying them not knowing exactly what was in them with their lack of third-party lab-test results.

Product Summary

CBD capsules have always been a favorite modality of mine because of their ease. Wildflower’s capsules are no exception, and with their 30mg of CBD in each, they provided me a dose of relaxation that wasn’t too strong nor too mild. At first, their all-vegan ingredients excited me, but, upon not finding third-party lab-test results, I still felt a bit iffy.


  • Promoting overall health
  • Relaxing
  • Easy-to-use
  • Vegan ingredients


  • Products don’t have test results
CBD:900mg (30mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $79.99 ($0.09/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:#Wellness, #Relaxing, #Aches
Effects Felt:Calm, Relief

Wildflower Pure Plus Tincture

For a super-concentrated dose of broad-spectrum CBD, Wildflower’s 1000mg Pure Plus tincture can give you just that. This tincture is a blend of hemp seed oil, broad-spectrum CBD, and milk thistle– all ingredients known to have proven medicinal and nutritional benefits.

With this impressive mixture, I found some serious overall relaxation and mood enhancement, though it didn’t affect my pain as much as their website initially suggested. But, at 1000mg and in a sublingual form, I couldn’t be mad at the powerful properties that I did experience after a few doses.

Product Summary

Wildflower’s 1000mg Pure Plus broad-spectrum tincture sure is a pure one. Made with only three ingredients, all of which are vegan and completely all-natural, you’re really getting a simple, unrefined taste of CBD. While this tincture is great for promoting wellness and relaxation, you do have to get through its strong taste (and lack of tincture test results).


  • Promoting relaxation
  • Wellness
  • Easy-to-consume
  • All-natural, vegan ingredients


  • Strong flavor
  • No lab-test reports
CBD:1000mg (33mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $119.99 ($0.12/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:#Wellness, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Relief

Wildflower Immunity CBD Vaporizer

Wildflower’s 150mg CBD Immunity vape pen is made to promote immune system support through aromatherapy and plant-based healing. The cartridge contains essential oils such as eucalyptus, thyme, and myrrh combined with, I believe, broad-spectrum CBD (though their website mistakenly lists both full and broad-spectrum as their chosen extract).

You simply twist this cartridge onto your vaporizer and inhale for five seconds to receive a full hit of immunity. I will say, the essential oils in this cartridge make for quite strong aromas that are a bit overpowering, and I didn’t feel much other than calm. The hits are smooth and leave a subtly minty taste on the tongue on exhale — one of the smoothest vapes I’ve ever tried.

Product Summary

CBD vapes always appeal to my more discreet side, as they’re so easy to enjoy practically anywhere. Wildflower’s Immunity cartridge smells far from hemp, so you don’t have to worry about being noticed (though the taste is a bit strong). However, they claim to use all-natural ingredients, yet use polysorbate, a carcinogen. Plus, there are no third-party lab-test results to prove quality, and I didn’t experience much besides typical relaxation.


  • Immune health
  • Easy-to-use
  • Discreet
  • Smooth-hitting


  • Both broad and full-spectrum are incorrectly listed
  • Not all-natural ingredients
  • No lab reports
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $29.99 ($0.20/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:#Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm

Wildflower CBD Relief Stick

Now called the Relief Stick, Wildflower’s 500mg Healing Stick is one of their most popular products available. As a topical with an extremely high concentration of CBD and a no-mess application, I gladly rubbed this soothing stick on my body’s pain points. This resulted in a cooling, therapeutic sensation that I repeated thrice throughout the day for consistent relief.

With a high concentration of broad-spectrum CBD also comes a high price point, as this stick is available at a whopping $74.99 for 2.5 oz. However, its all-natural ingredients and subtle scents do make a pretty therapeutic product.

Product Summary

If Wildflower did anything right, it’s their 500mg Healing Stick. This potent topical doesn’t leave behind oily moisture, and rubs directly into your skin without you even having to touch it with your hands. (My favorite.) The stick contains truly natural ingredients that result in a fresh, subtle scent. I was a bit turned off at the $74.99 price tag initially, but its potency changed my mind.


  • Muscle and joint discomfort
  • No-mess application
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Pricey
  • No lab report
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $74.99 ($0.15/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:#Pain
Effects Felt:Relief
Smell:Herbal, natural