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Vita Coco Infused CBD drinks review
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Vita Coco’s new line of hemp-infused beverages are indicative of the future. These CBD Drinks are not only delicious, but they work. Well.

Vita Coco partnered with Plant People, a brand I know and love, to infuse each drink with high-quality broad-spectrum hemp extract. On the tongue, these reminded me of Vita Coco’s classic coconut waters, only they made me feel a whole lot better after about 30 minutes.

Compared to other hemp-infused drinks I’ve sipped on, Vita Coco’s are easily one of the most refreshing (and effective). Vita Coco claims these drinks are best for when you “need a moment,” but I love these infused waters practically all times of the day. 

Vita Coco Infused-Hemp drinks have various gems (including lemon) with 0.0% THC (well below the .3 limit) and a lab-tested, certificate of analysis stamp of hemp quality. They clock in at around 20mg of broad-spectrum extract, so no full-spectrum or terpene options here.

Vita Coco’s infused CBD waters taste better than most hemp-based beverages, both in terms of natural flavor and disguising the hemp. I felt effects in close to 30 minutes, and they were surprisingly potent: potent enough to provide a very real felt sense of calm, unlike other infused beverages, that is. When drinking an infused beverage, I want it to remind me of an everyday drink, and Vita Coco’s did. From their great packaging to obvious potency, these bubbly drinks were a total therapeutic sensation that won me over.
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What's Good
Delicious flavors
Strong potency
Easy to consume
Reduces pain
Alleviates stress
What's Bad
Only two flavors
Vita Coco Infused

Technical Details

CBD Strength:20mg
THC Content:0%
Extract Source:Broad-Spectrum
Extraction Method:Whole Plant
Product Types:CBD Drinks

Editor’s Pick

  • Currently, Vita Coco Infused only has two flavors available, but my favorite is easily the cardamom-lemon can. The flavors are so bright and refreshing that I completely forgot I was drinking a hemp-infused product. Because I was so focused on flavor, the effects snuck up on me–in the best way possible. I’d recommend this drink for anyone who’s looking to experience hemp in a new, totally delicious way.

Vita Coco Infused CBD Drink – Cardamom Lemon

Vita Coco Cardamon Lemon

Kicking back by the pool or just trying to relax after a stressful day, I’d suggest cracking open a can of Vita Coco’s Infused Cardamom-Lemon water. Both lemon and cardamom contain the limonene terpene, giving this drink an extra citrusy flavor that’s reminiscent of a summer day.

Intended for a dose of relaxation, this infused drink does a great job at relaxing muscles and calming the mind. With effects felt between 30 minutes and an hour, Vita Coco’s Cardamom-Lemon water is the perfect break in the middle of the day (or maybe during your kid’s nap time). Though they may not be as stimulating and energizing as Lifted’s CBD-infused cold brew, these waters are perfect for a dose of chill instead.

Vita Coco Infused Cardamom CBD drink

Product Summary

These potent cans of infused water taste just as good as they look. Vita Coco’s Cardamom-Lemon water produces soothing effects quickly and throughout the body, giving you a refreshing wave of chill with every drink. And, as soon as you’re done, you can recycle the can, no problem. Eco-friendly, delicious, and potent–what else could you want?


  • Bright, crisp flavor
  • Potent extract
  • Produces relaxing, calming effects


  • No complaints here!
Extract Type:Broad Spectrum
Price: Available Upon Request
Lab Report:
Good For:Relaxing, Bliss, Stress
Effects Felt:Chill, Bliss, Relief
Smell:Sweet, Citrusy
Taste:Lemon, Bubbly

Vita Coco Infused CBD Drink – Cloved Orange

Vita Coco Infused CBD drink Cloved Orange

While the cardamon-lemon flavor is reminiscent of summer days, Vita Coco’s Infused Cloved Orange water is all about cozy comfort. The warm cloved orange flavors feel like a hug for your tongue, and the relaxing effects the 20mg of hemp brings only adds to the feelings of relaxation. 

These cans of water taste unlike any infused CBD water I’ve had yet, and they’re consistently potent. Vita Coco claims these drinks are great for helping you take the night off, and I agree wholeheartedly: I felt uber relaxed in under an hour. 

Vita Coco Infused review

Product Summary

These cloved orange drinks are both delicious and potent: they’re deliciously potent. Vita Coco’s drinks bring full-bodied effects within less than an hour, and they work like a charm when it comes to reducing stress and tension. These cans are perfect for parties with their cute packaging and sweet, citrusy aromas. All in all, you can’t go wrong with these infused waters. 


  • Cozy, citrusy flavors
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Potent effects


  • No complaints here!
Extract Type:Broad Spectrum
Price: Available Upon Request
Lab Report:
Good For:Stress, Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Bliss, Relief
Smell:Orange, Citrus
Taste:Fruity, Herbaceous