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The Hemp Collect THC vape pen product
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The Hemp Collect’s products are just fine. They aren’t anything to write home about, but they also aren’t bad, either. They provide mild effects and come in nice packaging, but the product quality itself isn’t quite as good as they advertise.

The Hemp Collect seems like a decent brand that has had some problems in the past. Whether or not the brand still struggles with legitimacy or shipping problems we’re not sure. Still, they do offer a wide selection of products and they have updated, full-panel COAs that come from legitimate sources these days.
What's Good
Large selection of products
Products are packaged well and look high-quality
Website is comprehensive with plenty of information regarding the company, cannabinoids, and more
Offers full-panel COAs that are easy to find
Offers bulk options for those who are interested
Has organic, gluten-free options for edibles
What's Bad
Not all (finished) products are tested for impurities such as pesticides and solvents
The Hemp Collect

Editor’s Pick

I enjoyed the Live Resin CBD Sugar in the strain Pear Blossom. This strain was bright and quite tasty, and the texture of the concentrate was easy to work with. My specific live resin had 38% CBD and 35% D8, making it great for those looking for enhanced supportive effects. After one dab, I found myself feeling much more relaxed and comfortable, able to complete my work without feeling distracted or bogged down. I will say that this isn’t a good strain for making you feel stoned, though.

Live Resin Delta-8 Day Trip Disposable Vape: Garlic Jam

The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin Day Trip delta-8 disposable vape comes in the tasty Garlic Jam strain. There’s one gram of extract in this disposable, and The Hemp Collect says there’s anywhere from 50-70% delta-8 THC depending on the product you get; they also have a nice percentage of CBD, ranging between 15-20%. You can buy this daytime disposable vape on The Hemp Collect’s website for a reasonable $40.

Delta-8 disposable vape pen Garlic Jam strain


The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin Delta-8 disposable vape in their Day Trip option is a good choice for those who like the uplifting properties of the Garlic Jam strain. I wasn’t a huge fan of how vague the product description was regarding D8 percentages, as 50-70% is a large range, and I’d much rather have the higher percentage, of course. However, the disposable does taste good and puffs smoothly, though the vape itself is a bit low-quality. This disposable isn’t great for getting you super stoned; instead, it would be ideal for those looking to reduce stress and anxiety levels or lift the mood.

Live Resin Delta-8 Knockout Disposable Vape: Llama Kush

The Hemp Collect crafts their Knockout line of Live Resin D8 disposable vapes with the goal of making you so relaxed, you’re ready to totally knock out at the end of the day. They make this disposable using the rare Llama Kush strain, one that’s known for being quite calming and heavy-bodied. This disposable is a little more expensive than the other, at $45.

Live resin delta-8 vape pen


The Knockout line of disposable vapes from The Hemp Collect are quite heavy-bodied, I will admit. The Llama Kush strain wasn’t one I had tried before, and I liked the sweet yet spicy flavors that it brought. I wouldn’t say that this strain made me feel “knocked out,” but I was pretty relaxed after a few puffs. This would definitely be an ideal disposable for the evening, especially after a long, stressful day with how good it is for body relaxation and stress relief. Again, it’s not super strong for getting you stoned, but it does bring a nice subtle high to help with the total decompression.

Live Resin Delta-8 Vape Cartridge: Sour Pineapple

As the name suggests, you can puff on The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin Anytime Cartridge any time of the day. This particular cartridge comes in the Sour Pineapple strain, a bright, tropical strain that’s good for stimulation, creativity, and energy. According to the website, this cartridge can have anywhere from 50-70% D8, as well as 15-20% CBD. The Hemp Collect sells this live resin cartridge for $35 on their website.

Live resin delta-8 vape cartridge


If you’re wanting a live resin cartridge that you can puff on in the middle of the day without feeling too sleepy or too stoned, The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin Daytime cartridge in the Sour Pineapple strain is a good choice. This strain tastes great and provides bright, uplifting effects that are ideal for daytime pick-me-ups. The cartridge itself hits a little harshly, but I still enjoyed the blissful effects of this product more than the others that I tried. But, as usual, I just wish they could be more precise on the website about cannabinoid percentages, so it doesn’t have to be a total surprise when the products show up.

Live Resin CBD Sugar Dabs: Sour Pineapple

The Hemp Collect sells a line of Live Resin CBD sugar dabs in a few strains, including the tasty Sour Pineapple. This type of concentrate is juicy but not too liquidy and has an almost diamond-like structure. Again, the exact THC percentages of your sugar dabs will vary, and you won’t know what they are until you get your container. But, there tends to be approximately 50% D8 and 40% CBD in each. Thankfully, you do get a COA upon purchase to know for sure. The Hemp Collect sells this concentrate for $35/gram.

Live resin CBD sugar for dabbing


The texture, flavor, and usability of The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin CBD sugar dabs are all very enjoyable. While I didn’t find this strain — or this product in general — good for getting me high, I did find it nice for helping me relax from head to toe. I didn’t feel too sleepy; instead, I was comfortable and felt balanced internally, like my stress and anxiety levels were managed. Even though The Hemp Collect says your sugar dabs will be approximately 50% D8, be aware that this isn’t always the case, and you may end up getting strains that are closer to 40%.

Live Resin Delta-8 Badder: Pink Panther

If you’re more a fan of creamy, buttery concentrates, then The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin delta-8 badder in the Knockout blend may be the best choice. In the past, they’ve made this badder using the popular Pink Panther strain, a relaxing indica option that’s ideal for helping with sleep and pain. The texture of this concentrate is a whipped, batter-like texture, and the dabs consistently test around 50% — though this may vary. You can buy this badder for $40/gram.

Live resin delta-8 THC badder for dabbing


The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin Delta-8 Badder in the Knockout blend proved a good choice for evening consumption. The concentrate is extremely easy to work with, making it best for those who are newer to the world of sticky waxes and dabs. It also had a nice smell and flavor, too. The badder smoked well but did hit pretty harshly in the lungs; however, I was happy with how relaxing it ended up being. My body felt heavy and comfortable from head to toe just seconds after my dab, and this physical body high lasted for about two hours. Unfortunately, they no longer sell this Pink Panther strain, and have switched to another indica-dominant option, The Wife.

Live Resin Delta-9 THC Caramels

Inside each one of The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin Delta-9 caramels is 40 mg of D9 to help you feel uplifted, comfortable, and definitely a bit giggly. You can purchase various quantities of these caramels, but the 3-count option will run you $24 for a total of 120 grams. These gummies are organic and gluten-free, and you can read about each ingredient they add within the product description on the brand’s website.

Live resin delta-9 THC caramels


With 40 mg of delta-9 THC in each live resin caramel, these sweet chews are best for those who are well-experienced with THC. However, I will say that I was expecting a strong experience from such a high concentration, and one of these caramels felt closer to about 25 mg of D9 than anything. And, at nearly $0.20/mg., I felt these edibles should’ve had a stronger potency to reflect such a high price tag. But, I will say that these gummies were very tasty and enjoyable to consume, reminding me of classic caramel candies that my grandma used to have around.

Live Resin CBD Softgels

The Hemp Collect’s Live Resin CBD Anytime softgels are designed to be taken, well, any time! The softgels aren’t sedative or tiring; instead, the CBD is meant to help you feel more upbeat, focused, and motivated. These full-spectrum softgels only have a minuscule amount of THC in them, so you won’t get high, either. You can buy a 30-count pack of these CBD softgels for $40 on the brand’s website.

Live resin CBD softgels


If you’re someone who wants to reap the benefits of hemp without getting high, The Hemp Collect’s CBD softgels are a good option — especially in their Anytime blend. This formula is non-drowsy and designed for the morning, daytime, or even evening consumption when you simply need a bit of extra support. I liked these softgels a lot, as I felt the CBD was quite supportive, even at just 25 mg. per capsule. Two of these softgels were the perfect dosage for helping me feel more motivated and focused throughout my day, with the effects lasting for hours.

Editor’s note: After re-evaluating The Hemp Collect on March 30, 2023, we decided to remove two comments that questioned the brand’s reputation. This feedback reflected comments made by users on Reddit in 2021 about inconsistent lab results with The Hemp Collect’s delta-10 products; we feel the company has addressed those issues.