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Brianna Wheeler

Brianna Wheeler is an award winning essayist and illustrator in Portland, Oregon. Her creative nonfiction has been featured in the literary journals Moving Parts, Midnight and Indigo, and The Nasiona....

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Quill CBD pen
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Quill’s full-spectrum CBD pen is every bit as fashionable and user-friendly as their THC forward products (Quill THC) but with a nationwide appeal.

The dividend is a far more health-focused effect that, while non-psychoactive, still maintains the ability to transform doldrums to optimism and apathy to bliss.

This is one of the finest CBD products I have ever auditioned.

A sweetly herbal inhale with a delicately flowery exhale. Felt a calm focus while meeting deadlines and juggling priorities. Super responsive effects make it appropriate to use any time, day or night. A good companion for THC products. Paper packaging is easy to open, great for storage, fully recyclable, and even features limited designs from graphic artists.
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Low-profile, user-friendly design
Post-workout physical recovery
Anxiety extinguishing
Gentle mood elevation
Immunity support/modulation
An expertly timed, 3 mg 2-second draw
The minimalist design blends in almost too seamlessly with the contents of an average daypack.
Quill CBD

Technical Details

THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:CBD Pen
Hemp Origin:Oregon

Quill is my new favorite CBD vape pen

Quill CBD vape pen

Quill produces a full-spectrum, hemp-derived, sustainable, and recyclable personal vaporizer pen that sets a remarkably high standard. From the top-of-the-line stainless steel housing to the gorgeously designed paper packaging to the pure, unadulterated, strain-specific extracts within, everything about Quill’s CBD is authentically exceptional.

Cannabis vaporizer pen
CBD:750mg (79%)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum Hemp
Strain:Cherry Wine
Price: $39 ($0.07/mg)
Good For:#Focus, #Bliss, #Anxiety
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Euphoric, Focused
Taste:Herbal, Floral

I auditioned the Quill CBD pen over the course of a particularly intense week. An ambitious class presentation, a narrow work deadline, and all the customary parental and social obligations had culminated into a heck week of sorts, and I used the opportunity to see how Quill’s CBD works in a variety of situations and with a variety of auxiliary mood effectors.

Finding calm focus under frenetic deadlines.

My son has in-home autism therapy and I work from our kitchen table. Obviously it can be distracting, but it mostly works out well. On Tuesday, however, It was a challenge to get my day started. I had several looming deadlines throwing shade over every project I tried to engage with.

I’d poured my heart into an essay for my night school course, and in a moment of hubris, submitted it to an online literary journal whose call mirrored my subject too closely to ignore. The essay was accepted for publication, and thus, ineligible to be shared in class. I’d spent three months crafting this essay and now had to replace it in a day. I was racing to complete something that I’d be proud to share with my classmates, but the pressure was definitely making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

When the pressure became too much and I began to feel overwhelmed I took two thirsty sips from the Quill and chased them with a strong cup of tea. As the caffeine built my energy in a slow wave, it was gently bolstered by the hits of CBD. Instead of a ragged caffeine buzz, I maintained a concentrated efficacy that filtered directly into my work.

This variety is courtesy of Iverson Family Farms in Oregon and is full-spectrum, whole-plant cannabis oil. The inhale is very herbal, with myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene dominating the terpene profile, but the aroma is floral. It’s an almost elegant exhale that made me feel a bit like a perfume bottle.

There was no swoon of activation, but a rose-colored ease descended upon my day with such delicacy I could only faintly be conscious of it – subconsciously, however, several internal knots we’re being disentangled.

First, my frenzied internal monologue was quieted and replaced with a more focused and complacent harmony. Then, I settled into a pace that allowed for focused work and intentioned parenting in a ping pong that would have dizzied me otherwise. I completed the essay, met the deadline, was present with my child during his therapy session, and – get this – I even found time for a visit to the gym.

I won’t credit Quill CBD with all of Tuesday’s triumphs, but I will thank it for smoothing down the rough edges that were snagging up my morning. That bit of calm was enough to propel me into a hugely productive day.

General aches associated with adulthood

My freelancing, work-from-home lifestyle excludes certain extracurricular obligations, like happy hour with the office mates or company picnics where people get so drunk they have to talk to the HR manager the next business day. Which is to say, I have to fill those social gaps myself, one such way being dedicated gym times. And a crucial part of all that fitness is recovery, especially at my young/old age. So I took the Quill CBD pen to the gym with me on Thursday (aka weightlifting day) because I tend to blast my triceps, biceps, and deltoids hard enough to require a medicated salve.

I utilize CBD topicals more than any other pain relievers when medicating for my various physical pains/discomforts. Since vaping or smoking CBD is not the first thing I associate with recovery in this context, it felt out of character to puff post-workout after waving goodbye to the trainer on duty.

But even as my upper arm began to stiffen, I could already feel my single discrete drag of Quill’s CBD performing not just recovery on my overly taxed limbs, but also gently lifting the very edges of my mood so that my post-gym euphoria felt somehow more crystalized. My already chipper attitude became a polished joyfulness that more or less eschewed the messy endorphin rush I usually leave the gym.

The 3mgs did nothing to diminish the effervescent body buzz I developed, in fact, it may have felt slightly buoyed. But best of all, the next morning, which should have been a cautionary tale against overdoing it at the gym, was essentially painless.

There are 592mgs of CBD and 1.6 mgs of THC in Quill’s 750mg pen.

Each 2-second hit delivers 3mgs of full-spectrum CBD and less than 0mgs of THC, but I took long, deep drags that lasted far more than 2 seconds, so that could have been a pretty considerate contribution to my recovery time.

And again, the slim, discreet profile made for flawless ease of use, which seems important when leaving an establishment committed to health and wellness.

Tempering a high that sidelined me.

On Friday, I met up with my squad for our weekly Friday night smoke session. I had rolled a cannagar with more than an eighth of flower and a gram and a half of keef to share.

Another friend had 3 grams of live resin, another had her own eighth of top-shelf flower to share, and last but not least, there was a half bottle of white wine leftover from another hangout a few weeks prior.

The first hour of our hangout was spent in a super satisfying haze of cannabis smoke, vapor, and perfume, but by the end of that first hour, I was couch-locked. By the second hour, I was approaching catatonic.

In this instance, I grabbed my Quill CBD pen with the hopes that a few quick drags would smother the lethargy I’d saddled myself with via overindulgence.

The CBD by no means erased or even eased the high, but it certainly affected it. I retained all of the rapturous stoniness that I’d developed over the last hour and a half, but the CBD sharpened my vision in a way that allowed me to enjoy that deep stoniness in a way that was equally clear-headed and capricious.

The ephemeral effect the CBD oil vape pen had on my condition when I felt too-damn-high was notable for a few different reasons; it smoothed away all the rough edges that threatened to drag me further into the couch, it illuminated my foggy cognition enabling me to be fully present and stoned to the bone simultaneously, and when navigating a high that was bordering on debilitating, my Quill CBD pen tethered me back to earth without grounding my astronomical high.

For a $40 CBD vape, these effects feel nearly priceless.

As a CBD enthusiast, and frankly a bit of a snob, Quill’s CBD checks off all my most important boxes. It’s delicious, full-spectrum hemp oil that delivers not just on a therapeutic promise of calm relief but also somehow manages to promote healthy work habits and responsible consumption as well.

Quill CBD pens are available for purchase at QuillCBD.com