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Onyx and Rose CBD products reviewed
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Onyx + Rose is a high-quality CBD brand with some of the most unique, great-tasting CBD oils on the market. The brand boasts gorgeous packaging and advertising, with everything looking and feeling luxurious. Onyx + Rose offers CBD oils, skincare products, bath bombs, capsules, and bundles in case you want to try everything at once.

Though Onyx + Rose is undeniably well made and does produce strong, effective results, they are one of those brands where you have to scour the website for answers. It’s difficult to find their extraction processes, and there isn’t any information about who is behind the brand at all. You also can only access third-party test-results with a batch number.

Overall, though, if you have the money and time to spend, Onyx + Rose is a great, potent CBD brand with products you’ll be happy to showcase.

At first glance, you’ll fall in love with Onyx + Rose’s packaging and CBD oil flavors. With options like Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Coconut, there’s no hemp taste here. This brand is incredibly expensive, but they also offer quite high potencies, too — thus, it does balance out. I found that effects from these products were noticeable and beneficial, and they kicked in as quickly as I would’ve hoped from their top-shelf label.
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What's Good
Unique product flavors
Quality packaging
Potent product line
What's Bad
Little company information
Third-party lab-test results only available with batch number
Onyx + Rose

Technical Details

CBD Strength:500-2000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Types:Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum
Product Types:Oils, Edibles, Capsules, Skincare, Pet CBD
Hemp Origin:USA
Similar Brands:Kush Queen, Martha Stewart CBD, Foria

Editor’s Pick

  • Onyx + Rose’s CBD skincare line is beautifully appealing. They offer their products in bright, eye-catching colors and cute packaging that’s hard to turn down. Immediately, my dry skin and I were drawn to their Dew the Most full-spectrum moisturizer. This face cream contained only 60 mg of CBD, but it still felt hydrating and soothing on the skin. I noticed a nice layer of protection and hydration throughout the day, and the product didn’t dry me out, either. Compared to other CBD skincare brands, this one is both cute and effective.

Onyx + Rose Pure Bloom CBD Oil

You’ve never had a CBD oil that tastes like this before. Onyx + Rose’s Sugar Cookie Pure Bloom 1,000 mg CBD oil is the sweet tincture of your dreams. But, beware: if you don’t have a sweet tooth, or don’t enjoy the taste of sweetener, this tincture is not for you. At 1,000 mg, the product was effective and beneficial, offering me mild results. This particular tincture is THC-free, but it does contain other minor cannabinoids to create a somewhat full-bodied experience. The oil is supposed to help with things like pain and sleep, but I mainly experienced general relaxation.

Onyx and Rose Pure Bloom CBD oil tincture


The Sugar Cookie CBD oil was incredibly exciting both because of its high-quality packaging and totally unique flavor. The CBD oil itself tastes wonderful as long as you’re a fan of sweet, dessert-like tastes. Onyx utilizes a broad-spectrum formula that works well but may not be potent enough for super experienced consumers like myself. Though, I did discover nice waves of relaxation after only a few minutes of consumption.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Calm, content, happy
  • Good For: Relaxation, comfort, those who don’t like the taste of hemp
  • Not Good For: Those without a sweet tooth

Onyx + Rose Full Bloom CBD Oil

Onyx + Rose’s Full Bloom 1,000 mg CBD Oil in mint flavor was definitely my cup of tea — and tasted beautifully within my tea, as well! This full-spectrum oil may be a little pricey, but its refreshing mint flavor was nice in the mouth and disguised the hemp well. At 1,000 mg, the effects I felt after consumption were mild to strong, making this potent blend ideal for experienced consumers. After trying the Pure Bloom, it was clear that the Full Bloom blend is just a bit more potent.

THC-free CBD oil by Onyx and Rose


This 1,000 mg Full Bloom Mint CBD Oil is a great option for those who enjoy a minty fresh flavor. The tincture is packaged well and tastes even better, with effects kicking in just a few minutes. The Full Bloom blend was great for helping me manage my stress and anxiety, so I did enjoy consuming it most at the end of the day.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Relaxed, calm, stress-free, sleepy
  • Good For: Stress, anxiety, sleep
  • Not Good For: Morning consumption

Onyx + Rose Bright Side THC-Free Capsules

Onyx + Rose placed their signature Pure Bloom blend into CBD capsules ready for consumption. These Bright Side THC-free capsules are great for easy consumption when you’re on the go, and if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily want to taste their CBD. These capsules contain 25 mg of CBD each, making them good for those who are at least somewhat experienced in the world of cannabidiol. These capsules worked well for relieving excess pain and helping me feel more balanced internally; however, their potency didn’t seem to match up with their oils’ potency.

Onyx and Rose THC-free CBD capsules


Packaged beautifully, Onyx + Rose’s Bright Side capsules are good for getting an easy dose of CBD — without any flavor, too. I took one 25 mg capsule and started experiencing subtle relief about an hour later. I didn’t notice anything crazy, but I was a bit more relaxed and comfortable for the remainder of the day.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Reduced pain, lowered stress levels
  • Good For: On the go consumption, stress relief, pain relief
  • Not Good For: Consumers with high tolerances

Onyx + Rose CBD Face Wash

Onyx + Rose offers an incredible line of CBD skin care products that both look great and function well. Their CBD Face Wash is no exception. Their Start Fresh face wash contains only 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD; however, I still discovered clear results after use. This face wash wasn’t the most effective CBD face wash I’ve ever tried, and it came in a small size. But, it still helped my skin feel more supple and cleansed.

CBD face wash product by Onyx and Rose


This brand’s face wash contains only 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD, making it better for those who just want a subtle dose of CBD. I enjoyed the light smell of the formula, and it felt wonderful on my skin. My face felt more hydrated and looked brighter after use, but these effects didn’t last too long. For the price, I was hoping for more!

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Hydrated, softer skin
  • Good For: Dry skin, fine lines, exfoliation
  • Not Good For: Oily skin, all-day results

Onyx + Rose Overnight Sleeping Mask

The Overnight It Full-Spectrum CBD Sleeping Mask is a great way to give your skin a wonderful dose of hydration all night long— it seriously just might be my new go-to. This skin care product contains 70 mg of full-spectrum CBD, which I found to be a great dose for nighttime use. The product went on my skin well and smelled nice and refreshing. The look of this cream appears like your typical lotion but the consistency is quite silky/oily — in a good way! In the morning, my skin felt moisturized, soft, and it was glowing.

At $68, this Sleeping Mask is definitely pricey; however, if you have the money, I’d highly suggest trying it out, especially if you’re prone to dry skin or live in cooler climates like me. At night, my skin seems to get the driest during winter, but just a dime size of this product goes a long way.

Sleeping mask with CBD infused


Onyx + Rose’s Overnight It CBD Sleeping Mask is one of their best-packaged products. It boasts an adorable pink and purple ombre color, reminding you that it’s great for when you’re winding down before bed. The formula is nice on the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. In the morning, I noticed that my skin was softer and much happier than when I went to sleep.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Hydrated, softer skin, smoother look
  • Good For: Dry skin, nighttime use, overnight repair
  • Not Good For: Morning application, oily skin