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Omura Series X vaporizer and flower sticks
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With the simplicity of their designs and pre-filled flower sticks, Omura provides a product perfect for those looking to begin vaping. Omura’s crown jewel is the Series X, a first of its kind whole flower vaporizer that utilizes a dual heat source oven to gently heat the flower without burning it.

Omura Flower Sticks, made with biodegradable, compostable, rainforest safe paper, are this company’s other creation. These sticks come pre-filled with 100% whole flower CBD and insert directly into the vaporizer.

Omura also sells THC sticks, as of now these are available only in California and Massachusetts. To assure variety, multiple brands and strains of both CBD and THC are available on their website. And, after listening to the reviews of their consumers, Omura added empty flower sticks to their repertoire, thus giving the smoker an opportunity to use their own flower with the device.

Unboxing Omura Series X vaporizer

I’m not one to often vape but when a sleek piece of smoking technology crosses my desk, my eyes and lungs seem to open. Omura gives you a smooth and innovative design accompanied with whole-flower CBD that actually provides the benefits it promises. From their vaporizer to their flower, this company is trying to do things right.

With their most advanced piece, the Series X, coming in at just under $100, Omura is an affordable option for those looking to enter the world of vaporizing their herb. And if $50 sounds better, that can get you the Omura Series 1, the predecessor to the Series X. The newer model improved on both the charging port and overall design making it more pocket-friendly.

Omura Series X vaporizer packaging labels

For this review of Omura we’ll take a look at the Series X and two of their CBD flower sticks, Libertine Sour Space OG and Oriel Calm Chamomile.

I've never owned a dry herb vaporizer, yet had no issues quickly learning the Omura Series X. Minimal buttons equal minimal problems. Best of all, it’s not some hunky, smoke-paraphernalia looking piece, the modern design almost gives off an air of sophistication. The Sour Space OG and Calm Chamomile both provided the relaxation promised, with the Series X vaporizer being the perfect vehicle to drive that relaxation home.
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What's Good
Sustainable material
Simple to use
Professional design
Empty sticks for fill-your-own-herb
Precision Dose
What's Bad
Heat, first few pulls can be quite hot
For THC use, doses may be minimal

Technical Details

Availability (CBD Sticks):Nationwide, Excl. HI, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, SC, SD, WA
Availability (THC Sticks):CA, MA
Where to Buy:Omura CBD, Omura THC
Extract Type:Full Spectrum
Flower Sticks:Whole Flower
Product Types:Vaporizers, Flower Sticks
Cannabis Origin:Oregon

Omura Series X Vaporizer

Omura Series X packaging

Leading the review, and Omura’s most important piece of technology, is the Series X whole flower vaporizer. Coming in only slightly bigger than a Tamagotchi, it’s hard to imagine there’s a dual heat source oven sitting in your hand. With its compact design and professional look, this is the type of smoking device you can keep on you throughout the day. And at just $99, it goes toe-to-toe with its rivals in affordability and functionality. 

Holding Omura Series X vaporizer

Simplicity is key with the Series X design, all you have to do is insert a flower stick and the work on your end is done. Once inserted, the device buzzes letting you know it’s on. A second buzz comes after the device is ready to smoke, I’ve found 30 seconds to be the average warm up time. The buzzing technology is fun, it feels like you’re smoking out of one of those things restaurants give you to let you know your table is ready on a busy night.

Omura flower stick after using vaporizer


The first few pulls will be hot, keep this in mind before attempting a massive hit to start. After 2 or 3 draws it cools down. Each Omura flower stick lasts roughly 3 minutes, don’t worry with the lack of vapor in the beginning of the session, it builds as the flower heats with Omura’s patented heat curve technology. A final buzz lets you know when the flower stick is done, take it out, dispose of it and repeat smoking to your desired dose. There’s no on or off button, just a charging port and a switch that controls the burning temperature from high to low. If simple describes the functionality, elegant describes the look. Available in four colors; gold, quartz, slate and jade, all so fancy that they sound like the names of celebrities’ children. This is one of those products that looks good while also working well. The Series X is the only ex you’ll actually want to keep around.


  • Easy to use 
  • Discreet 
  • Affordable compared to competitors


  • First few pulls can burn your lips
Type:Whole Flower Vaporizer
Works With:Pre-Filled Flower Sticks
Price: $99.99

Libertine CBD Flower Sticks

Libertine CBD flower sticks

A hogwarts-esque logo covers the front of these pre-filled whole flower hemp CBD sticks. One of the four Libertine strains, Sour Space OG is a full spectrum CBD containing 19.1% total cannabinoids with 15.6% CBD.

It has a herbal, peppery and woodsy taste. The terpinolene it packs may be the culprit of these flavors. It’s also the reason, in my opinion, why this particular stick produces a subdued and drowsy effect. Terpinolene is known to have sedative properties making this an excellent strain to smoke at the end of a day. Libertine sticks come 12 to a pack at 0.125 grams per stick, each pack costs $20 and maintains Omura’s dedication to affordability.

Omura CBD flower sticks by Libertine


These pre-filled sticks are a novice’s dream; no grinding, no packing, no mess. Simply remove the stick from the pack, insert the flower side down and enjoy. The outer package is cardboard, the inner stick holder is made with sustainable plant fibers and the sticks themselves are compostable and biodegradable. The taste of the Sour Space OG was not my favorite, it’s also, of the four strains Libertine offers, the least potent in terms of CBD and cannabinoid percentages. That being said, it still functions properly. The effects put me at ease and made me feel, while at work, like I should turn my laptop into a pillow and take a nap.


  • Environmentally conscious design 
  • Unique technology 
  • Effects felt quickly


  • Taste
Strain:Sour Space OG
Total Cannabinoids:19.94%
Total Terpenes:0.39%
Price:$20 ($1.67/Stick)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Winding Down, Falling Asleep
Not good for:Daytime activities
Effects:Relaxed, Sleepy, Stress-Free

Oriel CBD Flower Sticks

Oriel Calm CBD flower sticks

Imagine smoking a cup of tea, that’s what Oriel’s Calm Chamomile flower stick is like. Providing 90% whole flower hemp CBD and 10% chamomile flower, this strain is Lipton for the lungs. Oriel also offers four strains and appears, like Libertine, to be a branch of Omura.

Oriel is unique in the sense that it combines whole flower CBD with natural herbs like chamomile, lavender and peppermint. Calm Chamomile is the strain I reviewed and the effects matched its name. This is a CBD strain that can deeply relax you while keeping you moving forward, drowsiness isn’t an issue here. And with its price also at $20 a pack, your wallet will feel the calming effect as well.

Oriel CBD flower sticks for Calming effects


Like all the flower sticks that accompany Omura’s Series X vaporizer, these are easy to use and have packaging focused on sustainability. With Oriel adding natural herbs into their whole flower hemp, you’re provided with a taste you can actually enjoy. For me, the calming effect was almost immediate. As a writer it’s easy to lose focus when working from home, this strain not only relaxed me but kept me a bit more focused than I tend to be. I was skeptical of these products at first, the flower sticks look like a cardboard straw cut in half that’s been jammed with flower. But this is innovative technology, it’s not going to look like anything you’ve had before. If you’re looking for CBD products that actually work, look good and won’t break the bank, Omura is for you.


  • Taste 
  • Fast-acting 
  • Focus enhancing


  • I have nothing bad to say about Oriel Calm
Type:Oriel: Calm
Net Wt.1.5g CBD (0.125g/Stick)
Price: $20 ($1.67/Stick)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Anxiety, Morning Smoke, Work Day, Exercise
Not good for:I’m going to say feeling more calm is good for almost every situation
Effects:Calm, Focused, Reduced Anxiety