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MonthLeaf weed subscription box
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There are very few weed subscription boxes that actually include cannabis, but that is starting to change. MonthLeaf is part of that change with their subscription service that offers excellent customer service and quality cannabis selections. Unfortunately, they are currently only available in California, in the East Bay, Sacramento, and West Los Angeles areas, but they hope to expand in the future.

Every month, MonthLeaf partners with different local vendors to curate other boxes based on your box selection. The service is female-owned, which I love. And their goal is to get customers everything they need all in one neat package.

The rate is only $100 per box if you subscribe or $120 for a single purchase. The estimated cost of the products in the box is $150+, so either way, it’s a deal. The box includes cannabis products and non-cannabis items from local vendors. They do this to help the stigmatization of weed by pairing it with local businesses like wellness, relaxation, and other similar products.

From the quality service I received from order to delivery, my experience as a customer was terrific. I enjoyed the variety of items that were included in my MonthLeaf box. The only thing that needs some improvement (besides expanding locations) is there needs to be transparency as to the selection process.
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What's Good
Family-owned, female-operated
Includes cannabis products and accessories
Four boxes available
Great customer service
What's Bad
Only available in CA
Needs more transparency about the selection process

Technical Details

Plans:Puff, Edible, CBD, Sampler, Mini
Price:$50 or 100/mo, or $120 one-time
What’s Included:Flower, Prerolls, Edibles, CBD, Accessories
Similar Brands:Nugg Club, Daily High Club, Cannabox

How MonthLeaf Works

To get started, you must become a member on But, before you do that, make sure delivery is available in your area. Then, you can just type in your zip code to check. Once you’ve become a member, then you can select your box preference. MonthLeaf has five different choices available for subscription or one-time purchase. The box selections are: 

Puff Box

Includes 4 – 6 strains and smokeable products like prerolls and vape cartridges, along with a cannabis accessory.

Edible Box

Includes 5 – 6 top-shelf edibles like gummies, chocolates, and more, along with a cannabis accessory.


Includes 5 – 6 CBD dominant products like tinctures, edibles, and flower, along with a cannabis-friendly accessory.

Sampler Box

Includes 5 – 6 different products, such as tinctures, drinkables, flower, and more, along with a cannabis accessory. 

MonthLeaf Mini

Includes flower from the month’s partnered dispensary and 1 – 2 cannabis accessories with a value of over $75 and costs $50.

Next, you can customize your MonthLeaf box by selecting which strain you prefer: hybrid, sativa, or indica. And then, you can choose the delivery date and time. After that, you pay for the subscription, and a dispensary will contact you to confirm the delivery date and time.

You must be present for delivery and provide identification to verify your identity and age. If you miss your delivery, you will have to pay a $20 re-delivery attempt fee. If you live in LA and know what venturing in this traffic is like, is more than fair. Now, all that’s left is to enjoy your MonthLeaf cannabis box!

Items included in the MonthLeaf box

I selected the “Puff Box” in Sativa for my MonthLeaf review box. I opted to include vapes because I wanted to try the variety of “puff” -ed. I also received a “Mini” box to test the difference in products. Below are the items I received in my regular box. The estimated cost is based on how much the products retail for in my local area, up to 20 miles (most of Los Angeles).

Total estimated cost (pre-tax) for items in my MonthLeaf Puff Box: $155

MonthLeaf Packaging

The packaging was sleek and slightly discrete. The branding “MonthLeaf” is on the lid of the box, but not in overt lettering. And the package is a lovely dark green, with very little scent leaking out. And we are also reusing them for some storage as they are sturdy. 

Flower (Eighths)


Cannadescent is a bit of a staple here in Los Angeles. You can find them at most dispensaries, so I was very familiar with the brand. Though it didn’t “charge” me up as it states, I had a bit of a creativity spike. The price keeps me from making it a routine purchase, so I appreciated the chance to try it out in a box like this.

Cannabis flower in MonthLeaf box
  • Strain: Charge
  • Sativa
  • THC: 25.27%
  • Estimated cost: $55


Los Angeles Kush

Again, a product I am very familiar with (this is Los Angeles, of course!). While I enjoy this brand and this pre-roll, I wish MonthLeaf would have added more than just one pre-roll. Still, LA Kush is quality, so it’s a nice addition. 

Cannabis preroll in MonthLeaf box
  • Strain: Kushberry Cheesecake
  • Sativa
  • THC: 19.10%
  • THC-a: 18.89%
  • CBD: <0.12%
  • Estimated cost: $15

Free Cannabis Co (2-pack)

A preroll 2 pack, and potent! Yes, this is exactly what I would hope to get in one of these weed subscription boxes. Though each pre-roll is only half a gram, it is infused with diamonds. Diamonds can be a little hard on the throat, so this is the perfect size. Plus, I may not have tried it on my own. So this was a great addition!

Cannabis preroll included in MonthLeaf box
  • Strain: Blue Cookies
  • Sativa
  • THC: 35.5%
  • Estimated cost: $15


Tough Mama (1g)

Nice tasting, and an exceptional high. I had never heard of Tough Mama, and they look like a newer brand. So having this vape included was a very very nice surprise. I am not that into vaping but have a few pens around for when I know I will be outdoors for a little bit. Tough Mama has been in my pocket for a week now, and I might be hooked!

Cannabis vape cartridge included in MonthLeaf box
  • Sativa
  • THC: 81.94%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Estimated Cost: $30


Cannabis accessories

Free Cannabis Co Battery

Estimated cost: $10

BIC Lighter

Estimated cost: $3

Canna-wraps rolling papers (x2)

Estimated cost: $5

Park Drive Valley Citrus Candle

Estimated cost: $12

Park Drive Valley Citrus Foat Soak (x2)

Estimated cost: $10

MonthLeaf Mini Box

MonthLeaf Mini cannabis subscription box
MonthLeaf Mini Box costs $49 and includes 2-4 cannabis items valued at $90. Photo: Yolanda Machado/Oracle

The MonthLeaf Mini box is available in areas MonthLeaf serves. The “mini” is just a more compact version of their array of packages. It costs $49 plus taxes and includes 2-4 cannabis items valued at around $90+. I received the same exact accessories (minus the battery) in the mini as I received in the Puff box. Aside from that, the items I received in the mini are listed below.

I loved that the mini included completely different products than the bigger boxes. Also, though I did only receive two products (plus the same accessories), it was indeed valued at $90 or so. I do think that maybe an accessory could have been swapped out and the addition of one more item would have been better. But still a good deal, especially if you’re just tip toeing into cannabis. 

Total estimated cost (pre-tax) for items in my MonthLeaf Mini Box: $90


Prerolls included in MonthLeaf Mini box

Island Mini-Preroll 5 Pack

A decent pre-roll pack, with five half gram joints. A bit lower THC than I am used to, so for me, the highs were short lived. But I liked the pre-roll pack addition as it felt like I was getting more for my money. 

  • Strain: Citrus Wave
  • Sativa
  • THC: 17.49%
  • CBD: <0.09%
  • Estimated cost: $30


I have avoided Jeeters despite them being EVERYWHERE. And I avoided them cause they are on the higher end of a pre-roll (I stick to prerolls that cost about $7-10). I was able to get a good 3 uses out of this. I think having more is always better, so I might double think this and look for a different pack or something more similar to the Free Cannabis from the Puff box.

  • Strain: Limoncello
  • Sativa
  • THC: 35.1%
  • Estimated cost: $20

MonthLeaf Review: The Verdict

MonthLeaf weed subscription box review
MonthLeaf cannabis subscription box. Photo: Yolanda Machado/Oracle

First off, I have to say that I truly appreciate a business that a woman co-founds. There’s still so much inequity on the business side of cannabis that this, for me, is a highlight. Also, I do appreciate their personal touch. From the quality service I received from order to delivery, my experience as a customer was terrific. 

I enjoyed the variety of items that were included. The “puff” box truly lives up to its name. I chose to puff the flower in my bubbler and puffed on the prerolls, and vape later. The flower was a quality selection, as were both prerolls. And the vape, wow! I had never heard of Tough Mama before, and I kind of love them? The cartridge was tasty, and the cost is very budget-friendly. 

Plus, I liked how they bring cannabis and non-cannabis products together to end the stigmatization of weed. At first, I was a little thrown off by a candle and the foot soak. But they smelled incredible, so I quickly used both after smoking one of the pre-rolls. Let me tell you, if you haven’t had a foot soak while high, you are missing out! I also like knowing that the non-cannabis items come from local companies. So I feel like I am giving myself some self-care and contributing to my community. 

The only thing that needs some improvement (besides expanding locations) is there needs to be transparency as to the selection process. I looked throughout the website and what I received, and there wasn’t much information as to why these brands or items were selected. We don’t need the nitty-gritty details; just some background would increase trust in the service. 

For example, I noticed some items tend to be dispensary favorites, which can be a mixed bag on both price and quality of the high and flower. I would like to know a little “why” for each product. I think it builds trust and at least a little understanding as to the curation of the items. Overall though, I think MonthLeaf cannabis box is worth the cost (a savings of about $50 or so) and they seem to truly care about their customers. And that is what really matters.