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Kats Naturals CBD
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Quality and purity found in one place, Kat’s Naturals is a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. If you couldn’t tell by the name, they pride themselves on their all-natural ingredients and subsequent products, relying on Tennessee-grown hemp and premium quality broad-spectrum CBD oil. Plus, if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, they have third-party lab results easily available for you.

As a part of their mission to improve our daily lives, Kat’s Naturals has crafted a huge variety of CBD products that appeal to various types of health and wellness. Whether you need a bit of help relaxing, finding balance, or tackling some sore muscles, Kat’s has something on their website for you–albeit, some products are a bit pricey. Also bear in mind, their site is a little messy and difficult to navigate, so we suggest searching for their products directly instead of going through their homepage.

Anxiety and arthritis sufferers, those who have high-performance jobs, or insomniacs — really anyone looking for a health boost will find relief microdosing daily with Kat’s Naturals. No doubt you’re likely to enjoy their wide variety of options, flavors, and strengths just as much as we did — though you might not have as much fun navigating their confusing website.

While these products’ packaging may be a bit simple, the products inside them are far from it. Kat’s Naturals provides some of the highest-quality CBD tinctures on the market, if you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, that is. While we are reviewing only few products, this company currently offers eight hemp-derived product ranges including moisturizing topical creams, potent, easy-to-dose full-spectrum oil tinctures, tasty edibles — even skincare for the beauty fanatics and pet care for furry companions.
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What's Good
Physical relaxation (muscle spasms)
Skin health
Mental clarity
What's Bad
Website not user-friendly
Kat's Naturals

Technical Details

CBD Strength:300-10,000mg
THC Content:<0.3%, 0%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum, Broad, Isolate
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Topicals, Chocolates, Vapes, Pet CBD

Editor’s Picks

  • Kat Natural’s Relax 300mg CBD oil is the perfect way to give your body a bit of decompression and total relaxation. Totally THC-free, these drops will have you enjoying life through a stress-free lens. 
  • There’s nothing more relaxing than a CBD-infused face mask. Kat’s Naturals is made to brighten and restore your skin’s look, all while providing the soothing effects that CBD has to offer.

Kat’s Naturals Skin Serum Oil

Kats Naturals CBD Skin Serum

Designed specifically to reduce skin redness and give your face a beautiful, healthy glow, Kat’s Naturals’ SKIN Serum Oil is the ideal addition to your skincare routine. Natural is the name of the game, and that’s obvious here. This serum contains 250mg of pure CBD oil and exclusively all-natural, vegan ingredients like pumpkin, grape seed, carrot, and rose oils.

With the various vitamin-packed ingredients, the ideas behind the oil are to help reduce bacteria, signs of irritation, redness, and to lock in moisture. While we’re not sure about all of that, we do know that redness and dryness reduction is the main result of this serum, and who wouldn’t be stoked about that? Plus, this serum is so natural that it can even be used to enhance intimacy–maybe that’s why it’s a bit more expensive than their other products.

Kats Naturals CBD Skin Serum

Product Summary

Skin redness begone! With Kat’s Naturals’ SKIN Serum Oil, your skin will be glowing with youth, rejuvenation, and CBD. While a lot of skincare brands throw CBD in their products and claim it transforms them, Kat’s Naturals knows how to perfectly blend skincare with cannabidiol, creating an effective product unlike any other out there.


  • Redness reduction
  • Moisturization
  • Anti-aging
  • All-natural glow


  • Pricey
CBD:250mg (8mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $40 ($0.16/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Skin
Effects Felt:Moisturization
Smell:Fresh, floral

Kat’s Naturals “Naked” CBD Oil

Kats Naturals Naked CBD Oil 1500mg

Kat’s Naturals is showing customers that all-natural is always the way to go. Their NAKED CBD Oil comes in such highly concentrated doses that even the most experienced CBD consumer will feel effects like the first time they ever tried the soothing cannabinoid. Made solely with 1500mg of pure CBD and organic hemp seed oil, there’s nothing in this oil that you don’t want.

With such strong purity does come quite the strong taste, though. For many, this extract’s flavor is a bit too overpowering, making it difficult to enjoy on the tongue. Luckily, you can add this oil into your favorite beverage or food and completely disguise the taste that way. (Or, you can purchase their peppermint-flavored option!) Enjoy at the start of your day for a boost of motivation, or relish in a few drops before bed to help you relax.

Kats Naturals Naked CBD Oil

Product Summary

If you’re looking for strong, you’ve found it. Kat’s Naturals’ NAKED CBD Oil is as pure and as potent as it gets, all while containing absolutely zero THC. With no added ingredients or flavors, this 1500mg NAKED CBD Oil is the closest you’ll find to CBD straight from the plant itself.


  • Promoting relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Balance
  • Stress relief


  • Strong taste
CBD:1500mg (50mg/dose)
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $80 ($0.05/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Stress, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Relief

Kat’s Naturals Professional CBD Capsules

With Kat’s Naturals’ 600mg CBD capsules, you’ll know exactly what to expect every single time you take one. Using specialized ingredients like Growth Cell Oligopeptide to enhance CBD absorption rates, these capsules are made to give you all the effects of your CBD that you could want, and with total consistency, too. Absolutely zero THC is utilized and you’re feeling your best practically effortlessly.

Feel free to take one of the 20mg CBD capsules either in the morning or at the end of the day, depending on what you need them for. Take one with a swig of a tasty beverage and then let the CBD do its work. Be patient: these capsules take about an hour to kick in fully. But, once they do, you’ll be as balanced as a balance beam (or, somewhat close at least).

Kats Naturals CBD Capsules 600mg

Product Summary

Bioavailability is the name of the game when it comes to Kat’s Naturals’ 600mg CBD capsules. These potent pods are formulated using an ingredient called Growth Cell Oligopeptide, allowing for higher CBD absorption rates than ever before. And, we all know that higher CBD absorption = more potent effects.


  • Promoting full-bodied health and wellness
  • Assisting with stability 
  • Stress relief


  • Pricey
CBD:600mg (20mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $125 ($0.21/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Wellness, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm

Kat’s Naturals CBD Cream with Capsaicin

Feeling the burn has never felt so good than with Kat’s Naturals’ CBD Cream with Capsaicin. Capsaicin is an ingredient derived from the chili pepper that’s been proven to work directly with our bodies’ sensory neurons, helping to numb pain and manage discomforts of varying degrees. The topical is also filled to the brim with other healthy, healing ingredients to perfectly pair with the spicy capsaicin.

But, we can’t forget about the 350mg dose of CBD that’s so seamlessly blended in, either. There is no added odor, which is a bonus in and of itself because we all know how distracting an artificial scent can be. We have seen various complaints that this cream takes a bigger dose than normal to take effect, and it’s also important to consider that their largest option, at 4 oz, is a whopping $159.99. At this price point, though, it is difficult to tell if this cream is worth the buy.

Kats Naturals CBD Cream with Capsaicin

Product Summary

With Kat’s Naturals’ CBD Cream with Capsaicin, don’t expect to feel the cooling sensation you’re used to with most topicals. On the contrary, you get to experience the heat. The combination of soothing CBD and fiery capsaicin creates a feeling on your skin and in your muscle tissue that is truly unlike any CBD topical on the market. And we absolutely love it.


  • Muscle and joint relief 
  • Skin repair
  • Pain management


  • Expensive
  • Slightly weaker potency compared to other products
CBD:350mg (11mg/dose)
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $39.99 ($0.11/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Pain, #Skin
Effects Felt:Relief
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