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Just Live CBD products reviewed
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Just Live CBD is a brand crafted by athletes, made for athletes — and everyday consumers, of course. Right off the bat, you can tell this is a well-rounded brand, despite having just an athlete focus.

They offer a wide range of products that are great for both workout recovery and for daily use. Just Live’s products are a bit more expensive than the average CBD product, but they’re not on the pricey end, either. Thankfully, the products — from the gummies to topicals and oils — all work surprisingly well, offering a few different strength options depending on your experience and need.

Overall, Just Live’s products are mild to strong, offering effects that help with more than just workout recovery. Not long after initial use of the product, I found that Just Live’s CBD works quickly and efficiently, bringing me results without having to wait (too long). The products themselves look relatively standard: nothing too flashy but nothing too minimalistic, either. The packaging is high-quality, though, protecting products well during shipping. In terms of taste, the gummies are quite palatable, but I found the tinctures could use some work.
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What's Good
Extensive lab reports
Wide product selection
Great for pre and post-workouts
Various strength options
What's Bad
Only THC-free products
Little information on manufacturing and extraction
Just Live

Technical Details

CBD Strength:300-1500mg
THC Content:0%
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Product Types:Tinctures, Gummies, Topicals, Supplements
Hemp Origin:USA
Founders:Alex Morgan, Klay Thompson, Travis Pastrana, Paul Rodriguez Jr
Similar Brands:Aspen Green, Game Up Nutrition, TheraOne

Editor’s Pick

  • Just Live CBD offers a CBD product that I simply couldn’t turn down: Hemp Butter Lip Balm. This lip balm may be pricier than your average chapstick, but it contains an impressive 200 mg of CBD isolate. This lip balm is great for giving you a dose of hydration that lasts all day. Plus, I found my lips to be much softer — and even smell wonderful — after use.

Just Live Energy CBD Gummies

Just Live’s Energy Gummies are the perfect blend of CBD and CBG. CBG is said to have energizing, uplifting properties that, when paired with CBD, can really help you get your day started on the right foot. Or, if you’re in need of some mid-day support, you can consume one of these whenever you’re feeling a bit fatigued. These gummies come in a unique Honey Strawberry flavor and 25 mg of CBD in each. They give you the option of trying a 5 count or a 30 count option, too.

Just Live Energy CBD gummies


These Strawberry Honey Energy Gummies come in basic packaging but pack a delicious punch. I felt the effects after about 90 minutes, and I was surprised at how uplifted and motivated I felt. While this wouldn’t replace a morning cup of coffee (just yet), it was wonderful for helping me to get started when I needed to. The taste of these gummies was delicious, making them a joy to munch on as I started getting ready.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Motivated, uplifted, energized, happy
  • Good For: Morning, midday pick-me-up, boost of energy
  • Not Good For: Nighttime

Just Live CBD Pain Relief Cream

If you’re looking for an extra-potent, super-strong pain relief topical, we’ve found it. Just Live’s 1,500 mg Pain Relief Cream is the perfect option for post-workout recovery or just giving your muscles and joints some comfort. The broad-spectrum blend kicks in nearly immediately, and there isn’t any oily residue leftover.

Just Live CBD pain relief cream product


The 1,500 mg Pain Relief Cream works quickly and efficiently. The effects kicked in right away and I could tell that my back pain was more manageable than usual. While it didn’t get rid of my aches and pains, there was obvious support that I appreciated. Plus, the formula didn’t leave any sticky residue and it smelled only subtly herbal.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Pain relief, comfort, targeted relaxation
  • Good For: Pain relief, post-workout, muscle and joint recovery
  • Not Good For: Anxiety, full-bodied benefits

Just Live Calm CBD Gummies

Within Just Live’s Calm Gummies, you’re getting a dose of their proprietary Calm Blend, which includes both CBG and CBD. They aren’t super open about the rest of their Calm Blend ingredients, but upon further inspection, it appears to be vitamin B6 and other naturally occurring chemicals known to promote relaxation. You’ll want to enjoy these gummies at the end of the day, and their effects will take about an hour or so to kick in — so make sure you’re ready to unwind. The gummies won’t break the bank, but they’re also not incredibly affordable, either.

Just Live Calm gummies with CBD


The Calm Gummies did a wonderful job at helping both my mind and body decompress after a long day. I consumed one gummy about an hour before bed and found that my anxiety subsided and my muscles were more comfortable once I laid down. The flavors of these gummies are incredible, making me look forward to consuming them at the end of the day.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Calm, relaxed, comfortable, sleepy
  • Good For: Before bed, promoting relaxation, reducing pain
  • Not Good For: Morning, energy

Just Live CBD Freeze Therapy Roll-On

For those looking for more intense pain relief, Just Live’s 1,500 mg CBD Roll-On Freeze is a wonderful option. This roll-on contains menthol and arnica, both ingredients known to help with muscle tension and inflammation. Once applied, you’ll notice immediately the strong freezing sensation that your muscles undergo, helping you feel pain relief almost instantly. This will likely be the most expensive roll-on you buy, but it sure will help bring some targeted pain relief.

Just Live Roll-On Freeze CBD topical product


Just Live’s CBD Roll-On Freeze goes onto the skin effortlessly and without residue. The packaging is straightforward yet easy to use, and you’ll pick on results right away. However, the menthol-arnica blend might be a little too strong for some consumers, as the sensation was a bit like burning. But, the intense pain relief in the places I applied it to makes the somewhat uncomfortable sensation worthwhile.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Pain relief, comfort
  • Good For: Pain relief, post-workout, deep muscle pain
  • Not Good For: Anxiety, full-body results, those with sensitive skin

Just Live Vitamin C CBD Gummies

A great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C is through Just Live’s Vitamin C Gummies. These gummies are packed full of both CBD and Vitamin C to give you a supportive blend for your immune system. These gummies contain the typical 25 mg of CBD and come in a mouth-watering Orange Citrus flavor. Gummies like these are always tough when it comes to results, but I did notice that I felt more balanced and uplifted. However, whether it had any actual benefit on my immune system is beyond me.

Just Live Vitamin C gummies with CBD


Coming in a bright Orange Citrus flavor, Just Live’s Vitamin C Gummies are a good option to consume at the start of your day to give your body the boost it needs. You can think of these gummies as your regular gummy vitamins! They should begin to work within about an hour to two hours, but the effects aren’t as noticeable as some of Just Live’s other gummies.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Relaxed, balanced, content
  • Good For: Immune support, morning consumption, internal balance
  • Not Good For: Pain relief

Just Live Sleep CBD Gummies

While Just Live’s Calm Gummies are good for prepping you for relaxation, their Sleep Gummies are really what gets you ready for bed. These Sleep Gummies contain a wonderful blend of CBD and melatonin, making them ideal for helping you drift off to rest. The gummies come at their typical $54.99 price and at 25 mg each. So, if you need added sleep support, try taking two!

Just Live CBD Sleep gummies product


I was a bit skeptical about the efficacy of these gummies versus the Calm ones. However, these Berry Tea-flavored gummies had me sleepy and ready for bed in no time. Plus, I didn’t wake up feeling drowsy like I do so often with other sleep-inducing CBD products. The flavor is nice and berry-like, leaving you happy to consume them before sleep.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Sleepy, relaxed, comfortable
  • Good For: Sleep, relaxation, pain relief
  • Not Good For: Daytime consumption

Just Live Focus CBD Gummies

This vegan, Meyer Lemon-flavored gummy is intended to give your brain a boost of focus whenever you need it. Just Live does through a 25 mg blend of CBD and 3 mg of CBG. About an hour after consuming one of these gummies, I found myself feeling more uplifted and less anxious about outside stressors. However, I’m not sure I felt more focused on the task at hand. With consistent consumption, though, you may find more productive results.

Just Live CBD Focus gummies product


These Focus Gummies come with a refreshing Meyer Lemon flavor that I enjoyed munching on throughout the day. But, these gummies didn’t provide as much help with focus as I had hoped. While they were great for reducing my stress and helping me feel more content, they didn’t enhance focus as much as other CBD products I’ve tried.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Content, relaxed, uplifted
  • Good For: Reducing anxiety, lowering stress levels, promoting bliss
  • Not Good For: Bedtime, helping with sleep

Just Live Immunity CBD Gummies

Just Live’s CBD Immunity Gummies are a good way to give your body a daily dose of support that’s more than just some vitamins. These gummies contain 25 mg of CBD, 3 mg of CBG, elderberry extract, Vitamin D, and more. The gummies themselves boast a fruity Elderberry flavor that beautifully disguises the CBD inside. Compared to the Calm, Sleep, or Energy gummies, you’re probably not going to feel immediate effects; instead, the benefits from these gummies come over time.

Just Live Immunity CBD gummies


Like their other gummies, the Immunity edibles contain 25 mg of CBD and 3 mg CBG. The flavor of these sweet treats are nice and fruity, making them pleasant to consume. I didn’t experience any immediate effects from these gummies — even after a few hours. But, I did feel better knowing I was giving my body what it needed.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects: Supported, balanced, content
  • Good For: Immune support, internal balance
  • Not Good For: Anxiety relief, full-body results
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