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Variety of products from Imperial Extraction
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Imperial Extraction vape carts, vape pods and pre-rolls look nice but feel better. Offering sativa, indica and hybrid strains, each product has a character of its own and comes in origami-like, matte packaging that feels soft to the touch.

The brand doesn’t have an extensive product line but for just under $25, you’re able to experience a variety of different THCA and THCP products with tastes and smells that will take your mood even higher. Their flavors aren’t anything special, but this weed is potent so be careful not to overdo it and get too high, especially if you’re new to the realm of psychoactive cannabinoids. 

If you’re really digging their THCP products, you’ll be happy to know you can purchase their THCP vape pod starter kit. Additionally, this stellar weed brand offers full-panel third-party COAs to whoever wants to view them, which boosts their credibility in our book. We’re sure Imperial Extraction will soon be one of the most affordable cannabis brands out there – and their product line can speak to this.

The website of Imperial Extracts looks a bit more plain jane than mary jane at first look. However, when you start clicking around and reading, you’ll find that their products are anything but. This brand offers THCP and THCA products of varying strengths, including some of the most potent vape carts you’ll ever smoke. While you won’t find a ton of cannabinoid variety or loose flower, they have practically anything else a weed toker’s heart desires. Plus, everything they’re offering is fixed at below market pricing, which makes them an affordable brand for those who want to toke without going broke.
What's Good
Discreet dosing
Draws well, no harsh hits
Simple, well thought out packaging
Offers strain classics that are well-loved
Products are affordably priced
Pocket-sized for on-the-go dosing
What's Bad
May be overbearing and best for those with higher tolerances
Not ideal for consuming when you need to get things done
Don’t offer information about the people behind the brand itself
No bundle deals
Lacks cannabinoid variety
No customer reviews or review visuals
Imperial Extraction

THCA GMO Cookies Pre-Roll

Imperial Extraction’s pre-rolls are a next-level way to get a top-shelf dose of THCA. These pre-rolls are beautifully made, equipped with a glass tip and the kind of girth that’ll make stoners giddy. While they don’t have the best flavor, the slow burn and potent effects of this THCA flower packed inside are worth the puff.

Plus, you have three different types of THCA pre-rolls to choose from: Cereal Milk, LA King Kush, and GMO Cookies. After about an hour of puffing on the Cereal Milk, I noticed the effects were nearly instant and made my racing thoughts less intense. I used this in the daytime in search of a nap but this flower might be more useful for consuming a few hours before bed.

THC infused pre roll for smoking
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


If you want some physical and mental relaxation at the end of a long and stressful day, you have to try Imperial Extraction. While the smoke of these pre-rolls isn’t the most delectable, their effects are effective and long-lasting, especially when it comes to getting a deeper rest at night. These pre-rolls seem packed with care and have a glass tip to avoid any burns, offering a pleasant mouth feel.

THCP London Pound Cake Vape Cartridge

There are a ton of vape carts out there and the London Pound Cake vape cart offered by Imperial Extraction can compete with the best of them. Each indica-dominant vape cart is made with 1 gram of premium THCP live resin. On the flavor, this product is great for those who have a sweet tooth and looking for a tasty smoke without a strong herbaceous aftertaste. Designed with an anti-clog feature and medical-grade stainless steel, you can buy these infused carts for $24 bucks a pop. 

Vape cartridge with THC
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


This vape cart is made to be fixed to any standard 5100 thread batter and may be enjoyed on the go, anywhere, anytime by anyone who can handle it – notice we didn’t say just anyone. London Pound Cake is a strain known for its mouth-watering flavor just as much as it’s known for its potent cerebral effects. As a seasoned consumer, I noticed the effects of the THCP kicking in after a few minutes, and began with a vibrant euphoric high that seemed to travel all through my body from head to toe. I’d suggest using this THCP vape cart for your artsy activities or wake-and-bake sessions when you need a little mood rise and have little to do.

THCP White Runtz Cake Vape Pod

This vape pod made with THCP is yet another innovative piece of work offered by Imperial. Made ultra-sleek, it features a smooth stainless steel mouthpiece that’s magnetic and made to be enjoyed with the Imperial Pod for a complete vaping system.

$24 ain’t so bad when you know you’re getting well over 300 draws out of the deal, and a deliciously sweet flavor at that. According to the website, this cartridge doesn’t contain any MCT oil, Vitamin E, VG, PG, or any other harmful cutting agents. They also offer full panel testing results for contaminants, so they’ve totally won over our trust, hands down.

Vape pod from Imperial Extraction
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


If you’re wanting a live resin cartridge that you can puff throughout the day without being made sleepy or stoned, Imperial Extractions’ is a great option. This strain feels happy and giggly and doesn’t smoke harshly at all, thanks to its exceptional hardware. I enjoyed the blissful effects that carried me the whole day long but I just wish Imperial would offer some bundle options so consumers can experience more variety for less – they are pretty affordable, but it’s a suggestion that wouldn’t hurt.

Imperial Pod Battery

This vape pod battery might look and feel like a car key beeper, its stellar design looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The body is sturdy, pocket-sized and can easily catch anyone’s eye and because it doesn’t appear like your typical vape pod, you can enjoy discreet smokes without concealing. The battery charge lasts quite a while after powering up, so you won’t need to do it as frequently like other vaping devices. You also don’t need to load your Imperial Pod; just pop on the vape pod of your choice, puff, and go.

Vape pod device
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle


Boasting attributes of great rigor and quality, I enjoyed the functionality of the Imperial Pod Battery. After hitting this device I felt as though I was moving through molasses, with draws that seemed to get milkier and fuller after each inhale. Dare I say it, I feel that Imperial vape pod battery does have the potential to measure up with Pax’s renowned vaping products. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or newbie, anyone can benefit from using this vaping device simply because of its ease of use and thoughtful build – just turn on with the press of its power button 5 times and you’re good to go!